Barbell Clinic on June 13th


Seated (Left to Right):  Miles, Ingrid, Coach G and Noel Skippy "The Animal"

Middle Row:  Dianna, Nicole "Disco D", Coach Jim, Pepper, Darlene, Regina, Ivannah and Abbye

Back Row:  Josh K, Silverback and Old Hickory

Barbell Clinics at ACF are lead by our very own Coach Jim.  Coaches JB, Stacy and G assisted him today.  We saw marked improvement on the major barbell lifts over the course and at the end of the day.  We hope the video tape review on before and after helped.  Great job guys and hope that you all keep implementing what you learned today at the clinic.

11 Responses to “Barbell Clinic on June 13th”

  1. Noel (SKIPPY or ANIMAL)

    It was a blast. I learned a great deal about the famous lifts as well learned what I need to improve in order to move further in my fitness.
    For those that haven’t taken this course but think you don’t need it, you are wrong! For just the price of 25 tall lattes from Starbucks, you can take this course and learn about your OWN body mechanics and how you can use them to lift the weights with proper form and you can build muscle while you’re at it.

  2. Darlene

    Awesome class!! I was amazed to see such marked improvement in one day. The video was essential and I thank Coach Jim for having the patience to video and critique the before-training form and after-training form. I learned a lot and can’t wait to start making some new PR’s!

  3. Ruel(X-box)

    Shout out for the guys I worked out with this morning(Fran 65#).. My great buddies Fred and JohnB… awesome Alice, Fam, Katy and Skippy…. esp Coach JB.. this is the first time i met and work with you but it didn’t matter..u were great… thanks for the push and sincere support…I still have to really work on my barbell skills but I know that the people in ACF will make the  difference …Can’t go to the Clinic today coz Im working this weekend…surely i’ll go next time…. like G said I have to work on my Tank as well….thanks for being patient… but we’re making progress that’s for sure……Ciao!!!

  4. Pepper

    Wow, that was a lot of fun! Thank you Coach Jim for holding this clinic today, for the instruction and the patient coaching. The before and after video taping and the critiquing after each was truly invaluable…I can’t believe the difference in my form on a few skills in one single day. I hope to do another one of these clinics in several months to see the progression over time and with practice. Thank you also to Coach G for all of the personal training and for the rest of the athletes for your encouragement. Great group to work with today.

  5. Abbye Mac

    Awesome Class Coach Jim! So helpful and MUCH needed! I feel so much better about walking into the box now! Although I may not have perfect technique or even moderate technique I now know the key components to becoming an efficient lifter! I can’t believe the difference in my form in just a few hours…and I also set my first PR on deadlift (135lb)! Thanks Coach Jim, Coach G, JB, and Stacy for taking the time out of your day to help us become better athletes, ya’ll are great at what you do!!

  6. Regina

    This clinic is a must for anyone that wants to improve their lifting technique. The slow-mo video was a great tool for seeing the flaws in my lifts. It was awesome to see the improvement everyone made when comparing the before and after videos. I feel so much more confident doing a clean now. Thanks Coach Jim, Grace, JB and Stacy for your time and dedication to helping us become better lifters.

  7. Nicole Disco D :)

    Great Clinic, It was alot of hard work but worth it. Thank you Coach Jim, JB, Grace and Stacy for your time and hard work.

  8. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    Ditto Regina’s comment! Thanks again Coach Jim, G, JB, and Stacy!

  9. Coach Jim

    I know I speak for all ACF coaches when I say that the hard work each of you demonstrated on Sunday is well worth it! Your growth as lifters will pay off huge! Remember your mobility drills and help each other when you see a form error. We all get better that way!
    We will announce the next barbell clinic later this week.

  10. Ingrid

    I would do this again for comparison 3-4mos from now.I thought I was doing my lifts right,but the video dissected the movement.
    I had fun learning with the awesome group and great coaches-thank you coach Jim,JB,G,and Stacy.You made the difference.Now I’m paying extra attention to my form.