“Central Canada Canadian Crippler”

25 minute Cutoff

Limit 2 bars per station and no racks.

For Time:

30 Pull-Ups

15 Deadlifts (225)(155)

400m Run

30 Push-Ups

15 Push presses/jerks (135)(85)

30 Squats

15 Front Squats (135)(85)

400m Run

15 Deadlifts (225)(155)

30 Pull-Ups

Post results to comments.

April 30 006

Seated:  Admiral, Chrissy and Coach JB

Standing:  Manuel the Machine, Fasil, Silverback, Jared M, Mimi, Steve W, Playboy and Michael "Laney"

44 Responses to ““Central Canada Canadian Crippler””

  1. BB2

    17.30 (185,115)
    I got the crud and can’t breath. Made the WOD very special…kind of like doing it with a gas mask on. Anyway, fought back pukie and the second run is, like I said, “special”.
    Lots of animals in the morning (Pat, C-note, Juan , Bobo). I think there was a sighting of Mr. Spectacular before the sun was up today. Very unusual to see this rare species of CrossFit animal this early in the morning. I should call the Discovery channel to document this.
    Also, did you know that Kenny was est. 1976? I just learned that today. From this point forward, Kenny is to be known as “The Institution”

  2. Pat

    18:36 rx This group will push you! Good work everyone! Even “The (Mental) Institution”.

  3. Summer

    18:51(135DL, 65PP, black band). Great Job T-Cats!!!

  4. Jen C

    Wow, what a morning! Thanks for the extra push at the end C-note.
    21:06 (95DL, 35PP, RR)

  5. caci

    crazy WOD! Thanks Jared and Khara and Summer and everyone for the encouragement.

  6. Gab

    I was wondering what kind of warm up you’re doing before WOD?
    For my part, I’m doing the CF warm up (samson strech, OHS, push-ups, etc) every time. But sometimes it kills me more than it warm me up.Do you have suggestions?

  7. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    Barely made it…24 something
    (185, 95, Green Band)
    tough WOD…not proud of my pull up efforts–time to re-focus on those

  8. The Institution

    I’m in the middle of my third week at ACF and totally addicted. C-note, thanks for pushing me through the end of the workout. That 2nd 400m was miserable.
    Pat, there is no Mental in my new name, get it right!
    21:50 (Rx)

  9. Bobo

    18:30? RX. That was freakin tough!
    great to be back with the pacemakers. You guys do bring it!
    the institution… great name. mental… better than penal. huh huh.
    Gab, our warm ups usually are tailored to the wod. if it is a short one, the warm up is longer and more like the official cf wu. if the wod is longer then the wu is shorter and tailored to loosen up body parts specific to the wod (which is pretty much always the whole body but the focus can lean more toward legs or shoulders). if the wod starts with a row, then we pretty much let the row serve as the warm up, along with a little stretching and pvc work.

  10. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    20:52 (135DL, 65, some jumping pull-ups)
    Think I’m finding a rhythm doing push press/jerk. I still let the bar drift from my legs on the deadlifts, even sensing G approaching me to correct it! The Barbell Clinic (13 June) will cure me of this!

  11. Gab

    Thank you Bobo and C-note. It looks like what I already do. I was just wondering if it’s was right. When the WOD is shorter I’ll do the CF wu and for longer WOD…like today, I’m goin with jump 5-10 minutes of jump rope or bike.
    So, time for today is 15:30 Rx. It was a pretty good one. Crazy Canuk loll! 😉

  12. Freakin' PR !!!

    That warm up stuff is way too complicated for me. Just go in and get the work done…that’s what I say!!!
    I was really trying to beat my fellow dog, but didn’t quite make it. I’ll just blame it on the heat!! That sounds like a good excuse.
    15:16 (Rx)

  13. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Oh crap, my lungs are not used to this kind of abuse and my feet are still aching. I love it!
    Time: 23:?? (185# DL/95# SC-PP/2″band-RR)

  14. Nisha

    23:24 (135, 65, 2″ band)
    Holy hot mother of Hell!!! don’t know how the 4:00ers do it in the summer…got off early today so figured I would try this time slot…the 400ms coupled with the 97 temp did me in….
    but, was only 20#s away from RX weight on the lifts so I will take that as progress 🙂
    Pullups are another story…..

