3 Girls, 1 Bar

The June 2009 Painstorm (courtesy of  CrossFit Central Scotland)

For Time:

21-15 – 9 Reps of

  • Thrusters
  • Pull-Ups
  • Squat Cleans
  • Ring Dips
  • Dead Lifts
  • HSPUs

Scale: Band Assist Pull-Ups, Ring Rows, Parallet/Box Dips, Pike Push-Ups, Regular Push-Ups

* Use the same load for all weighted movements.  Folks who are only a little crazy should use Fran weight (95/65), those bordering lunacy could try Elizabeth weight (135/85) and if anyone is insane enough try Diane weight (225/185)….RIP

Compare to 090609 results.

Post results to comments.

Jim coaching Bob
Happy Birthday Coach Jim!  Hope you enjoy the celebration with this Painstorm WOD.  Jim is an extremely dedicated coach and is passionate about what he does.  Remember, he is always on your side, making each and everyone of us better athletes!

85 Responses to “3 Girls, 1 Bar”

  1. JohnnyB

    Perfect word Ramrod!!—->OMG<----- Happy Birthday Coach Jim! ACF is one of the best box in TX because of you guys! Kudos to you,Sir!

  2. Ramrod

    Btw happy birthday coach! Look forward to this one!

  3. ingrid

    Happy birthday coach Jim.Our warm thoughts and wishes are with you.More Power ACF!!!
    I miss the WOD at 0530H,plan to make it this evening.Looking forward to celebrate coach Jim’s bday by sweating it out in the box.

  4. Morris "Sledge"

    34:58 (Rx)
    That really sucked. The HSPU kicked my butt.
    Happy B-day Jim. What are you? 26? 27?

  5. Brennan

    C-note we needed you there today man! Kenny, Jared and Daniel were makin me work today trying to keep up with them. I Appriciate it! Today was a Killer 35:03 @ 135…im definately a one girl kinda guy! haha
    Happy Birthday Jim!

  6. Andrea / Genie

    Happy Birthday Jim!! I appreciate all you do, how you push, how you motivate, and how you can bring us to a level of strength that sometimes we feel we can’t get to! Thank you and may you have a wonderful day!!

  7. Callum

    Happy birthday Jim. In 2 weeks you have made me so much better. I thank you. Also thanks for the great workout this morning. My time was 38:11 I think.

  8. T.I.

    Happy Birthday Jim! I hope you have a great day! Brennan, you’re a beast dude. My thanks to you and Ramrod for pushing me. I think I lost 5 pounds on this WOD.
    28:28 (1 ABM)

  9. RamRod

    30:20 rx
    wow the 530 crew is packed with animals! great job all around! now since its coach’s bday i thought i would share some interesting facts about jim some of you may not know.
    1) Coach Jim once counted to infinity…Twice
    2) When Coach Jim jumps into water he doesnt get wet, the water gets Jim
    3) Coach Jim is the reason Waldo is hiding
    4) If you ask Coach Jim what time it is his response is always “two seconds til” after you ask “two seconds until what?” he roundhouse kicks you in the face.
    And finally, Coach Jim doesnt get older, he gets even
    Happy Bday big guy

  10. Mimi Tadesse

    Happy birthday Jim i hope you have a good one….thanks for always pushing me

  11. G2

    Happy Birthday Jim! You have changed alot of people with your coaching style.

  12. josh p.

    Happy Birthday Jim, thanks for all of the encouragement!
    This one smoked me, and the 5:30 crowd did great.

  13. D-Mena

    Happy Birthday Jim!!!
    On a side note, SOOOO glad its my day off… Buck Furpees is gonna rock the house tomorrow! As long as none of us try this WOD… (hint hint…) I’m not sayin… but I’m just sayin…

  14. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Birthday Coach Jim!
    Thank you for turning this junk food lover, sedentary, overweight mama into a “competitive, hard charging, gut-busting, lung burning, lactic loving beast.” (My fave Jim quote!)
    Enjoy your day!

