For Time:

50 Dead Lifts (135)(95)

250m Row

50 Steps Walking Lunges (25)(10)

500m Row

50 KB Swings (53)

750m Row

50 WallBalls (20)

800m Run

Post results to comments.

Sunshine 85lb Cleans
Happy Birthday Sunshine!

"After meeting Pukie after my baseline in the Spring
of 09, I thought I would never be back. Yet Bryan Guinn, Atomic CrossFit
Athlete, had enough faith in me to bet a bowl of ice cream…. that I would be
He won that bet.

The journey has been rewarding at the box, yet the real
rewards are found through the friends and coaches.  CrossFit, originating as just a brand to me,
is nothing without the compassion and dedication I see in the coaches and
camaraderie.  They saw in me, beneath the
years of donuts, a fighter struggling to come out.  Their ability to wake that fighter has
awarded me courage and faith in something I had missed since high school days.
The wisdom, confidence and heart they have shown while coaching us has been an
inspiration in and out of the box. Their influence on my life is immeasurable.
The breadth of the skills and lessons that the box has taught me will be
amplified over my lifetime.
  The external results of losing at least 3 dress sizes
hasn't been so bad on my social life as well!"


– Sereniah Breland  (photo courtesy of Skippy)

63 Responses to ““Grindhouse””

  1. Morris "Sledge"

    I hate it when the word “Grind” is in the title.

  2. Tris

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!! Have an awesome day!

  3. Jack Rabbit

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!!
    Alarm was set for PM so my butt didn’t get out of bed until 6. Going to try and come tonight to do this WOD.

  4. Nicholas (rays kid)

    Happy B-Day Sunshine!!!!! Last day of school!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!!

  5. Julia

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!!! And Congrats Nicholas on your last day of school!

  6. Andrea / Genie

    Happy Birthday Sereniah!!!! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Bday Sunshine! Look at ’em guns!

  8. Summer

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!!
    25:32(35KB, 10WB) I really hate wall ball!!! Great job this morning T-Cats!!!

  9. heatherd

    Stacy-Team Buck Furpees is coming in tonight for the team WOD during open gym but we won’t be able to get started any earlier than 7. Some of us will be there before then, but I just wanted to let you know.

  10. Billdozer

    Did team WOD today, Thank you for judging Silverback, you are kind. Thanks Fam for coming over and helping the good guys out.

  11. Freakin' PR

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!
    Still sore from MURPH….but it actually felt good to do this workout since it wasn’t too hot
    21:35 (35 KB, 14 WB)

  12. caci

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!!! Have a great day.
    Thanks everyone for the push and great job everyone. I love deadlifts too Ivannah.

  13. Gina Walker

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!!! Miss seeing your smiling face in the box!
    Today’s WOD:
    Load up refrigerator, washer, dryer, couch, beds, tables, dressers, chairs, & boxes in hot/humid weather.
    rest (drive) 30 min & then do it all in reverse.
    I think I’d much rather do the Grindhouse! Hope to be back in the box this weekend. Miss you guys!

  14. D-Mena

    Billy what time did ya’ll get on the Team WOD?

  15. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you.

  16. Beast (aka JA)

    Hi Gina…we’re going to do the same WOD in the next few days! ;o)

  17. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Sunshine! Team WOD today – POW!…Thanks Fam for joining us and Silverback for your time and unconditional support…

  18. Rosie

    24:01 (#65DL,#10WL,#26KB,#6WB)
    Juan, Thnx for the push this morning!
    Thnx Jim for noticing my “extra” efforts this wk:)

  19. Rosie

    HAPPY Bday, Sunshine!
    Look forward to meeting you soon 🙂

  20. Easy Rider (Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Sunshine.. you are an inspiration.

  21. sunshine

    you guys rule. i will be back at the box tomorrow… probably hurtin’ a lil bit…

  22. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you.

  23. the "Gris"

    Happy Birthday Sunshine! No whining due to thirsty-thursday / birthday celebration hangovers!
    21:36 RX. Good gasser today at 4 pm. Thank the Lord it was cooler.

  24. Jared M

    23:13(rx) Happy birthday Sunshine.
    Sorry G I couldn’t think after I was done. I got those asics at fleet feet. Nice and light. Just watch out for pebbles. Kept stopping during the run to pick one out and split my fingernail down the middle.

  25. josh p.

    24:14 rx. First time with the 5:00 group, and thanks to G for getting on my ass for missing this morning.
    No excuses.

  26. Easy Rider (Robert Hammond)

    25:42 RX Nice WOD, focused more on having fun. Thanks Silverback for the encouragement and water assist. Thanks G.

  27. Jared M

    Thanks Summer for the super advice. No super glue on pets or faces, so its use was a success.

  28. Dolenga (agent orange)

    22:27 30KB, 30WB
    First time playing with a 20lb Wallball.
    No water breaks, no taking off the shirt breaks, no retying of the shoes breaks. Feels like progress.
    Happy Birthday Sunshine!

  29. Abbye Mac

    27 (something)
    95lb deadlift (my first RX)
    10lb walking lunges (RX)
    6lb WB
    I know I didn’t do the whole thing RX but I was pretty damn proud of myself! That WOD made me it’s Bi&%*!
    Thanks Beth, Billy,Silverback, Todd and whoever else was encouraging and yelling at me!
    Tammy I would have never finished that last run without you! Your awesome! So glad you are here!
    I just kept singing Rocky Top in my head, I had to do the SEC proud!
    I love Crossfit!
    Hopefully I’ll get something RX soon? Maybe? I’m damn sure gonna try!!
    Happy Birthday Sunshine!

