“Funky Monkey”

For Time:

3 Rounds of

  • 25 Double-Unders
  • 25 Pull-Ups


2 Rounds of

  • 35 Push-Ups
  • 200m Run


1 Round

  • 15 HSPU
  • 15 Power Cleans (155)

Post results to comments.

Wolverine pat

Above is "Wolverine" (aka Pat), who is demonstrating overhead at full extension.

Today is also 007's (not pictured) two year anniversary with us.

68 Responses to ““Funky Monkey””

  1. 007

    I am disappointed and sad. No FGB today. As an Atomic Crossfit historian it’s painful we did not get a 3rd Annual FGB on June 22. That is what started it all.

  2. Jim

    007 I am coaching tonight. You can do FGB tonight if you wish.

  3. Callum

    I hate DBL unders, they suck, Great workout 16:53 (2 Ab mates)

  4. G

    007, an FGB happy anniversary WOD can be arranged this month. Common, we’ll keep it a surprise on which day. Happy anniversary !! You were my first paying customer and loner attendee of the outdoor sizzling hot 5pm class back at Safety America!

  5. Andrea / Genie

    Happy Anniversary Atomic Crossfit! Does this time include Sugar Land Crossfit also? Don’t laugh, but what is FGB and PR? I woke up very early and energized, yet already have a brain fart! Congrats to all the Coaches on your great success with all of us and dealing with all of our different personalities! The Box is our other home away from home!

  6. Darlene

    FGB=Fight Gone Bad
    PR=Personal Record, right?
    Happy Two Year Anniversary Atomic…and to many more!!!

  7. 007

    No, I will wait until we can all bask in the pleasure of such a symphony of sweat, tears, and vomit.

  8. RacingRay

    1 week work in Philly
    1 week work in Cali
    2 weeks of junk travel food
    2 weeks of sedentarism
    1st ever 5:30 am workout =
    24’32” (Green band, DB shoulder press) felt like I attacked the first 5 rounds, but I stood around starring at the bar the last round.
    I never though I’d be waking up that early to go workout, haha

  9. RacingRay

    Happy Anniversay! ACF 🙂
    I love how ACF adapts and grows (new wing, new platforms, more boxes, more bumpers, new pullup bars, etc., etc. the awesome coaches, Grace’s support and her very specific jumprope hanging instructions)

  10. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    23:31 (Pike Push-Ups, 95#)
    Happy Anniversary to ACF!

  11. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Anniversarsy ACF…I might just drop by for a WOD because it’s a special day.

  12. Summer

    16:41 (LJ,black band, pike, 75#) great job today T-Cats!!!

  13. josh p.

    Happy anniversary. Thanks for being the group to get my rear in gear.
    Don’t remember the time, but I enjoyed the band slipping off my leg and slapping my cornea. That’s always fun. Good workout 5:30 crew, and thanks to G for letting me work into the second heat.

  14. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy anniversary ACF!!!
    30:13 135#
    Started out good but PCs got me. I should’ve gone lighter on that. I saw stars everytime I picked up the bar. It was weird.
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!

  15. Speedy J

    Happy Anniversary with many years to follow…15:44 (Blue ABMAT)..pull-ups killed me..as always, great to be back in the box!!

  16. D-Mena

    I’m really looking forward to this WOD! See ya’ll at 6!
    Happy Anniversary ACF!

  17. toddsky circa 2008

    16:16 2 abmats
    I think the ORIGINAL-original gluttons were all the BB’s, Teach, 80’s girl, 007 and yours truly. It has been a fun ride.

  18. caci

    Happy Anniversary ACF! I am so honored to be working out here. Thanks to those who encouraged me to come and you know who you are. everyone is so very nice and supportive. Thanks to all the coaches for their support and encouragement.
    19:27(LJs/20#SDB press/35#power cleans).Good job everyone. Beth, your little girl is so cute.

  19. Jack Rabbit

    19:35 (75#, 2abmats)
    That hurt! Great to meet you Speedy J! Great work everyone!
    Happy Anniversary ACF! It’s been 1 year for me and I can’t believe how fast time flies!!!

  20. Teach

    16:27 (95, 1 ab mat)
    That’s what I get for a week of vacation that was preceded by a month of sporadic WODs… painful!
    Great working out with the 9:30 group this morning! Ansley had a good time as well 🙂

  21. Crazy Carl

    22:2? (Rx, 1 Abmat)
    I was dragging ass today..my body was still worn out from Mondays WOD for some reason..just couldn’t find my “stroke” today. Damn HSPU’s murdered my time. Great job to everyone else who destroyed this WOD under 20 min.

  22. Sarge

    Happy anniversary ACF. It has been great watching the box grow from the Sugar Land days. I remember Mike and I starting the 8:30 class. Now it is the biggest class of the day. If ACF continues to grow at the rate it has been growing, we will have to move into or build a bigger gym.