  15. the "Gris"

    18:43 RX. Again, my hat is off to the 5 pm crew – great work all! That heat just will not quit. Ramrod was flyin’. G caught me on pull ups. I had the chinese disease – dragon ass.

  16. Bobo

    I’m in for the tri Jared. Think I will try actually registering this time. Hehe. Ray, you in?

  17. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    20:10 (185/115)

  18. Ximena

    18:42 (95#,35#,RR)
    Holy crap it was HOT today! Good job to all the 5pm class.
    Thanks Noel for getting me through the last of the WOD today! =)

  19. Teach

    didn’t realize I was that close to the mighty C-note on this one until it was too late! Breathing was hard…
    Great being an honorary Vampire tonight! Thanks silverback and Daniel for the push 🙂 that was just for you ramrod!!!!

  20. Siverback

    Fam, if I don’t indulge too much this weekend (it’s my birthday), I’ll do today’s WOD with you on Sunday.
    BTW, there was a TC-in-shorts sighting today, if only for a minute.

  21. ingrid

    17:48 (95#DL,45#PP,RR)
    glad I finished the WOD in one piece.
    As always thank you G.

  22. G

    18:10 (Rx)
    Now I know how it feels to have asthma guys! It was a great WOD to come back, love all the movements. Thanks for coaching tonight Silverback so I can get my first MetCon in a week.
    Had fun with everyone’s Prowler warm-up!
    Dan-nielle…Ramrod…thanks for putting up with me.

  23. 007

    I’m with Grace. Not being able to take complete breaths makes WOD’s a bit tougher. I can’t wait to get past this allergy crap.

  24. G

    Welcome Brant, Valentin, Leland and Ernie! Good baseline guys!
    I vote for no more sweat pants for TC.
    Good to see Ximena, Jen C, Vince, Fredie, Khara, Sirun, MadMax and Steve W back in action.
    Easy Rider, make sure you hydrate all day long…add some electrolytes.

  25. G

    Btw, The Institution is our new air squat king! Saw some serious Greg Amundsen speed squats at 5:30am today.

  26. 007

    For a warmup in the 4pm class:
    1. Open your car door and get out.
    2. Walk 12 steps in the heat from your car into the box.
    You’re warmed up.

  27. G

    You’re welcome Ingrid!
    Almost forgot, good to see the Admiral back in action, too.

  28. Chrissy C

    18:40 (105 DL; 45PP+FS; Thin White Band)

  29. Freakin' PR

    007…that warm up works well for the noon class as well!!

  30. 007

    My apologies to the honeynooners. I spent most of last summer working out with noon and FPR is correct.

  31. Gina

    19:09 (green band -jump, & knee pu)
    If I ever get those push ups & pull-ups down, I ‘might’ be able to put a RX by my name.
    Great job 5pm crew – it was fun pushing Grace around!
    I’m actually looking for cool-down suggestions – this Bikram Crossfit stuff is adding lots to the laundry pile!

  32. TC

    I really enjoyed the warm up today, but next time I want to be the one on the sled! What do you think G? LOL
    17.29Rx thanks for the push Judy!

  33. G

    TC, when you’re on the sled with the 45lbs plates there already…we are going to let the ex-football players do all the pushing. We can qualify the warm-up as part of CrossFit Football 🙂

  34. Ramrod

    16:05 rx
    felt a little better today. And teach way to go!
    Grace grace grace, what am I going to do with you lol. And same to you pepper!

  35. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    Colony Bend Park WOD
    3 Rounds in the dark
    400m Run
    10 Burpees
    10 OHS 45#
    14:38 – ate a lot of the grass during burpees. Hoping it wasn’t recently fertilized.

  36. JUDY

    16:59, RX on weights, but knee PUs, and 1/2 inch band of KPUs.
    TC, didn’t know you had your kipping PUs! Way to go! I’m almost there. Next time I’ll muster up some wind and yell at you. 😉

  37. ian

    14:15 RX
    That Heat was rough, had to walk on 2nd 400m run and took me a long time to recover

  38. ray

    JB – when you say you’re in for the tri, does that mean you’re going to register this time? or are you going to try to show up with your bike on race day and smile at the lady like last time 🙂
    Doubtful I’ll participate in this tri, but I could be convinced to drink beer and cheer you guys on. Let me know who all signs up

  39. Steve

    16:58 DL 155 PP/FSqts 65 PU narrow white band. Man, it was one hot WOD. The DL’s slowed my 400 M.