“Cindy On Acid”

AMRAP in 11 mintues:

(WOD concocted with a few ideas from Carlos of CrossFit Houston)

  • 5 Static/Strict Pull-Ups
  • 10 Plyometric Push-Ups
  • 15 Squat Jumps

Post results to comments.

June 5 640

Pre-WOD instructions for the 6pm crew.  If you are in the picture we want you to post to comments below.  Left to right (Tim, Regina, Brandon "Dub", Todd H, Valentin, Abbye Mac, D-Mena, April M, Sunshine, Aaron and Tammy  M.

61 Responses to ““Cindy On Acid””

  1. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Wow, that is a nice shot. A little cropping, adjusting exposure, tweaking color and you got yourself and fancy picture.

  2. Speedy J

    Team POW…Man Down!! No WOD for me today, having difficulty walking today – hurt low back with dead lifts yesterday…frustrated, no time to be hurt…

  3. G

    Skippy, I tried to copy yours and Gatekeeper’s style of photography with my rinky-dinky cam.
    Cal is posting, nice!!!
    Mornin’ Abbye!
    Huge crowd at 530!! The two Heathers made their appearance really early today.
    Btw, Juan and Ramrod are competing this Saturday early morning at CFHouston.
    Saturday night is CF Century night at ACF 6pm. Potluck and byob. Keg will
    be chip in option.
    Sunday 11am-noon Free WOD at Lululemon.
    Sunday 10am-5pm Barbell Clinic. We need 4 more people sign up to actually hold the class or it will be rescheduled.

  4. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    5 Rds, 11 Reps (Reg. Push-up)

  5. josh p.

    6 rds, 2 reps. Scaled the pull-ups to kipping, and the last 3 rounds of push-ups were regular.
    Good progress for me as I could not do a single pull-up (kipping or otherwise) when I started. Surfer, thanks for the push.

  6. Beast (aka JA)

    Nice pic G.
    Sorry I’ll miss this WOD, but I can only do 2 slapping push-ups before my face hit the floor practicing last night.

  7. Cody (DBL D)

    5 rds + 6 w/ kip & clap. Can’t wait for the sick workout tomorrow on Jim’s B-day!

  8. Summer

    8rds+29(1 round kips,rest black band, reg push-ups) missed the last round by a jump, oh well I will get it next time. Great Job today T-Cats!!! Thank u Noel for counting my rounds, giving me drinks, holding my band, and anything else u did to help me;)

  9. heatherd

    Great time this morning working out with the 5:30 crowd–Heather, let me know when you want to do it again. And btw, it’s hot in the morning too–no way around it!
    10 rds +5 (ring rows and reg push ups)

  10. Macho Ranger

    7 +7reps. Rx (Chest Slap) Thanks to old hickory for keeping me straight!

  11. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    6+2 rx
    Great crowd this morning.
    Good stretching and warm-up run Jim.
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Pop rocks, good partnering with you. Take it easy on the nachos.
    Thanks G!

  12. Jack Rabbit

    6r+25 (4static pu,kips and reg pushups)
    Thanks Arnold for counting…it was all a blur after round 2! My back was sore but it felt good to do a WOD! Good to be back and it was fun working out with the 830 crew! It will be fun to be with animals this summer.
    G&Arnold thanks for push on my push ups…I got tired on those fast!
    Speedy J-Hope your back feels better soon! I know how you feel. Hope to meet you soon too!
    It was good to meet you Marlon!

  13. Stephen (aka Surfer)

    6+15 2RNDS Rx / KIP & REG PU
    I agree w/ Gatekeeper; Great Crowd.
    Jim & G thanks for making it happen.
    Josh P. Godd working with you today. Way to push; your last three rounds seemed faster than your 2nd & 3rd. Good Job!

  14. April M

    Nice pic Grace!!! Thanks for posting…Love the 6 o’clock crew!

  15. Valentin

    That was my first Crossfit day and it rocked.

  16. Jared M

    8rds(chest slap/ 5 Rds regular push ups) started ninth round but didn’t get through the jump squats. Ian I am able to sub for you on the 26.

  17. G

    Speedy J, sorry to hear about your back yesterday. We miss you at box; it has been a while. Hope you recover soon.

  18. mario c

    mario c 4 rounds + 4 (clapping push ups)
    I like the new stretches

  19. Andi

    8 rounds + 3 (1/2 white band, C2G p/u)
    Welcome Jeff & Carla!!!!

  20. heatherd

    Abbye and Josh–Century/Centurion WOD
    Every minute, on the minute for 100 minutes-a shot of beer and a pull-up. Sign-up sheet is at the box.
    Check out the announcements link too!! It will be fun (to watch at least), hope you can make it!!

  21. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    6+2 rx
    Great crowd this morning.
    Good stretching and warm-up run Jim.
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Pop rocks, good partnering with you. Take it easy on the nachos.
    Thanks G!

  22. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    Since I’m not part of the team league, I’m thinking about joining the ACF photo contest when I get back to the box next week. Miss you guys…

  23. D-Mena

    Went with the 8:30 crew this morning. 6+15 (Kipping PU’s, Rx pushups through 4 rounds then C2G after that). Lots of support in the 830 group… Now if I could only talk my boss into letting me come in late so I can workout… JK I wouldnt trade the 6 o’clock crew… you guys rock. give ’em hell today!

  24. Pepper

    I have two six foot tables I can bring on Saturday night if you think we will need them. Just let me know.

  25. heatherd

    For those of you that missed G’s post–it’s pot luck on Saturday night. You definitely don’t have to bring anything, but if you’d like to bring your favorite dish/appetizer/dessert–please do.
    Pepper–that would be great if you could bring tables.

