“Deal or No Deal”

5 Rounds For Time:

  • 10 Weighted Push-Ups (45)(25)
  • 30 Double-Unders
  • 1 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats (135)(95)

Post results to comments.

Brennan Fjord WOD Lag Time

Brennan Fjord works out with his dad (Johnny) with the 5:30am Pacemakers while he is in town for summer break from Utah.  A recently turned "avid crossfitter", he has been crushing the WODs lately.

Check out Gatekeeper's most recently uploaded PHOTOS.  Thanks Dennis!

55 Responses to ““Deal or No Deal””

  1. Billdozer

    14:30(RX) Wanted to go faster, but chest to ground Push-Ups with a 45# plate on my back seem to slow me down. Thanks for the help with the plate Skippy and great work today, way to go hard the entire time, all of your hard work is paying off big time.

  2. Macho Ranger

    11.11 (105)
    Fairly happy with my OHS and PS. Exactly the right weight for this WOD. 3rd rep took real focus to hang on.
    Good work Bobo and thanks for not removing the 45# plate when I needed a break. 😉

  3. Jim

    Ref: Picture above…Another Satisfied Customer. Brennan you are a beast.

  4. Julia

    12:25 (10#/Reg, LJ, 45#)
    Had to take the plate off and just work on getting my chest to the ground. Thanks for the help this morning Josh!! Nice meeting you and Jeremy! Thanks G and Ramrod for the encouragement on the pushups.

  5. Noel (SKIPPY or "The athlete formerly known as Wheezy")

    8:51 (C2G/Lat. Jumps/75#) Thanks Billdozer! I do try my best everyday. Y’all are my inspiration to try to go heavier, faster, and still trying to keep form. Thank-you for keeping me on my pace, as well.
    Dennis, that is an awesome picture. I always love photos of people flat out in front of the “Glory Fan”.
    And…the Nikon D60 has several aftermarket brands that make the BATTERY GRIP (with the vertical shutter button). Just to name a few: Opteka, Targus, and Bower. For aftermarket brands, you should spend no more than $60. Of the three brands mentioned, Targus seems to be a good match (available on Amazon.com). Now, once you save money on the battery grip, you must get a Speedlite camera flash to compliment the kit. You will love it, I promise. That said, may I recommend the Nikon Speedlight SB-600?

  6. Stacy

    Hey gang, just a reminder….If you plan on executing your team WOD Thursday evening you must email me, if you haven’t contacted me, (slproffit@comcast.net) to schedule your time for the WOD so we can ensure enough resources. Thanks, guys!
    So far…Res Dogs — 6PM
    Buck Furpees — 7:15

  7. Cody (DBL D)

    Callum thanks for the push this morning! Jim & Grace thanks again for the coaching, I look forward to working my butt off to get consistance & the right technique! 75 lbs, D/U, chest to floor push ups 15:24.

  8. Nicole Disco D :)

    14:10 LJ,45#
    Way to go T-Cats!!!!!!!

  9. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    10:26 100#
    Shouldv’e gone a little heavier.
    Right shoulder still hurts.
    Pop rocks, thanks for the help with the plate and for the encouragement.
    Way to fight through Cody and Ramrod!
    Wheezy, thanks for the info!
    Thanks G!

  10. Julia

    My bad Dennis… I thanked “jeremy”… I meant to thank you. It was early! ha ha. But, thanks for the encouragement and it was nice to meet you.

  11. caci

    14:45(LJ/35#PS&OHS/C2G pushups)
    thanks everyone for the push. Good to see you Toe.

  12. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    14:08 (10#, 65#OHS)
    Big thanks to Bobby for keeping me going!

  13. Bob

    Enjoyed working out today with the Nooners.
    18:00 (45#, DU’s, 95#) DU’s are coming but still struggling with them.

  14. mario c

    mario c 10:35 ( #10 C2G; 60 singles; #45 PS – with LROM on the OHS part)

  15. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    10:26 100#
    Shouldv’e gone a little heavier.
    Right shoulder still hurts.
    Pop rocks, thanks for the help with the plate and for the encouragement.
    Way to fight through Cody and Ramrod!
    Wheezy, thanks for the info!
    Thanks G!