  30. Abbye Mac

    Oh and thanks Stacy for helping me with my dead lift…I’ll get it right eventually!

  31. Princess Slaya

    I love Sunshine! Happy bday!
    16:17 (no wt lunges, 44# kb, 10# wb, 200m sb x 2)

  32. Pat

    Happy Bday Sunshine!21:46 rx Thanks Tim for helping me through the 750 rows.

  33. Babs

    Hey Sunshine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    25:45 (DL65#,26#KB,6#wallball)

  34. Ximena

    75# DL
    25 no wt lunges
    25 18# kb
    25 6# WB
    Thanks G for suggesting doing less reps. If it wasn’t for that, I would still be trying to finish this WOD.
    And special thanks to heather for running/ fast walking the last 400 m of the run.

  35. Sheryl

    Happy B-Day Sereniah! I can’t call you Sunshine yet because I just met you Wed. and you were NOT in the ‘Sunshine’ mood – I thought you were kidding w/that name. LOL! Funny girl :0)
    27:26 (95#DL,10#lunges,26#KB,10#WBall)

  36. Ximena

    Oh and I almost forgot to give a thanks to the rain, cause if it was a hot and normal summer day, chances are i would’ve died.

  37. HeMan

    18:50 (rx)
    Sean, you were MF’n flying!!!

  38. Sean

    17:39 (rx) That was a gasser! Good heat with HeMan and Toddzilla.

  39. Teach

    21:45 (35#KB, 14#WB)
    This is what I get for being so busy the last month 🙁 Too many breaks and calf cramps on the run.
    So packed tonight! Bodies and weights everywhere!! Great energy from everyone tonight and so many new faces.

  40. Teach

    Happy, happy Birthday Sunshine!!! Hope you have a great night tonight 🙂

  41. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!!
    26:05 (135#/25#/53-35 KB/20# WB)
    Photos from today and Memorial Day are uploaded to the ACF Flickr site. Please enjoy and have a great evening.

  42. Darlene

    26:3? (90#DL/35#KB,16#,26#(started too heavy then had to find a lighter KB)/10#wb.
    Haven’t met you yet but Happy Birthday Sereniah! Hope it was special.

  43. Beast (aka JA)

    24:52 95#DL, 35# KB, 10# WB. As G pointed out Tuesday, I stuck with my old weights since I have not worked out consistently in a month.
    Thanks Gatekeeper for running with me, although I almost kicked you when you said “let’s sprint!” But if you didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have reached my goal of a sub 25 min. time.
    Thanks Admiral for the cool towel post-WOD when my head was about to explode.
    Babs, I felt like we were playing chicken during the walking lunges.
    Teach, thanks for waiting for me while I do my wardrobe change and for great coaching!
    Great job Vamps!

  44. G

    22:17 (35KB, 14WB)
    Should have taken less breaks on the WallBall. Thanks for the push Teach, Billdozer, Silverback and Toddzilla. HD, I heard your yell from OG on the other side of the box….Thanks Girlie 🙂

  45. G

    Good baseline tonight Melanie A!
    Welcome on your first WOD Jessica F and Kim H.
    Nice to see Ximena, Princess Slaya, Monique, Ruel, Michael P, Bobby and Nick A back in action!
    REMINDER: HeatherD has organized a happy hour — MEET & GREET SUMMER KICKOFF tomorrow 6pm at Pete & Shorty’s in Sugar Land. We are growing once again! So, please newbies if you can make it, awesome!!!
    Sunshine….no excuses on Friday Fight Night at the box. Hope you enjoyed your day!

  46. JUDY

    happy bday sunshine! 24:11 – 95DL, 40KB, 14WB.

  47. JohnnB

    23:20 not Rx’d on the WB though, I only did 10#. The rest of the WOD I executed as prescribed.
    Coach G! I’m not trying to brushed you off but rather I challenged & pushed myself harder. I should say, to test my psychosomatic issue I’ve been dealing with since I came back! LOL…. To that stance, I was successful enough!! WooooHoooooo!!!
    Lastly, Carl…. Thanks Bro for pushing me quite well on the last stretch!! I think JohnnyB is back??! hehehehe

  48. JohnnB

    23:20 not Rx’d on the WB though, I only did 10#. The rest of the WOD I executed as prescribed.
    Coach G! I’m not trying to brushed you off but rather I challenged & pushed myself harder. I should say, to test my psychosomatic issue I’ve been dealing with since I came back! LOL…. To that stance, I was successful enough!! WooooHoooooo!!!
    Lastly, Carl…. Thanks Bro for pushing me quite well on the last stretch!! I think JohnnyB is back??! hehehehe
    Happy Birthday Sunshine!!

  49. Jessica F.

    I’m a newbie, it’s my 1st time doing crossfit!
    (Run, 25 reps)
    (65DL, 10lunges, 18KB, 10WB)
    Time 23:13
    Ibuprofen, check
    Bananas, check
    Stretching, check
    Why can I not walk/sit today?!