  26. ian

    Jared its the 26th not 25th sorry. Team competition is on saturdays. Let me know if you are available on this day

  27. ian

    Jared nevermind disregard everything. My team has it covered. Thanks anyways

  28. David "Chalkman" Henley

    7Rds + 18 (RX – clap)

  29. JohnnyB

    I’m really lost of my counting, either 4 or 5 rounds??
    I think… I only did 4 rounds!! well, four it is! LOL
    Hernan- you’re always a great pusher! I really do thank you for that!
    JenM-LMAO you’re funny as hell!!
    Coach G & Coach J- dang! I felt good with that stretching!!
    Gris- nice working out with you sir!

  30. Morris "Sledge"

    7rds+10 (Rx)
    Droppin the Hammer
    G-Look Mom, no hands!
    (The No-Arm Pushup)

  31. T.I.

    7 Rounds + 2 (RX)
    Awesome job Ian! I tried keeping up with you but fell way back around round 5. Thanks for the push Gatekeeper! G, I loved the stretches. They really helped.

  32. Nisha

    Very curious about these stretches that everyone keeps talking about…Pat, you better have paid attention at the 6pm class so you can show me when you get home 🙂
    D-Mena, glad you had fun at the morning class but you better be back with the 6p crew!!! I can’t wait to finally workout with my 6-o-clockers again tomorrow…

  33. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    8+4R (Kippings,reg p.u.) Wooohoooo finally all kips for me!!!
    Small fun group at 4pm. Thanks for setting the pace for me Coach G!
    Thanks Coach Jim and G for the stretching technique, really felt a great difference (lighter) esp on the squats :p

  34. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    6+7 rx

  35. Pat

    8+7rx+some kips Grace kept me honest on the static pullups.

  36. Silverback

    8 Rds + 15 (Rx)
    Nice workin’ with the crew @ 5pm. If the WOD would’ve lasted another minute, Sledge would’ve cruised past me.
    The stretches were awesome, but I’m not sure Ray was supposed to put his hand there…

  37. Chad Blaylock

    5 Rds – ( 3 RX, Rd 4-clap push ups & band, Rd 5 – normal push ups & band)
    …and Silverback, 007 did put his hand there!

  38. Darlene

    6rnds+4 (kip,reg pu,sq jumps) arms still sore from yesterday. all good. thanks coach j for helping me get through those squats. =)

  39. the "Gris"

    6 rd + 3 (RX). Had fun with the 4 pm show. Missed catching coach G by 1 push-up.

  40. TC

    Nisha you will love the stretching, and I think Pat will be more than willing to show them to you!!!!
    6 + 4 Rx for the first 4 rounds kipping pull ups for the last few!

  41. Noel (SKIPPY or ANIMAL[?])

    Did 8 rds, clenched my butt cheeks and saw it to the end! Thank-you Summer and Carl for counting me down. Thank-you Ivannah for finding my precious water bottle!!
    Your welcome Fam. Gotta backup my homies, you know!
    So, what is up with my new nickname Grace?! Are well still going with “ANIMAL”?

  42. Chrissy C

    4 + 17
    Ok – here we go – 1st 2 round of pull ups dead hangs without band. Last 3 rounds black band. 1st 2 rounds of push ups were clapping, but I don’t think I got low enough. Then 2 rounds of regular push ups and last round of clapping push ups again.

  43. ray

    5 Rds +2 (Rx Clap)
    felt somewhat violated during the stretches. think silverback was wishing it was him instead…

  44. Dolenga (agent orange)

    Dropped in at San Francisco Crossfit tonight. No K-star, but plenty of max box jumps and Helen.
    Max box Jump 44″
    Helen 12:02 (44lb,black band)
    Fun working out in 60 degree weather.

  45. Steve

    3 rounds Rx 4 +17 doing regular pushups, very few “kips”. The stretches really helped my range of motion on the squats – thanks Jim!

  46. Pepper

    6 rds + 25
    Milestones for me tonight!!
    Graduated to the big fat band from ring rows. Was able to do at least 4 of the rounds on the bar. For just about everyone that is no big deal, but it is huge for me. Also completed 5 rounds of toe pushups vs. knee pushups. Another first for me. Thanks Coach Jim for the encouragement.

  47. G

    6 Rds + 4 Reps
    (3 Rds RX – Chest Slaps and 3 Rds RX – Claps)
    Thanks for the push Jim!
    Gris, I got you by 1 rep this time 🙂
    Fun working out with H the B, Jen M, Gris and JohnnyB….unusually light 4pm crew.
    Welcome on your first WOD Sherronda and Melanie!
    Good to see Mikey, MadMax, Marlon, Ramrod, Meg, Sugahara and Steve W back in action.
    Sledge, Haha! The No-Hand Push-Ups, LOL!! That was a funny commercial!
    Lots of good chest slaps (The No-Hand Push-Ups) and Clapping push-ups today. More on jumping squats and the PNF stretching as well.
    Skippy, Surfer wanted to call you that because of how you were just going at it on the last round the other day, Lol!

  48. 007

    b”Boy. I’m beginning to think you’re not here for the hunting.”

  49. Ernie

    day 2. just learning the drills. great workout. awesome on the milestones pepper! Jim was great in helping stay on track. Mañana …

  50. Noel (SKIPPY or ANIMAL[?])

    G: Its all good. I actually do like it. Its something different. Can I keep it? Gives me an idea for a new shirt!

  51. Bob

    6rnds+4 (kips, 3rnds clapping, rest regular pushups).
    Really liked the stretching we did tonight.

  52. Kim H.

    5 rounds (RR, KPU, Some jumping, most reg.)