  15. Coach Jim

    40.01 (30#DB) No bars left. 23 people at 5:30 Crazy energy and mucho sweat. I did the HSPU this year and barely made it. The last HSPU took 90 seconds and 3 attempts. This is progress.
    The progress I really love to see is that last year we trained 36 people all day on my B-DAY. Today we trained 38 in the first two classes of the day! the community has grown and the rewards of coaching are incredible.
    My thanks to Grace who gave me the opportunity to be part of ACF.
    Many thanks for all the nice things posted.

  16. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    43:13 65#
    Thanks to Callum, Josh P, Ramrod and everyone else who pushed me.
    Full box this morning.
    Good to see Jackrabbit and Jeremy K back in action.
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!
    Thanks for your dedication coach Jim.
    Happy bday and God bless you.

  17. Pat

    Happy Bday Jim! You are a badass!Next year at 40 you can be a super badass! 32:31rx actually questioned myself during this.

  18. Noisy Pirate

    To me Buck Furpee maties,
    me and me fellow pirate mates say this here WOD tis a fine warmup fer yer one tomorrow…Just sayin’….ARRRRR

  19. Silverback

    Happy Birthday Jim! You’ve made all of us better. Thanks for all you do!

  20. Miles Bandalan

    happy birthday coach jim.
    the bandalans(joe b, miles, ivannah)

  21. Matt F

    This WOD was one that you are just happy to make it back in your car. I don’t think I could have been any more soaked than if I was swimming.
    Happy b-day Coach Jim and thanks for starting us off with “39” Burpees.

  22. Pepper

    Happy Birthday Jim!
    I’m one of your biggest fans!
    (…and with you kicking my ass, I am sure to some day be one of your smallest.)

  23. todd

    happy birthday, jim.
    34:05 (95# plus 2 abmats. Had good full ROM on all ring-dips)
    I confess to wanting to take a DNF today. Having taken off for a week kicked my butt.
    I couldn’t beat Famelicious “Kerri Strug” Urcia today, but I was able to edge past Arnold barely.

  24. Bonnie Bevill

    Happy Bday Jim!! Have an awesome day!

  25. Billdozer

    Happy Birthday Jim, I appreciate all the days of you yelling at me to get me where I am today. You are a great motivator and great coach.

  26. Rosie

    HAPPY HAPPY Birthay to the MUCHO Macho Ranger who oozes dedication & integrity!
    30:51 (35#,RR,PDips,25#SDB)

  27. caci

    Happy Bday Jim!!
    29:14(35#/15#seated DB press/RR)

  28. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    happy birthday Coach Jim!!!!
    Please don’t get tired of yelling at us to keep us moving and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones!

  29. Cody (DBL D)


  30. Sarah

    Happy Birthday Jim! Wish I could do this wod! Maybe next year 🙂

  31. Jack Rabbit

    30:45 (55#, p rd, pike pushups)
    This was a crazy WOD. Back felt very sore today but I fought through it and was glad when this WOD was over!
    Happy Birthday Coach Jim! You’re an inspiration to us and you push us all to be the best! Thanks for all you do! I hope you have a Great Bday!!!

  32. the "Gris"

    Happy Birthday Coach Jim! Thank you for being the true professional you are. We all benefit every day from your dedication.

  33. the "Gris"

    And I am thanking my lucky stars and green clovers that it is a rest day. This WOD is simply scary.

  34. Silverback

    BTW Jim –
    I don’t know if you took the above link to view last year’s comments for your birthday, but my comment still applies, and is still funny a year later…

  35. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    43:13 65#
    Thanks to Callum, Josh P, Ramrod and everyone else who pushed me.
    Full box this morning.
    Good to see Jackrabbit and Jeremy K back in action.
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!
    Thanks for your dedication coach Jim.
    Happy bday and God bless you.

  36. Bobo

    Happy Birthday to a great friend and incredible coach. It is apparent every day that you love what you are doing at the box and that everyone at the box loves what you do there.
    Enjoy your day my friend.

  37. Nicole Disco D :)

    29:12 (45#,para dips,2″band,1 abm pike)
    Happy Birthday Jim, your passion keeps everyone motivated for Crossfit….
    Thank you for everything you do!!!!!
    Hey where’s your 1980’s pictures???????

