Hopper Deck Monday

Hopper deck

Reflecting one of CrossFit's Mantra,
THE UNKNOWN AND THE UNKNOWABLE, today we will venture into The Hopper Deck
of Cards and pull out a card for the Workout of the Day (WOD) starting
at 5:30am for each class.  Post results and YOUR CLASS TIME to comments.

           5:30am                                    8:30am


           9:30am                                     12:00pm


            4:00pm                                   5:00pm


            6:00pm                                 7:00pm

39 Responses to “Hopper Deck Monday”

  1. Billdozer

    23:01(RX) Hopper deck was fun this morning, you 5:30 guys are tough. I think the worst part was trying to not slip off the bar after round 1, that was challenging.

  2. Bobo

    22:16 RX.
    I’m with you Dozer. Couldn’t hold on to the bar after the first round. Hands get so sweaty that you can only hold on for two or three pulls before slipping off. And, well, 150 pull ups does begin to wear out one’s grip.
    Great to be back with the pacemakers this morning. Tough crew! Brendan and Cal, you guys smoked this wod!

  3. Silverback

    8:30 Class: Michael
    3 Rounds
    800 M Run
    50 Good Mornings
    50 Sit-ups
    19:02 (Rx)
    Good to work out with you Thunder Cats. Although Billdozer didn’t do WOD, he was there just the same. His internal body clock/GPS takes him to the box everyday at 8:30am.

  4. josh p.

    I forget my time (25: something?), but used a green band and 14 lb ball. My poor, poor hands. It looks like I’ve been plowing the back 40 with my team of mules.

  5. heatherd

    Looking forward to this workout at 4:00–whatever “this” is. We should do this more often!!!!

  6. Noel (SKIPPY or ANIMAL)

    Did “Michael” with 25# dumb bell for the back extensions and some fancy situps.
    Thank-you Carl for letting borrow your running shoes, they were quite comfortable.

  7. Crazy Carl

    Did “Micheal” with the 8:30 crew.
    Noel, no prob on the running shoes, but you were all ready for those deadlifts if we would have had them..hahaha

  8. MikeB

    Michael-34:39 with 25# back ext.
    Time not that great but glad to complete the WOD!!
    Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

  9. 80s Girl

    Been off for 2 weeks because I was sick. The push presses were a killer on round 3!
    17:47 (Ring dips on box)

  10. Pat

    21:23rx noon class strong showing for Pecan Grove (T.I.,Chris B.,Chad you’re close enough)

  11. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    7 Spades
    12:47 (75# front squat)
    Got to apply lessons from Barbell Clinic from yesterday…worth *every* penny!!!
    Notable points:
    > Jumped to 75# squats from 65#
    > Spent less energy cleaning the bar to rack position (freeing it for the squats)
    > Felt far more efficient on the squats (cranking out more squats before breaking, the 1000m row was tiring!)
    > Greater self-awareness of technique flaws
    G and Gatekeeper caught some flaws (some bending of arms, occasional loose core). Thanks for the cue!
    Right now, I’m feeling it in my core (abs) and hamstrings, but not my back.
    Jim, thanks again for your time and effort at the clinic. It’s rocked my life!

  12. T.I.

    11:30 Rx: NOON CLASS
    Hey Pat, I know I finished before you today but it wasn’t that bad. I think you mean 12:23.

  13. Barbella (Sheryl)

    14:03 NOONERS (75# front squat) I finally got a CF Name = Barbella. I will use it! =0) Or maybe I will use Sherella…hmmm
    Nice to meet you Natalie-great squats!!

  14. Stacy

    Any teams doing their make-up WOD email me slproffit@comcast.net for scheduling purposes. Your email should include the time you want to do your WOD and any substitutions. Thanks, teams!
    Buck Furpees — disregard this message as I have you scheduled at 7:15 PM Thursday(unless you have subs for the week).

  15. Nicole Disco D :)

    30:23 Michael
    Hard work T-Cats!!!!!

