“Central East Chipper”

For Time:

  • 50 Box Jumps (24")(20")
  • 40 Kettlebell Swings (53)(35)
  • 30 Burpees with lateral jump over sandbag
  • 20 Sandbag Cleans to Front Squat (70)(40)
  • 10 Overhead Press Anyhow (155)(105)

Courtesy of CF Mainsite:

Central East Chipper Results (Men)

The Men's competition at the Central
East Regionals
by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

Central East Chipper Results (Women)

The women's competition at the Central
East Regionals
, by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

Post results to comments.

May 15 072
Mark M. demonstrating solid form!

56 Responses to ““Central East Chipper””

  1. Gina

    Congratulations JB & Sami!! Glad everything went ok!

  2. Beast and Gatekeeper

    Congratulations on your little Paige’s arrival, Bobo and Sam!

  3. G

    D-Mena, got your fee for the league.
    The photo of JB’s precious daughter will be posted later today. So adorable!

  4. Ramrod

    Congrats guys!
    Working with the pacemakers this week. Strong guys.
    15:29 rx
    struggled with 155 overhead. All in all I’m satisfied though

  5. Pat

    Congratulations on your family! 14:28 rx thanks for pushing me Chalkman and Sean.Glad to have you back G!

  6. Summer

    Congrats JB and Sam!!!
    14:05(75OH) thank you everybody for the push and making me go heavier. Great Job T-Cats!!!

  7. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    17:50 (20″, 35KB, 40SB, 95OH)
    Great to be back (and this WOD was quite a welcome!) and great to have G back! Best wishes to JB!
    For the record, from yesterday:
    3 Rounds for Time:
    * 50 double unders
    * 75 squats

  8. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    24″, 40KB, 40SB, 115 OHS

  9. Crazy Carl

    Congratulations JB and Sam!
    12:40 (Rx)

  10. Billdozer

    10:18(RX) Great push from Lopez today, he was trying to get me in under 10 min. while working right next to me, and I should have done it.
    Great watching real professionals do the team WOD today at noon, Team POW! may be down but we are not out, POW! POW!

  11. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    20:00(115#OHP) Burpees killed the performance again.
    Welcome back Grace and thanks for the push.
    24″ Box is now in my repertoire. Good to celebrate yet another graduation.

  12. Sarge

    Got back from by cruise yesterday. Ready to get back to the box. Grace, hope you are feeling better. See ya’ll on Weds.

  13. mario c

    mario c 11:55 SCALED to 1/2 the reps – 25/20/15/10/5
    #17″ step ups
    #35 KB
    #20 sand bag
    #75 Overhead
    Welcome back G!

  14. the "Gris"

    10:52 RX. Way to work TX, Chad and Gina! Good motivated group.

  15. Speedy J

    10:54 (Rx, 24″)..Overhead was a beast, way to push through Arnold! Congrats JB & Sam!

  16. 007

    Today became an inadvertent rest day due to daddy duties. Look forward to it JB. Be back tomorrow.

  17. Sean

    11:24 rx. I spent about 4 min on my overheads, but felt good on everthing else.

  18. Sledge "Morris"

    Droppin the Hammer
    Thanks for the push Daniel, TC, and Silverback. I could hear you counting down and my mind said,”Pick up the bar.” But my body said,”Are you crazy!” Good thing I never listen to my body.
    Keep pushing that wall further and further back.

  19. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    18:44 (135)

  20. Jared

    Congratulations JB
    15:38 (145 OHP) thanks G for putting up with my late arrivals. If we had a skill day on who could inadvertently hit the sleep button I would wreck.

  21. Silverback

    I have a question for the team members of Team POW – WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!
    Great job today on the team WOD fellow team members. Thx Z for subbing and providing such a great performance. Aida, you own OHS! Ben, what can I say, you’re an animal.

  22. Chad Blaylock

    15:44 – (24′, 35# kb, 40#sandbag, 95#overhead)

  23. Gina

    13:31 (75#)
    Darn box jump up/step downs – those took way too long… and the burpees… and the ….
    Thanks Grace for the visual on how many KB swings to do and for the encouragement.