  38. Chad Blaylock

    Happy Birthday Jim!
    41:26 (65#, black band pullups, pike pushups)

  39. Sheryl

    32:53 (45#,RR,1/2set Box assist rest Lbar, Pike) Cleans just frustrate me — upset stomach the past 2 days made it extra hard (my valid excuse). Was not feelin’ it today…..glad I made it through! Sahweet.

  40. ingrid

    30:25 (45#,2″PU,Box dip,pike)I ate 4hrs preWOD,still I could feel my gut quiver.Going to the Box scares me now.I need to combat this mental trepidation or I might die in misery.
    The weight seem to be heavier and my thighs are weaker,but my burpees are better…the ground doesn’t hold on to me anymore yeheey…

  41. Taz

    32:28 (55#;1/2″ band; parabox dips; pike PU)
    Way to go Sheryl! You made it through w/o scaling on the reps. Nice to meet you Matt.
    Happy birthday Jim! “GET MAD!!! YOU’RE AN ANIMAL!!! (my fave). You always bring out the beast and the best in all of us. Have fun!

  42. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    HBD Jim; a FDB among FDBs.
    35:10 (75#/2 abs mats)

  43. Abbye Mac

    31:13 (21-15-9)
    35lb,RR,ring dips (FIRST TIME EVER!!!), pike PU
    So I don’t know what half the crap I did tonight was and I’m sure my form sucked and it took me forever…but I”m so dang proud I finished! I could have NEVER done this 3 weeks ago! JB, I kinda hate you, but thank you for kicking my ass tonight…I honestly didn’t think I could finish! Just give me a couple months and hopefully I’ll finish a little faster with way better form! I love crossfit!

  44. Noel (SKIPPY or ANIMAL)

    35:?? (75#/2″ band/assisted ring dips/pike PU & SDBP)
    Today was supposed to my off day. But I promised Caci that if a WOD came by that was so intense or just crazy enough that I would make the sacrifice. This WOD was the one. Happy Birthday Jim, it was worth each and every one of those 39 burpees. Best WOD so far. However, my right thigh and left knee are screaming in pain. Had trouble sitting on the toilet!

  45. Nisha

    30:34 (65#, RR, para dips, 2 abmats)
    wow….just realized I have been staring blankly at the computer screen for about the last 5 minutes as my mind is still mush and I can’t seem to get my thoughts together….Thanks to Nate for pushing me on the entire time and to Judy for counting my last few reps as my head was pounding by that point..great Job 6pmers….especially Abbye who was feeling so good that she threw in extra reps on the last set of pullups 🙂
    Happy Birthday Jim…can’t wait to experience this one with you again next year!!!!

  46. Easy Rider (Robert Hammond)

    Happy birthday Jim.. hope you had a good one.

  47. Pepper

    21:19 (35#, RR, para dips, 12#)
    Went light so I could do the whole 21-15-9. Probably could have gone heavier…
    Jim, I tried to tell JB you don’t look a day over 29, but he made us do 39 burpees anyway.
    Ernie, good job!
    Chrissy, you always push yourself hard. You make me want to work even harder.
    Sharon, thanks for the bar.
    Ray, high five for not losing the beer halfway through the WOD.

  48. TC

    Happy Birthday Coach Jim!!! Thanks for all you do!!!
    30.58 box assist ring dips and pike push ups

  49. Summer

    Happy Birthday Coach Jim!!! Thank u for everything u do for us;)

  50. chrissy c

    32:14 (45#, black band, box asst ring dips, pike)
    Those 39 burpies looked pretty good after this WOD. HBD Jim!

  51. Pepper

    21:19 (35#, RR, para dips, 12#db)
    Went light so I could finish 21-15-9 reps. Probably should have gone heavier/harder.
    Jim, I tried to tell JB that you don’t look a day over 29, but he still made us do 39 burpees. Happy Birthday.
    Ernie, good job hanging with it!
    Chrissy, you always push yourself hard. I need to take a lesson from you.
    Sharon, thanks for giving up your bar for me.
    Ray, high five for not losing the beer halfway through the WOD. I was waiting for it.

