“CF Centurion WOD and Sumo Wrestling Night”

***CF Centurion and Sumo Wrestling Night***
On June 12th, starting at 6:00 P.M., we will be hosting the CF Centurion "WOD", and just to make it a little more interesting, we're going to add sumo wrestling to the mix. However, before we rent the sumo suits, we need to make sure enough people are interested in doing this to cover the cost of the rental (approx. $250). Please reply to this announcement if you are interested and we will send an update on whether or not we're going to have it (please try to respond by Monday May 24th). Nonetheless, shots will still be flying. This is BYOB, shot glasses, and you will be required to sign a special waiver for the event.

Sumo wrestling[1]

25 Responses to ““CF Centurion WOD and Sumo Wrestling Night””

  1. Billdozer

    This could be our highest rated event ever, I will even bring shot glasses for all.

  2. Noel (SKIPPY)

    I am all in! At least as the photographer.

  3. G

    Just a caveat: There will be a limit on consumption. Not to spoil the fun but I’d like for everyone to stay responsible and be mindful that we are in a training facility.

  4. Julia

    I’m on a team too! “Sledge” does the shots and I take pictures and drive him home!!

  5. Beast (aka JA)

    Gatekeeper and Beast are in…gotta arrange for babysitting though.

  6. G

    Ramrod, is that “I’m in” in caveman language?

  7. Silverback

    Arnold, that may be the only thing I wear. It is after the shot WOD…

  8. Pepper

    I’m in for the drinking, hilarity, mayhem and Scott’s butt patch. Can we reschedule the next day’s barbell clinic?

  9. heatherd

    Let the games begin!! The suits have been ordered. Based on the number of people that have already RSVPed–the cost will be no more than $20/person. I will have a final tally the night of the event.
    Oh, yah, I’m in too:)

  10. heatherd

    For those of you interested in going in on a keg, get with Heather Vargas–she may be able to get one at a discounted rate.

  11. Jack Rabbit

    If I can swing a sitter…I will be there.

  12. Crazy Carl

    Just found out I was able to get off work for SAturday, so I definetely plan on making it out there.

  13. Abbye Mac

    I’m in for shots and observation only…this kinda stuff doesn’t happen in Tennessee 🙂

  14. Ernie

    Add me to the list. No Sumo for me unless its a drink I never heard of.