“High Altitude”

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 30 KB Swings (53)(35)
  • 50 Squats
  • 30 SlamBalls

Post results to comments.

Steve Western DL

Happy Birthday Steve W.!

49 Responses to ““High Altitude””

  1. Ramrod

    “high crack” (courtesy of sledge)
    13:44 (53#/20#)
    nice work everyone

  2. josh p.

    15:24(??) RX
    Thanks to Juan Timberlake for keeping me in the game.
    Special thanks to Byron for the stretching. I appreciate you not looking me in the eyes during decidedly uncomfortable close contact between two grown men. Ha Ha.

  3. Jack Rabbit

    11:39 (35#, 10SB)
    Great job this morning everyone.
    Rosie-You did awesome this morning! Way to keep going on those squats, you’re a machine! Thanks for counting my reps.
    Happy Birthday Steve!!

  4. Andrea / Genie

    Happy birthday Steve! Tell the family hello for us all! Have a great day!

  5. Macho Ranger

    I cant believe how fast Babs is moving in that PIC. Jeez girl, slow down!

  6. Summer

    Happy Birthday Steve W. !!!!
    13:56(35#kb,12#SB) I blame my slow time on the fact I could not breath. Thank you Meg for counting for me and listening to my sailor mouth;) Great Job today T-Cats!!!

  7. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    16:57 RX+14#
    My legs weren’t to excited about the squats.
    Arthur, thanks for the spit shine on the SB ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great job Pacemakers!
    Happy bday and God bless you Steve.
    Thanks G!

  8. Rosie

    Happy Birthday!
    17:something (26#KB,10#SB)
    Thanks JRabbit! I didnt feel like a machine this morning, I guess I’m still recovering from the wknd bug ๐Ÿ™ BUT its always good times wrking w u!

  9. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    14:56 (40#, 10# SB)
    That was indeed an uncomfortably long period of hamstring stretching. Josh–thanks for not, as you put it, releasing heat while I was stretching you. Also, thanks for refering to me above as a grown man…don’t get that a lot.

  10. Eli

    18,19 maybe 20 something.. rx 20#slamball.
    no prob carlos loco..sorry for thinking those last 30 slam balls were 50..20 more didnt hurt..lol

  11. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    16:57 RX+14#
    My legs weren’t to excited about the squats.
    Arthur, thanks for the spit shine on the SB ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great job Pacemakers!
    Happy bday and God bless you Steve.
    Thanks G!

  12. caci

    Legs felt like jelly at the end. Good job 930ers. Nice to meet you Jen W.

  13. Beast (aka JA)

    12:30?? 35# KB, 10#SB. My quads and hamstrings haven’t had a chance to recover from Monday’s WOD. OUCH!
    Thanks for the stretch Famelicious. I could not keep up with you. You are so ready for July.
    Thanks G for the push. I resolved that everytime you tell me to give you unbroken reps that I will give you at least 2 more. Unless, of course, I’m in danger of flinging the KB across the room.
    Marie, it was nice meeting you and thanks for counting my reps. I’m sorry if I got you confused with the counts, but I do have a habit of going over because I don’t count some reps if I don’t do full extensions or don’t go low on the squats or if my arms don’t clear my ears on the swings. Unless of course I’m too delirious to even be aware of anything… ;o)
    Great job Tcats.

  14. Beast (aka JA)

    Oh, and hey Gatekeeper…thanks for the encouragement. ;o)

  15. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    It’s all good ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Billdozer

    13:17(RX-12# ball) That just wasn’t fun, it was hot as hell today….great job Sean, you are an animal, nice work everyone at 5.

  17. Valentin

    Great WOD today. After doing yesterdays WOD and todays my legs are just like noodles takes G for counting for me.

  18. sean

    10:5?(rx-12#ball)My legs were on fire during this one. Probably a bad decision to run wind sprints with my students this afternoon.

  19. Barbella (Sheryl)

    14:49 (26LB KB,10#Ball) gettin’ there!

  20. Gina

    12:00 (RX, 12#ball) That was fun!
    Happy Birthday Steve!