  52. mikey

    Happy BDay Jim! Thanks for all that you do for us and keeping me honest…
    35:22 (75#, box assisted ring dips, pike pu’s)
    This WoD was an ass-kicker! Very appropriate for the occasion. Decreased the weight this year so I could finish…

  53. Billdozer

    35:56(135#, 2abmats) Felt good to go heavy, even though I hated it at the time.
    Jim, Sarah and I were thinking tonight about the good old days at M-2 when you were constantly pushing us to go heavy and keep getting stronger and we both want to say thank you. This brings me to my next point, because I know we have a lot of newbies at the box, although I agree there is a time and place for scaling, there is no substitution for going heavy and pushing yourself(with proper form) through a barrier and achieving the RX. I know from my experience that is how I got stronger. As the rule says, go heavy or go home.

  54. Darlene

    Hope you had a special birthday coach Jim.

  55. The hernandez family

    Heather 34:54 (55/box rd/ pike/white band)
    H to the B 27:51 (75/box rd/1.25 ab mat)
    Happy b day coach!

  56. G

    Jim, happy happy joy joy birthday!
    Seems like I’ve known you for a long time almost like my little brother…but then you treat me like I’m your little sister 🙂 You have done a great job in contributing to where we are now. Seems like the good old “just meeting up just to have fun CrossFit WODs at Kempner” with everyone in early 2008 wasn’t too long ago. The WODs I made up were crazy back then that it has left an impression on you – haha! Happy Birthday Beastie Boy #2 (BB2)!

  57. 007

    Happy Birthday Jim, but not Happy Birthday to the asshole that wrote up this WOD.
    33:33 or 33:57 (RX)
    I may or may not have done the 15 deadlifts when I was supposed to, so I did them or did them again just to make sure I did not cheat Jim on his birthday WOD.

  58. Gary

    dont remember my time
    first wod in 4 months after getting injured so did scaled wod
    65#, ring/box dips, pike pushups
    feels GREAT to be back

  59. Sean

    27:39 rx except on HSPU’s 1st rd 15 2 abmats then 6 pike pushups, 2nd and 3rd rds I managed with 2 abmats.
    I need to some how get better at those hspu’s. Probably 3/4 of my time was spent trying to do them, even with 2 abmats.

  60. G

    Welcome back Gary and Lyvia!
    Good baseline tonight Jimmy Chen, Jennifer Webb and Laura Warren!
    Also, welcome Matt Blankenburg (Chi’s son) on his first WOD!
    Nice to see Bonnie Beville and Steven Kim chime in to greet.
    Awesome to see Brennan, Cody and Matt F beginning to post nowadays…btw, thanks Callum!
    Good to see Sean, Sugahara, Jeremy K, Jack Rabbit, Tony, Mimi and Nate back in action!
    Julia, I’m really diggin’ how you are sportin’ the variety of high socks in the box.
    Way to push through Tony, Ruel, Ryan, Contra and Chad!
    Toe…get better soon! Hope the sniffles go away; we miss the Mighty Midget!

  61. 007

    To add to Billy’s point… “From the oldest of times, people danced for a number of reasons. They danced in prayer… or so that their crops would be plentiful… or so their hunt would be good. And they danced to stay physically fit… and show their community spirit. And they danced to celebrate.” And that is the dancing we’re talking about. Aren’t we told in Psalm 149 “Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Let them praise His name in the dance”? And it was King David – King David, who we read about in Samuel – and what did David do? What did David do?
    What *did* David do?
    “David danced before the Lord with all his might… leaping and dancing before the Lord.”
    *Leaping* and *dancing*.
    Ecclesiastes assures us… that there is a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to laugh… and a time to weep. A time to mourn… and there is a time to dance. And there was a time for this law, but not anymore. See, this is our time to dance. It is our way of celebrating life. It’s the way it was in the beginning. It’s the way it’s always been. It’s the way it should be now.

  62. 007

    That Ren McCormick is one bad Mother F$%&er

  63. G

    35:28 (9 Abmat HSPU shy of RX) Sorry JB, I know you were tyring hard to keep the abmat away from me for the entire WOD. Banging the head on the floor was starting to give me a headache.
    So, it’s not apples to apples comparison from last year. However, there is progress. Ring Dips felt good. Went with 65 instead of 75 (last year’s) because the goal was to go Rx on HSPU – accomplished only for the 21 and 15 reps.
    Sugahara and TC, who were close to my station…I was trying to pace with you guys. Thanks for the push!
    Billdozer, good pep talk! I share the same sentiments. However, Rule #11 negates Rule #3, as necessary. Newbies, please see link below.
    Definitely saw everyone digging deeper than usual! Birthday Burpees is only good for today. Way to go everyone!

