“Drama King”

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 75 Double-Unders
  • 25 Ring Dips
  • 15 Hang Power Clean (135)

Post results to comments.

CrossFit Chick Strong HardBod

(photo courtesy of CF mainsite)

CrossFit Chicks are, first and foremost, strong at heart, body and mind! 

Check out the 2010 CrossFit Games South Central Regionals Photo Album courtesy of CrossFit Champions.

Congrats to all the winners who are going to represent our region, as well as all the participants who put forth such great efforts! 

Special congratulations go to Vic Zachary of Bayou City CrossFit, who won 1st place and will be going back to the CF Games again this year!

40 Responses to ““Drama King””

  1. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Awesome choice of picture, Grace.

  2. Jack Rabbit

    150 singles, PDips, 35#
    This dawg was excited to be back! I wanted to do lots more but I know I need to take it slow.
    Great job this morning by all.

  3. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    Para dip w/ 18″ box, 95#
    Getting the hang of double-unders! Now cranking out 5-7 at a time, with the occasional 10!
    Jim, thanks for the “bark”! I *really* needed it at that moment!

  4. Rosie

    17:57 (LJ/PD/#35)
    Great to see you back at it, Katie!:)

  5. Silverback

    13:36 (Rx)
    Hey Daniel, thanks for waiting for me on the ring dips so that I would gain a false hope of catching you. You’re picking up my trick of playing mind games, huh?
    Todzilla, Daniel and I have one thing to say to you…caught ya!

  6. Silverback

    Hey Katie, our fellow Dawg – Great to see you back in action!

  7. caci

    20:53(45#hang cleans,lateral jumps,paralette dips)
    Really hard to work out when you can’t breathe and feel like crap but did my best and felt good afterward. Thanks Ivannah for the encouragement.

  8. Sheryl

    21:48 (lateral jumps,dips w/bars, 65#)

  9. Ian

    18:57 RX
    Getting better at the DU’s, watchout Silverback!!!

  10. Noel (SKIPPY)

    19:41 (lateral jumps/ring dips assisted/95#)

  11. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Sorry….my keyboard was acting up….
    This WOD was pretty fun. We still need more fans!

  12. Jared

    25:05(115, 15 reps with box on last rnd) tried hitting 135 got about 5 and moved down. The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongey and weak. Awesome job with the 4pm pose.

  13. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    17:23 (LJ,box assist RD,65#)thanks Coach G for the push and for showing me how to “dig deep”:)
    I got a nick name!!!! ZEN Jen – courtesy of Easy Rider…thanks!
    Nice talking to you Heather and good job Johnny B for easing your way back to working hard 🙂

  14. Freakin' PR

    20:16 (95)
    Still very sore from yesterday and I’m getting more sore as I type. I will be back tomorrow for more pain before taking a day off and having a much needed deep tissue massage….I feel the pain coming…It’s all good!
    Fellow Dawg….I’m so happy you’re back!!!!

  15. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    24:59 (35 du / 115)

  16. Billdozer

    18:48(RX) Pretty much what I expected from myself on this one, about 5 minutes spent on double unders and power cleans and 13 minutes on ring dips. Just glad I didn’t puke after 4 days of debauchery in Nashville, and the pressure of working out in front of Silverback.

  17. 007

    I learned how to regrip golf clubs today. I will be attempting 3I-putter for time.

  18. Kate

    20:26 (lateral jumps, para dips, 65#) someday I will get DUs

  19. Bob

    22:44 (115#, BARD)
    That was the ugliest performance I’ve had to date but managed to get through it despite it all. I think my ugly faces I make while working out were in top form though!!

  20. the "Gris"

    17:51 ??? Something in that ballpark. Good working out with the 5 pm crew. DU were whopping my butt today.

  21. Abbye Mac

    15:20 (lat jumps, box dips, 65#)
    I have got to learn to jump!!!

  22. Billdozer

    007, its a great thing to learn how to regrip your own clubs, its a money saver. Just don’t buy a reminder grip and accidentally put it on the opposite way.

  23. Easy Rider (Robert Hammond)

    19:41 (115#, lat. jump, box assist)
    Not that anyone cares.. but I finally accepted the need to scale for a while. My ego wanted RX only, but roughly 8 months off did have an effect. Nice to actually finish a WOD.

  24. HeMan

    007… You’re on for the 3i – putter for time WOD!!

  25. Beast (aka JA)

    16:10 (lateral jumps, box assisted ring dips 65#)
    I think I shocked my muscles with the WOD…I started cramping all over even during the warm-ups. I’m glad I didn’t do the DU’s since it would have added another 15 minutes to my time.
    It was nice to see everybody. As always, thanks Jim!

  26. Chad Blaylock

    17:24 – (LJ, BoxDips, 95#)
    007, just have Brink regrip your clubs!

  27. G

    19:59 (95) Thanks Jim, I needed that regrouping on the last set of 5reps on HPCs. Just glad to be able to string 5 in a row and hang on to within a few reps behind The Gris and Billdozer’s pace on Ring Dips!

  28. Sean

    15:14 rx
    Still have some work to do with the DU’s.
    I think Daniel did 75 in a row. Holy Crap!
    Silverback you did pretty good too.

  29. Billdozer

    Matt, that will be the tie breaker for the Crossfit Centurion on the 12th, fastest regripping of a set of irons.

  30. D-Mena

    20:46 (BARD)… I second Dozer’s sentiments… 5 min on DUs and Cleans. The rest on those damn ring dips. Those were a LOT harder than expected… I guess when you do them correctly you work the right muscle group and everything gets a bit harder… thanks Jim… lol.

  31. G

    Welcome on your first WOD, Ivy, Valentin and Darlene!
    Welcome back Beast, Heather, Surfer (Stephen A) and Jack Rabbit!
    530 Pacemakers….you guys are a big riot! Good to see Sledge and Julia join the crazy bunch this early morning.
    Cody and Ed…2 days in a row. Nice!
    Good to see He-Man, Sean S, Jared M., Sarge, Khara and Tammy M back in action!
    LA, I know you are reading this….glad you asked to go heavier on the weights! I like it!!!
    Holly, good to see you post your comments on the other day’s post…it took a glossie to get you to do it, LOL!
    You’re welcome Zen Jen!
    Easy Rider, your on the right mindset!

  32. Darlene

    17:43 or was it 19:43? (Para dips/65#) Sorry G. Need to start writing down times – can’t rely on my memory alone. Great initiation into ACF!