  16. Bobo

    13:40 (115).
    Glad i could be there for ya macho. hehe. felt kinda bad watching that plate squish you on the floor. then felt even worse when you would pick it up while i was squished on the floor.
    Those pushups killed me!
    nice work chalkman!
    So JA, is that some kind of code between you and gatekeeper? Gonna Wrastle tonight?

  17. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Good to meet you too Julia!
    Bobo, I have yet to find out what she means…

  18. JohnnyB

    18:51 (WPU-25#, OHS-95#) 1Rds DU & Paralatte x 4rds Respectively
    While gasping, “Better to have extra 5lbs on your back than extra 5mins time on the board!” as uttered by 007 himself. Dude! Thanks a lot for the push! Then, Billdozer kicked in & he’s totally right! Go heavy or go home… In your own pace, & be smart with it! Each individual perceived the rules differently, which I did. Any rules entails on the wall it’s for all us, my fellow crossfitters. Thanks Bill!
    “I won’t let you get away with 95# today! by Coach G! LOL Thanks G.! :”)

  19. JohnnyB

    Oooops… I should say, “less extra 5mins time on the board! 🙂 Right on 007! Take that well, Sir!

  20. Jack Rabbit

    9:35 (C2G, 55#)
    Had fun working with the 4pm crew. You guys are hard core in the heat!
    I was happy with my du’s and my c2g push-ups. After hurting my back I never realized how much I was using my back instead of my core! I gotta a lot of work to do on fixing my form!
    Ian-it was fun being your partner! Great job on those weighted push ups!

  21. Sledge

    9:49 (Rx)
    Droppin the Hammer
    Jim-Thanks for all the help and explanations regarding mobility. Something I am going to work on often now.

  22. Chad Blaylock

    11:49 – (45#, LJ, 65#OHS)
    Thanks TC for the help! Much Appreciated.

  23. Callum

    Thanks Cody and Grace for coaching me up. Great workout, getting better everyday. Forgot my time.

  24. TC

    Today was a lot harder than it looked!!
    9.42 (C2C,lat. jumps, 135 on the first round and 145 on the last 4) Thanks for the extra weight G!!!

  25. Barbella (Sheryl)

    14:23 – (C2G, LJ 1 DU,45#) still do not have a very good snatch!

  26. sharon

    Missed the box today – Did our workout at the Cave
    JT 21-15-9 HSPU (1 “abmat”); ring dips, push ups – 22:30
    3 rounds 5 DL (135#)
    20 KB C&P (10 each arm, 20#)
    25 DU
    The DU slowed me up big time. really need to work on those.

  27. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    16:00 (1/2 para / 1/2 du / 115/45)

  28. Easy Rider (Robert Hammond)

    19:19 (35#, 95#)
    That last set of squats added about 3 minutes to my time…last rep took 4 attempts… ouch.
    Good WOD, challenging. Thanks Hernan for demanding that I do all double unders, I think.

  29. 007

    Warmed up with 5-3-1 squats and deadlifts.
    Squats 215×5 240×3 265×5
    Deadlift 255×5 275×3 305×5
    Double Unders are getting better for me.
    Johnny B, Great Job!

  30. Abbye Mac

    17 something (DU, 1 LJ, 40lb)
    I sucked it up tonight…could have done better
    Goin home to the great state of Tennessee…see ya’ll Monday!

  31. 007

    Half of me looks at times like the 6 minutes and change of C-Note and Spec and is at peace that those times are out of my physical limits and I won’t ever get there.
    Then there is the other half of me that makes me show up at the box day after day, week after week, and now year after year trying to prove the other half wrong.
    It’s up to you which side you listen to.

  32. H the B

    14:26? (25,95)
    PU were hard on me. Thanks for the cheering Jackrabbit and Easyrider. Grace thanks for the help on the OHS.

  33. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    9:59 (45#,LJ,C2G) thanks the tips and the stretch Coach Jim!
    Thanks for counting my reps and for the push Richard!
    H the B sorry about the peroxide, you know i meant well:)
    Thanks Coach G for everything!

  34. Pepper

    Missed you guys tonight…just couldn’t get there after a long day at the J-O-B. Will be ready to work hard tomorrow. See you then.

