“Brutal Honesty”

Snatch Balance

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Power Clean

1 – 1 – 1

400m Run – Time Trial

Compare 400m Time Trial to ACF's first track meet WOD results on 090819 (data)

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Vince Front Squat Rack Position
When Vince started CrossFitting, he found it hard to lift his elbows up high and let go of the bar to rest on his shoulders.  After his diligence on shoulder mobility and active isolated stretching along with consistently coming to the 8:30am class, he now has an awesome front squat rack position!

16 Responses to ““Brutal Honesty””

  1. heatherd

    Good times with the 5:30 crew this morning. We only had time for 3 sets of snatch balance: 55-65(1)-60; pwr cl 85-90*-85; 1:32 on the run. Good to get this one done early–may have to come back and visit–a lot of weight being moved around in this class….I like it!!

  2. Sledge

    Droppin the Hammer

  3. mario c

    mario c
    SB 35/35/35/35/40
    PC 85/95/100

  4. Bobo

    SB: 95-115-125-125(1)-125
    PC: 185-205-215*
    400m: 1:10
    Great working with, and getting crushed by, Sledge and Brennan.
    Had some heavy weights flying around with Josh, Chalkman, and Johnnie.
    Was barely able to hold off chalkman on the run. Brennan and Stacy killed the run!

  5. Barbella (Sheryl)

    SB 35×5 / PC 65/65/85 and then the best part of all, 400m run = 1:39

  6. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    SB: 35-35-35-45-55
    PC: 105-115-135*
    400m: 1:23
    SB intimidating, first 3 sets were confidence builders; got comfortable & started up the ladder in sets 4 & 5.
    Felt strong on PC & went aggressive down set 3, but bent my arm to soon!
    Said it before, say it again…Barbell Clinic *big* help!
    Tried to push The Institution on the run, but poor Old Hickory faded down the back stretch!

  7. Cody (DBL D)

    185#,225#(F), 225# ON POWER CLEAN, 1:16 ON 400M RUN

  8. Rosie

    Good Job! Looks Good, Vince!
    SB 15-35(2)-35
    PC 65-85*-75
    Only time for 3rounds on SB this morning.I really hv to wrk on those 🙁

  9. JohnnyB

    SB (45-65-65-75-75) PC (135-155-155)
    400m Run- 1:17
    I’m stupefied with my lifts today, 70#KB swings??, first time have done that! I’m getting stronger!!
    Ok, running… gezzz… I slow down on the last stretched. I’m not listening to Coach G.! LOL
    Joe- hats off dude!!
    TC- Impressive lifts, Sir!
    Nice working out with all 4 pm peeps!

  10. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    Stuck with 55 for snatch balances
    1:03 400m

  11. HeMan

    SB – 95-105*-95-105-105
    PC – 185-195-205
    400m 1:11

  12. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    75-65-65-65-65 OHS instead of Snatch Balances
    175FAIL – 175 – 175 Power Clean
    1:17 400m
    OHS are like golf for me – no matter how much I practice, I never get better.
    First timed 400m run in 20 years, not happy that it was 20 seconds slower than 20 years ago, but given I didn’t have my flashy track spikes, or a track, and had to avoid getting hit by two moving cars as I turned corners, and that I’m 20 years older, and 20 pounds heavier, I guess I’m OK with it, for now
    That said, there will be track work this weekend. and as always, 10 OHS before bedtime…

  13. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    SB 35(2)-35-40-45(2)-45(1)
    PC 75-85-95m
    400m – 1:26 shaved off 29secs fr last time 🙂 !!!!
    Thanks to all the BIG BOYS in front of me for the push! (T.C, Joe,Contra & Johnny B)
    Thanks G!
    Have a great weekend my ACF family and Happy Father’s day!

  14. Gina

    SB: 45×4, 55×1 – I think these are more mental exercises than physical. Drop without bounce just didn’t compute!
    PC: 95-105-115 (pr)
    1:38 – 1st time ever to do timed run, but definitely know it’s faster than I’ve ever ran before.
    Thanks G for the push!!

  15. G

    Snatch Bal 45-55-65-65-65 (working on form)
    PC 115-120-125(miss)
    400m Run = 1:23
    The snatch balance is a new movement for many, if not all, and understand that today there were a lot of pressing rather than just dropping under at proper depth without the bar moving at all. We will revisit this movement again to make sure we get the technique down.
    Wow, the 5:30am class is consistently huge!
    Agent Orange, flexibiity on the shoulders to nail down overhead squat will have to come sooner or later and we will keep on working with you on that.
    Gina, I’m seeing a lot of progress!!!
    Awesome job guys!