  16. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    JT for the 4pm group
    21-15-9 (HSPU,ring dips,push-ups)
    13:00 (pike,box assist rd) good job everyone!
    after the 1st 15 pike push ups my upper body got toasted right away, form therefore sucked 🙁
    had fun practicing kips with Johnny B., Dianna and Taz!!!
    Nice meeting you Khara (hope i spelled it right)Thanks G!!!!!

  17. mario c

    mario c
    NOONERS WOD – 14:35 (scaled to 15/12/6; #35FS; PVC back ext)

  18. Chad Blaylock

    5PM Class: Nancy
    5 Rounds
    400 m run
    15 OHS (95)
    18:19 – (45)
    1st named wod for me. Thanks to Billy et al for helping with my OHS form!

  19. Abbye Mac

    6pm Annie
    12:43 (2LJ) (3DU!!!) one at a time, but still excited about making progress! Next stop KPU if my poor little hands ever heal…I’m gonna have to toughen up!
    Nisha and Jen C ya’ll made thoes DU look good!

  20. todd

    billy smoked me in Annie today. That’s pretty impressive seeing as how I had a pretty decent showing (although not as fast as last Annie), for billy to do so well. Well done, homes.
    Everyone did well today.
    7:22 RX

  21. Nisha

    6pm Class
    “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 of DUs and Situps
    Rubbed a freakin blister on my finger from gripping the rope too hard…slow time but happy overall that I made it through 150 DUs!

  22. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    13:45 (rx+) (95/20)

  23. Billdozer

    6:29(RX) This could be the greatest workout in the history of crossfit. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to battle this one out with Toddzilla when the stars aligned and let this one come out of the hopper deck. We were neck and neck for the majority of the WOD. Intense battle!

  24. sharon

    4 of Hearts
    10-20-30 slam balls; walking lunges; OHS
    15:27 RX

  25. Chrissy C

    Slam Balls-15#, Walking Lunges, OHS-45#
    Thank you Bryan for NOT picking Fight Gone Bad or Filthy Fifty!!

  26. TC

    Billy, Todd that was epic and humbling all in one I strive to reach that level!!!!
    Nancy 16.48 RX way to work 5pm class and everyone else!!!

  27. ray

    Slam Balls-15#, Walking Lunges, FS 95#

  28. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Jen W!
    Welcome back Toe, Ben C, Natalie and 80s girl!
    Good to see Tank, Manuel, Chief, Sarge, Beast, Sunshine and Jared M back in action!
    Sheryl, Barbella suits you 🙂
    A lot of epic battles going on in each class! Kewlness!!!
    Admiral Nate, today might be a challenge on “Beyond The White Board”. Where were you, btw?

  29. G

    17:50 (65# OHS)(first 3rounds unbroken)
    WOD: NANCY with the 5pm Crew. Thanks for the push Billdozer.
    Last Nancy was performed at 22:28 with 75#OHS. ‘Should have looked at my record so I could compare apples to apples.
    007, I was gunning for you today!
    HD, you looked good with 65 OHS, girl!

  30. G

    HD = 1 kipping pull-up
    Jen M = 5 or 6 consecutive kips
    Contra = 85lb OHS
    TC = wearing a tank top 🙂
    Yep, I can see that the recent Barbell Clinic attendees braced their abs and back while performing the lifts today!

  31. 007

    Did all OHS unbroken. Felt good. Even the runs weren’t too bad.

  32. H the B

    JT @ 4PM
    14:26? (21 w/1abmat,15 and 9 w/1.25 abmat)
    that’s about 6 minutes faster than my last time. Not knowing was driving me nuts. Worked out nicely….this time.

  33. Billdozer

    T.C., first the tank top, next the pants are comin off. I can’t help but think that you are just screwing with us and that in the winter time you will do every workout in a speedo
    Josh, i had every intention of doing nothing else today after wod 1, until Annie popped up and I had to defend my title against Todd. With all the animals comin into the box lately, I have to make sure I have one record.

  34. Steve

    9:10 did 65# backsquats instead of overhead squats.