Memorial Holiday Weekend Schedule:

Friday (regular hours)

Saturday (regular hours)

Sunday (regular hours)

Monday (ONLY 3 Classes)



  10:30am-11:30am **newly added**

3 Responses to “Announcement”

  1. todd

    I am damn proud and humble to be an American. I hope and pray that our liberties and God-given freedom for which so many have fought, died, sacrificed and bled was not done in vain.
    God bless America….and Crossfit. 🙂

  2. brad calhoun

    just wondering where “buck furpees” came from, i posted this on another site and was curious about it as it perfectly captures my feelings! Love your site,

  3. G

    Hi B-rad,
    Thanks for chiming in. “Buck Furpees” was popularized by either a mainsite t-shirt slogan or one of the many affiliates’ shirts slogan.