“2 x 5”

For Time:

Relay x 2 (Each team member must complete the following course and each Team will complete two cycles through the relay)

10 Push-Ups (C2G) (Scale:  Military)

200m Run

10 KB Swings (53/35) (No Scale

200m Run

10 Squat Cleans (135/95) (Scale: 115/65)

200m Run

Tag Next Teammate


Relay x 5 (Each team will complete five cycles through the relay)

Weighted Overhead Walking Lunges (45/35) (Scale: 35/25)

10 Steps per team member before handing off the bumper plate to the next teammate 

Meet & Greet Photos from last Friday.  Tonight's CrossFit Century and Summo Wrestling NIght is another chance for Meet & Greet since not all the newbies made it last week.


Happy Birthday Arthur!  Rosie brought Arthur to the CrossFit world a few months ago.  Arthur works out in the morning with the Pacemakers.  He is one hard working athlete whom we have seen huge gains in just a short time.  We enjoy the fact that Arthur sports Marvel Superheros and Starwars characters on his shirts coming to the box.

13 Responses to ““2 x 5””

  1. Macho Ranger

    Happy bday bro! You have the heart of a lion!

  2. Silverback

    Happy Birthday Arthur! Keep doing this CrossFit stuff, and you’ll be a superhero yourself.

  3. Rosie

    Happy Bday to the world’s greatest brother! You are my SUPERhero!;)

  4. Julia

    Lots of good hardwork from the Ninjas this morning! Way to hustle from work Crazy Carl and Summer!
    New PR for me: 35# kb swings and 65# squat cleans!!
    I think I earned a pair of lululemon shorts this morning!! Sledge better have his wallet ready! Also, got to use my Nike frees for the first time and they are awesome to run in!!!!
    Good luck looking for your lost teammate Arnold!!!

  5. 007

    Great effort this morning Team Commando. Fam, you’re my hero.

  6. G

    Arnold, I am out voted on that juncture 🙂
    So anything goes tonight!

  7. josh p.

    Happy Birthday Arthur!
    I did a WOD with Mission Crossfit in San Antonio this morning:
    3 x (1 minute each station, as many reps as possible, hold same count each time through)
    sit-ups (abmat)
    rest station
    row (count kcals)
    squat cleans
    followed by:
    5x through, 15 minute cut-off, suicides and 25 DU’s.
    Good times, really great folks, smaller gym, and they asked a lot of questions about Atomic Crossfit and membership growth. I hope I represented…

  8. G

    Josh P, way to be accountable!! Pretty sure you represented well! Good thing you got Double-Unders down now!

  9. Noel (SKIPPY or ANIMAL)

    ’tis was an awesome night!
    Photos are up on Flickr, videos soon to follow.