  64. G

    007, I knew when I read that it sounded familiar..Kevin Bacon’s movie???

  65. G

    Correction….what i meant was 9 reps of 1 Abmat shy of RX….dang it…the HSPU got me this time!

  66. G

    One more, good baseline today John Day!
    Way to go on trying out the Ring Dips Abby!
    Ingrid, butterflies in your belly means you know you are going to give it your all. That is a good thing!

  67. Billdozer

    G, That’s why I added with proper form in parentheses, Matthew and I were having a heated discussion at dinner.

  68. G

    Billy, yes you are correct to put technique first. The way to get stronger can also be gained from going heavy during MetCons. Like you, I’m a testimony for that as well.

  69. Noel (SKIPPY or ANIMAL)

    I know I am not as fit/strong as Billy, Todd, Beth, and (insert elite athlete here) but I feel I have earned the right to mention something about this whole “go heavy or go home” thing.
    I do agree with Rule #3. However, I could’ve never reached Rule #3 without working through Rule #4 and #6. Without those two, going heavy would be as achievable as trying to do a muscle-up on the day of my baseline.
    And in the end…if one does go heavier then one should have every right of enjoying the fruits of their labor and expressing their Rule #14. I mean c’mon, how can you expect me to torture myself and not yell and shake my fist at the barbell!?

  70. Bob

    Happy Birthday Jim!!
    25:10 (65#, BARD, Pike)
    Went light tonight but wanted to work as fast as I could and wanted the form to be right on the thrusters and squat cleans. Thanks Nate for watching my form and correcting it.

  71. Silverback

    Most of you won’t see this post because you’ve moved on to Thursday’s blog. I see some banter about “heavy” weights, and it appears to me that the participants may be saying the same thing, but in different ways, and therefore not recognizing such. “Heavy” is a relative term, not a nominal term. “Heavy” doesn’t equal a specific poundage. “Heavy” also doesn’t mean you add weight for the sake of adding weight so that you’re unable to achieve/learn proper technique for a new movement, or that you disregard safety, good form, or full range of motion. There are great reasons you shouldn’t go as “heavy” as you can every WOD, like when you’re injured, coming back from an injury, have been over-training, or on your “offload” time period. What Billy is saying is that “as a rule” you should strive to go as heavy as you can while maintaining good form and staying within the time frame the WOD was designed for. You need to be ever-increasing your load so your body doesn’t reach “habituation.” This approach is the only way you’ll get “stronger” within a reasonable time frame.

  72. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Silverback, I agree. Just like anybody else, I wanted to go heavier but as you, G, Jim, Bobo and all coaches say, form is important. I have bad thruster form so I had to go 65# to focus on that. I also wanted to preserve my shoulders so I could do all hspu’s rx. I thought about doing pike on the last 9 but I didn’t want to cheat myself knowing I CAN do this. My shoulders are extra crispy right now but as they say “It’s all good!”

  73. sharon

    30:40 – too many scales to remember – 15-12-9; 45#; box assist ring dips; pike push ups
    Great job 7:00 class!!

  74. HeMan

    29:42 (75#, box asst RD, 2abmats)
    Jim, feel free to not turn 40 for about 5 more years. I don’t want to do that again any time soon.

  75. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Silverback, I agree. Just like anybody else, I wanted to go heavier but as you, G, Jim, Bobo and all coaches say, form is important. I have bad thruster form so I had to go 65# to focus on that. I also wanted to preserve my shoulders so I could do all hspu’s rx. I thought about doing pike on the last 9 but I didn’t want to cheat myself knowing I CAN do this. My shoulders are extra crispy right now but as they say “It’s all good!”

  76. JUDY

    24:11. 65#, box asst ring dips, 2 ab mats, 1/2 inch band. for some reason my posts keep getting deleted…weird. Happy Bday Jim