“Great White Buffalo”

Relay – 10 OHS (115/75) (Scale: 85/55)

Cumulatively perform:

80 Pull-Ups and 80 Burpees

(No Scale on Pull-Ups.  If you can't do regular Pull-ups, as a team member you do Burpees)

Relay – 2000m Row (500m each)

Cumulatively Perform:

80 Pull-Ups and 80 Burpees

(No Scale on Pull-Ups.  If you can't do regular Pull-Ups, as a team member you do Burpees)

Relay – 10 OHS (115/75) (Scale 85/55)

Aida Overhead bday
Happy Birthday Aida (aka Freakin' PR)!  Aida is one of our top athletes who has been cranking her WODs in terms of loads, intensity and skills lately.  She recently got her Muscle-Up.  Keep working hard, FPR!

13 Responses to ““Great White Buffalo””

  1. Jackrabbit

    Happy Birthday my Friend!!!! I know you’re having a great day today!! 😉

  2. Pat

    Happy Bday Aida! Thanks for stepping in Jim and being a pirate for the day!

  3. JUDY

    Thanks Jim for stepping in while Admiral Sandbag had a hangover. Who checks their email at 2:00am btw??? haha! Nisha, great job for hanging in the OHS, and as usual, Pat you rocked it!

  4. the "Gris"

    Happy Birthday Aida! Hope it is a good one.

  5. Macho Ranger

    Clearly there is a leak at the patenaude household. Grace?

  6. G

    In my defense!!!!!
    Silverback CHEATED; messing with my office desk pc and saw the WOD. Then told everyone Friday night without my knowledge and knowing that we don’t post until the next day. That Dawg is in the Dog house! Not happy when I read Arnold’s post!

  7. G

    Just an FYI; Jim will do a “Frago” every now and then. So, any leak may not be that reliable.
    No worries, I’ll use a collar without the sharp stubs and I’ll make sure his dish has water.

  8. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Oye! I wouldn’t call it cheating, I would call it trying to be prepared for the upcoming torture. I am not saying anything else because I want keep Caci thinking that I know people that know people….(wink, wink)
    As far as the dog house, leave a squeaky toy to keep him entertained.

  9. Freakin' PR !!!

    thanks for all the birthday wishes!! I spent my day at my girls recital, which was well worth it!!