  21. Silverback

    9:18 (Rx, 12#SB)
    Today was my rest day & I had no intention to do WOD. Just stopped by box. Saw Billy & Gris working hard, cursing and sweating; just had to do the WOD. Worked out in dress socks and a pair of shorts borrowed from TC (BTW, thx TC!).

  22. sharon

    worked out at the Cave again today
    Grace: 30 clean and Jerks RX (95#) 7:03
    My first time doing that WOD RX – though I would be well over 10 minutes, happily surprised.

  23. 007

    15:37 (RX+20lb slamball)
    Didn’t move fast but I did all 3 sets of 50 squats unbroken.

  24. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    15:33 rx

  25. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    14:21 (RX,10sb) the hot temp. made this WOD more BRUTAL!
    thanks G! Taz way to tackle 35KB! Good work 4pm grp!
    Happy Birthday Steve!

  26. TC

    13.33 RX 20# ball
    Silverback you can borrow my shorts any time!!!

  27. Noel (SKIP or SKIPPY or ANIMAL or "The athlete formerly known as Wheezy")

    Happy Birthday Steve!!
    Today looked like an awesome WOD. Caci said that it was epic!

  28. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    Happy Birthday Steve
    17:39 (RX+, 20#sb) Thanks to Green Lantern for the recommendation of the 20lb slamball, and to Grace for allowing me to attempt my first RX+ WOD.
    Was seeing stars on the third round of the KB swings. Thanks to Joey and Natalie D. for counting the last round for me.

  29. Julia

    15:08 (30#KB, 10#ball)
    Hope you feel better Mimi! Thanks for counting for me!

  30. Barbella (Sheryl)

    forgot to mention that dropping the KB on the big TOE feels Niiiiiice!

  31. the "Gris"

    14:40ish. RX. 12SB. Warm today. Good work 5 pm’ers.

  32. the "Gris" aka "tired Dad"

    And Happy Birthday Steve! Hope it was a good one.
    In review there were some fast times out there. Good work all.

  33. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    It’s all good ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. G

    Good job on your first WOD Jimmy C.
    Arnold, way to represent! Flying Push-ups sounds like fun!
    Sharon, awesome progress on that Girl-named WOD benchmark! Everyone is getting stronger and faster. Nice!!
    Good to see Josh P, Agent Orange, Eli, Sirun, Kathy J(from last night), Sean S, Sarge and Mikey back in action.
    Beast, that’s a very admirable CrossFit virtue on making sure every rep counts!
    Pepper did extra KB Swings to help out her partner, one of newbies “Big Ernie”. Awesome Pepper!
    Laney…when are you going to start posting?
    Mimi, keep rolling your glutes and hope you can squeeze in a massage session before the week ends.
    Zen Jen, I agree…afternoon WODs are definitely more brutal!

  35. G

    11:32 (44#KB, 12#SB)
    After the 5pmers were done, Silverback and I decided on what I thought was a duel. My advice, never duel with the Silverback. His so called “breaks or rests” are total distractions! I couldn’t distract him back with the Lulu top!

  36. G

    Valentin, you’re welcome. Good job on keep on moving today!
    Crazy Carl, that 20# is no joke and you did them unbroken.
    007, with your heavy BS and DLs yesterday, I hope you are getting a massage soon. Also, the joints will need some recovery time.

  37. Darlene

    14:26 [35#,10#sb] loved having someone count for me. one less thing to concentrate on. Thank you Ingrid!!

  38. Pepper

    14:50 (26#, 10#sb)
    I agree with Nate about the air being sucked out of the gym before the 7pm session started. It was brutal.
    Happy Birthday Steve!

  39. Silverback

    G – It was fun dueling you today, Patenaude-a-Patenaude. Good to see that my Jedi mind tricks worked on you.

  40. JohnnyB

    20:05(12#SB, 53#KB) Is that Rx?
    Sorry I was late in posting busy at work!

  41. mikey

    18:13 (12#SB 44#KB)
    I’ve gotta get back to posting the same day…