  35. Nisha

    Tried to work on the gas tank today:
    1 mile run + 1/4 mile walk (3 rounds)
    Have a safe/fun trip Abbye…see ya on Monday 🙂

  36. HeMan

    17:?? (rxish). My push ups were suspect.
    I haven’t been intimidated by a WOD in a long time, but this one gave me serious butterflies. Way to fight by everyone at 6:00.

  37. Andrea aka Genie

    14:01 (10#,DU’s,65#) Double Unders were hell! Thanks Chrissy for being my partner and pushing me!!

  38. D-Mena

    18 and change… Truthfully I don’t think I’ve ever been as tired after a workout as I am right now… crazy
    Thanks for not letting me stop Jim. It was worth it to sacrifice the time to make sure I finished. See ya’ll on Thursday when Buck Furpees tears up the team WOD!

  39. Chrissy C

    (10# PU/PJs/45#OHS)
    Push ups were ugly!
    Heck Genie – you did all the work!! Anytime!! 🙂

  40. Dolenga (agent orange)

    25# push ups, 15 DU\15 LJ, 65# power snatch
    Good to back. Bonnaroo felt like a four day workout, but maybe not in a good way. Thanks to Max for helping me out on this one.

  41. Darlene

    12:22 [10#C2G but not pretty,DU,55#] Power snatch definitely a PR. Couldn’t have done it without Coach Jim who, for some reason, had more faith in me than I did. thanks!
    And thanks for helping me with the weight Babs!

  42. Gab

    15:26 Rx
    My DU are getting better, but I’m not Mohamed Ali with a jump rope. I’m working on it.

  43. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Good to meet you too Julia!
    Bobo, I have yet to find out what she means…

  44. G

    Good job on your baseline tonight Steve Long!
    Welcome on your first WOD, Toko!
    C-Note crushed this WOD!
    Great to see Jack Rabbit, Ian, Jessica, Kim, April M, Agent Orange, Genie, MadMax and Admiral back in action.
    Julia was the only chick at 530am, awesome job on your snatch :)! Btw, we have to revisit the reward system on PRs on the kipping pull-ups. If a girl gets 10 consecutive kips the reward is an awesome badass black beanie with the badass ACF logo. So that’s your goal!
    So, Toe…how does a jump rope give you bruises 🙂
    Gatekeeper, it was smart to let that right shoulder heal before going any heavier.
    Cal and Cody, anytime! It’s awesome to see the determination in your eyes during the Snatch and OHS.
    Fam, as far as your gas tank…isn’t today your 4th day of WOD? Perhaps, that may explain it because you have a very good gas tank.
    Have fun visiting back home in Tennessee Abbye!
    H the B, you’re welcome. The OHS looked good!
    TC, you’re welcome…had to challenge you because you went really fast on the first round with the 135lbs.
    Thanks for chiming in Gab.
    Gatekeeper and Skip, I’m having camera-envy! Thanks for all you guys do. Both the camera and user make a world of difference on the shots. You guys do this photography hobby really well – THANK YOU!
    A big kuddos to Juan Timberlake and Pop Rocks (aka, Josh K)! They installed pull-up bars on both bay doors in the main WOD area today.
    G2, it was great to see you after being out for a while. I saw you at the peanut gallery during the 5pm WOD and thought you were doing the WOD at 6pm.
    Lastly, Freedom 5k Run on July 4th in Sugar Land. More details under all the Announcements on the right side bar.

  45. G

    JohnnyB, I thoughtI said…”I’m not letting you get away with 75lbs” Either way you are more than capable of doing 95lb Power Snatch and OHS.

  46. Andrea aka Genie

    14:01 (10#,DU’s,65#) Double Unders were hell! Thanks Chrissy for being my partner and pushing me!!

  47. G

    12:21 (80,75r2-r5), nowhere near the times of the beasts yesterday but glad to do unbroken sets on DUs and the pain wasn’t really on the weighted push-ups nor the OHS! It was the power snatch. My snatch is better with a full squat 🙂
    Had a blast partnering up with HeatherD during the floor mobility drill.
    Toddzilla, thanks for being my 25lb plate caddy and helping me through the WOD; same goes to HD.
    Jim, liked the coaching psychology!

  48. Valentin

    11:04 time
    The WOD made my legs hurt like nothing else I’ve done in a while. Thanks 6 people for the push and Max who helped with the weighted push-ups.

  49. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    34:44 (185)