Summo Wrestling Night Recap

Summo Wrestling HeMan & Billdozer Jun2010 from ATOMIC CROSSFIT on Vimeo.

Summo Wrestling Bobo & Juan Timberlake Jun2010 from ATOMIC CROSSFIT on Vimeo.

We had a great time this weekend with the sumo wrestling and Century
WOD. As promised, this is just a reminder of the cost for the sumo
rental.  If you RSVPed and/or participated in the sumo wrestling, the
cost is $15–you know who you are.  Please get your money to HeatherD below.
We are looking forward to more fun events/gatherings throughout the

3 Responses to “Summo Wrestling Night Recap”

  1. Noel (SKIPPY or ANIMAL)

    Ah yes, good times, good times!!
    We DEFINITELY should do this again! Only next time I’ll have the camera set to record video to catch me wrestling.

  2. todd

    I did not pay, but i will. Sorry for my late payment (I didn’t know). 🙂

  3. G

    Took a nap after watching our boys at the CFH Men’s Challenge in the heat and woke up too late for the party. The summo looked like a lot of fun!!! My favorite was Juan Timberlake and Bobo 00:27-00:30. Listening to Bobo’s giggle cracks me up!