“Trouble Laughing”

3 Rounds For Time:

10 Clean and Jerk (135)

30 GHD Sit-Ups

Post results to comments.

Nicole "Z" is relocating to California.  We wish you the best and success in pursuing your dreams.  She started training with Atomic CrossFt (ACF) in the summer of last year and has gained huge milestones since then.  She also participated in the Oktoberfest Competition last fall under the Individual Scaled Division and did a mighty fine job of representing ACF.  Nicole was also a former NFL Texans Cheerleader and NBA Houston Power Rocket Dancer.  Z, you will always be a part of our community and hope that you are able to take a little bit of us with you as you take on new exciting endeavors in your life.  You will be missed!  (photo was taken for LifeAsRx Promotions courtesy of Sarge)


35 Responses to ““Trouble Laughing””

  1. Rosie

    Z, I didnt hv the pleasure of meeting you but I wish you the best. AWESOME pic!
    12:00 (45#CJ,23#WS)

  2. Macho Ranger

    11.10 (115) Didn’t have it on the GHD. Kicked my ass.
    Z, sorry to see you go, but CrossFit is with you for life! make sure to stop by if you visit!

  3. Silverback

    Z – You’re a class act & you’ll be missed by our ACF family.

  4. malou :O)

    you’ll be surely missed! keep us posted…facebook…more power!

  5. josh p.

    10:something, 135# Clean and Jerk, 25# sit-ups. Didn’t have the sit-ups today.
    Good job 5:30 group.

  6. 007

    Z, Be careful out there. Good luck!
    I was going to workout today but clean and jerks after yesterdays WOD is too much for me. Going to run in the neighborhood to get some soreness out. See you tomorrow or Sunday.

  7. josh p.

    I’m all over the Tough Mudder competition. A buddy and I are signed up for Austin.

  8. Noel (SKIPPY)

    14:35 (115#/45x2rds & 25#-R3)
    Damn fun!
    Thank-you Vince for convincing me to do 115lb. Thank-you Manuel for making sure I stayed on it! And…Thank-you Fred for being my WOD partner and cheering me on.

  9. caci

    Thanks Noel for counting for me. Great job Malou,Ivy,Ashley(nice to meet you),and Ivannah.
    Today was my fourth day in a row. Looking forward to two days rest cause my body HURTS! Have a great weekend everyone.

  10. Cody

    115# w/ 1/2 GHD & 45# sit ups 11:17. Signing up for the Tough Mudder in Dallas in November. Have a great weekend!

  11. Crazy Carl

    Team Wod make-up from saturday at 730am… then decided to go ahead and do regular WOD with the 830 crew.

  12. Summer

    Z u will be missed, but good luck with your new adventure in Cali;)
    Did the Team WOD this morning, thank you silent ninjas for a great WOD this morning, and thank you Hernan for subbing for our team. Hernan u did awesome on the tire flip jump thur thing. I tried to copy Carl and stayed with the 8:30 and did todays WOD. 7:??(65cj, ghd) should have gone up on my weight but did not want to push to much after doing one WOD. Thank you Carl for counting for me, great job today T-Cats

  13. Jack Rabbit

    We will miss you Z!!!! Best of luck and keep in touch!

  14. Z

    Thank you so much for all your kind words. 🙂 I am super excited, but at the same time sad to be leaving my ACF family behind! You have no idea how much y’all mean to me…I have learned so much from so many of y’all and I feel honored to have been able to be apart of such an awesome group of people. I will do my best represent well at my new box, but ACF will always be my home. I love y’all!! Thanks for everything! …and oh yes…I will be back!! 🙂

  15. mdingo98

    Awesome picture, tho we never met maybe you left somma dat mojo in the box!!! Keep us posted re future adventures.

  16. Freakin' PR !!!

    Z…you will be missed. LOVE the pic!
    8:53 (95)
    Good day today!! See you tonight!!

  17. Ian

    the weight wasnt the issue this time it was the freaking GHD. That sucka was tough.

  18. todd

    Good luck and have fun, Nikky Z!
    No wod for me today. Maybe see ya’ll out tonight!

  19. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    11:09 (70#) Got a good upper cut, definitely saw stars 🙂
    Thanks Coach G and Coach Jim for the push!
    Coach Jim-your yelling startles me at times but made me push harder! Love it!!!!
    Goodluck Z!
    Tend and Ice that leg Fam!
    Way to push it Taz!
    Good work 4pm group!

  20. G

    Z…..I WILL MISS YOU!!!
    Have a good trip tonight!

  21. JohnnyB

    12:49???? 155# Not sure of my time… LOL
    Thanks Coach G for the reverse psychology!
    Z….. Goodluck!!

  22. G

    14:03 (95# & GHD with 10# Vest)
    Bring it!! Thanks for the challenge and push Jim!
    Awesome working out with the legendary TC at 5pm. Thanks for the encouragement on my sweet moments on the GHD, TC!
    Fam, that bar couldn’t have fallen in any other spot. Glad it wasn’t on the belly of your lovely quads and knee cap/joints. Coming off the GHD is easily understated. I did something goofy as well on my first rep on the second round. But no contact thank goodness, I evaded that bar like hell but ungracefully fell on my butt, nonetheless…haha!
    Good job tonight on going heavy Jen M and Taz! Skip-to-Malou and Ivannah stepped it up today as well.
    Welcome Jonathan Vechet on your first WOD!
    Great to see Tank back in action! Your core will be talking to you tomorrow and the next few days, bud!
    The nooners were a big riot today!
    Ashley, Scott Jackson’s other half, dropped in to check us out! Welcome Ashley!
    Anything Muddy….I’m in! November might be a cold month in North Texas. Should be interesting!

  23. TheFox

    Bye Z, best of luck to you. You’ll be amazing at anything you put your mind to.

  24. ingrid

    Z I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you,maybe when you come visit us.Good Luck and Take Care.Awesome picture-like one of those reality shows add.
    Have fun tonight..wish I could be there.
    For all the new,newer and newest and those that have been there forever,I hope to meet you all in the box and in the many parties ahead.My memory is slow so bear with me if I keep asking your name.
    Miss the WOD today-the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.I’m jealous just thinking of the missed fun.I plan to do better next week.

  25. Darlene

    10:54 (65#,did a few GHD’s each round but had to revert to 1/2 GHDs)
    What a week. Ready to rest. Thanks Coach Jim for pushing me!

  26. Chad Blaylock

    13:10 (95#; 15 GHD, 15 S/ups 35#

  27. G

    Johnny B your load was 115#, silly!
    Ivannah, yours was 65#.

  28. John B

    LMAO!! I haven’t even noticed it, not until Jen send me a message. I knew I did 115 and not 155# LMAO….My apology! Dang! I barely lifted 115#. hahahaha

  29. John B

    I’m not insane yet to load more than as precribed!! LMAO
    Thanks Coach G & Coach Jim, you’re the best!!

  30. JohnnyB

    Hey Fam! Hope you’re ok!
    Jen & Taz- Impressive display of quickness & endurance! Kudos to you both!