  24. Nisha

    14:58 (20″, 26KB, 40sandbag, 65OHP)
    That was a combo of the good vs the bad…box jumps werent too bad and was able to do the KBs and OHs unbroken BUT my time was killed by the burpees and sandbag clean/squats. Hardest part was figuring out how to grasp the dang sandbag each time..but did the 40#er so was happy about that…

  25. TC

    Congrats JB!!!
    So I dont know if anyone was listening, but I must have done like a thousand reps…. its a deep burn!!!!!
    I FREAKING love ACF, it has changed my life!!! There is only one song I can think of to describe how I feel about ACF, so for your viewing and listening pleasure…..

  26. Silverback

    TC – Love your enthusiasm (& song choice). Is this the song you were humming during the lateral jump burpees? BTW, you should check the bottom of your shoes for the canvass that you scraped off of the sandbags during your laterals 😉

  27. the "Gris"

    TC – just noticed i hit the “x” instead of “C”. Trying to type while holding an infant is a skill I am working on.

  28. D-Mena

    14:22 – 135# OHP. Should have done Rx. Still had some left in the strength tank… none in the gas tank though.
    And TC I second the notion.
    Morris you did drop the hammer today… freakin awesome.
    And Team POW… Dude… Who the heck puts up 285 three times… insane… but nicely done. We’ll get you next week.

  29. Chad Blaylock

    Gris, TC, Gina … good day!
    Oh and TC…
    “Ron Burgundy: The only way to bag a classy lady is to give her two tickets to the gun show…
    [kisses his biceps]
    Ron Burgundy: and see if she likes the goods.”

  30. Andrea aka Genie

    15:21 (20″)(35#)(40#)(85#)
    It hurt, but felt so good to be back in my lil BOX!!!

  31. G

    So, I checked the results and it wasn’t really an apples to apples comparison. It was a misnomer on my part to compare results. The real chipper was:
    Individual Challenge #4 – The Chipper
    50 Box Jumps 24″/20″
    40 Kettlebell Overhead Swings 24/16kg
    30 Burpees with jump over sand bag
    20 Sand Bag Cleans from ground to front squat 40/20lbs
    10 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead 65/40lbs
    20 Sand Bag Cleans from ground to front squat 40/20lbs
    30 Burpees with jump over sand bag
    40 Kettlebell Overhead Swings 24/16kg
    50 Box Jumps 24″/20″

  32. G

    Great job, nonetheless, guys!
    Awesome energy from everyone all day long!!
    The dogs were having fun at lunch!
    Good to see Genie, Jared M, Katherine and Eli back in action.
    Sarge, see you soon!
    TC, excellent choice…big fan of Will Ferrell!
    007, just for the record I hate boogers and I’m determined to get rid of them way before you did yours!
    Glad to be back at the box and to see everyone give it their all! Made the day worth it!! Thanks for the help Billdozer, Ramrod and Silverback!

  33. Pepper

    12:52 (18″ jump and step up, 26kb, 45#)
    Milestone to jump on the box for a third of the 50 reps. Any progress, no matter how small, really feels good.
    G, so happy you are back!

  34. G

    First, we don’t have 65# dumbells and don’t have enough 40# dumbells and I’ll have to ask our programming director tomorrow 🙂
    Jared M, you always make it up the same day so it’s all good but… then if you keep it up you’ll have to do burpees, alright?

  35. G

    Pepper – thanks, great to see you, too…and that milestone on box jumps is a huge deal, especially when you are landing soft!!! Same goes for Agent Orange with the 24″!

  36. G

    Skippy, thanks for showing up at the box anyway… 🙂

  37. Andrea aka Genie

    15:21 (20″)(35#)(40#)(85#)
    It hurt, but felt so good to be back in my lil BOX!!!

  38. ingrid

    14:42 (20 box,30KB,25SB,45#)
    4days of not doing anything and bad food just gets me down

  39. Gab

    I didn’t have time to post my results for yesterday WOD.
    13:03 min 155# push jerck and a killing 100°F (38°C) without A/C.

  40. Silverback

    D-Mena, that was Reservoir Dogs, not team POW…