  23. mario c

    mario c 21:12
    lateral one leg at a time hop overs;
    green band pull ups;
    regular push ups;
    my regular “shuffle” on the 200;
    #20 seated DB shoulder presses;
    #65 PC’s
    Happy Anniversay ACF.

  24. Barbella (Sheryl)

    23:49 (DU’s with single in btwn,RR / KPU / pikes,75#) I smell niiice sitting here at work.

  25. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy anniversary ACF!!!
    30:13 135#
    Started out good but PCs got me. I should’ve gone lighter on that. I saw stars everytime I picked up the bar. It was weird.
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!

  26. the "Gris"

    Belay my last – Happy Anniversary to you both!

  27. Gab

    24:52 RX
    I still have problem with the double unders and HSPU, they’re getting better every time. Nice WOD and good work guys.

  28. 007

    It’s been a great run. Here’s to another two.

  29. mikey

    Wow- two years already?!? It’s amazing looking back to where all of this started and how much it’s grown. Congrats G and the coaches on the continued success.
    I really wish my schedule allowed me to make it in on a more regular basis but I guess I will have to take what I can for now. I will be by tonight though- love them pull-ups…

  30. Taz

    Happy Anniversary 007. Awesome form on your L-pull ups yesterday. I’ll be looking out for FGB…though I’m a bit more anxious than curious of what it’s all about. Congratulations ACF! Here’s to more pain-loving, lactic-busting FUN years ahead. Happy to be part of the family.

  31. T.I.

    20:59 (RX)
    Those abmats sure did look tempting but I pushed through without them.
    Happy Anniversary ACF and 007!

  32. Julia

    Wish I could do this WOD today…but I’m stuck at work. 🙁
    Happy Anniversary ACF! I’m so glad to be a part of the community!
    When is the party?? Is there cake at an Crossfit anniversary party?? 😉

  33. Gina

    16:55 (85#, lj, green band, knee, knee pike)
    Great group today at 4! I liked that cool breeze.
    Happy Anniversary! Glad to be part of the ACF family.

  34. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    20:23 (black band,LJ,pike,75#) my pike push ups were ugly;(
    Happy 2 years ACF and 007! happy to be a part of the tribe!
    Nice pic Wolverine!
    Nice meeting you T.I. Chris and Toco.
    Toe and I enjoyed cheering the 5pm grp

  35. Steve

    Had to work late, so could not get to class for a WOD.
    But I can congratulate the Atomic Crossfit team on their 2 year anniversary! You’ve come a long way fast. I too am glad to be part of “tribe”.

  36. Barbella (Sheryl)

    Wow — 2 years & I am just now getting in…darnit~all the fun I missed. Did I say “fun” ??

  37. Noel (SKIP)

    19:59 (Lat. Jumps/2″ band/KPU/25# DB press/95#)
    Fun day. I am not sure but I think my running slightly improved…..maybe.
    Need to start carrying my power tools from now on since everything I touch breaks apart.

  38. TC

    23.53 Rx except for HSPU with 2 abmats.
    Happy anversery ACF, and congrats to all the coaches on an awesome two years, looking forward to many more years!!!!

  39. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    26:21 (2 abs)

  40. Ian

    Everything was good until the 155lb Power clean. That part took over 7 min. Thanks coach Jim/JB for the encouragement

  41. Abbye Mac

    DU, RR, Pike PU, 65lbPC
    Happy Anniversary ACF! I am so happy to be a part of it! Thank you everyone for being so welcoming and encouraging to this Tennessee girl!
    Thanks Coach Jim and Coach G for pushing me tonight even though I was so slow…but I think my running might be getting better..maybe?

  42. ray

    24 something (135#PC, 1 abmat)
    fun working out with the 5pm crew, the rain was coming down sideways during the 200 m run.
    congrats ACF on the anniversary!

  43. Nisha

    DUs, 2″band, 2abmats, 75#
    Arms felt like lead during the runs and having to do HSPUs after 70 pushups wasn’t pretty..but I did learn something in today’s WOD: I CAN do 75 pullups w/band without having to revert to the RRs, I CAN do all 75 DUs, I CAN do HSPUs w/abmats and I CAN power clean 75# after all of that…actually I did a bonus 5 at 85# afterwards cuz Jim said I could…and he was right 🙂 gotta strive to get out of that comfort zone….
    Great job on doing the 65# Abbye…knew you could do it 🙂
    oh, and special props to G and HeatherD who rocked the 5pm workout in their wet sports bras after ditching their shirts due to running in the torrential downpour…ya’ll put Bo Derek to shame 😉

  44. toddsky

    note to self: attend 5 o clock class on rainy days…

  45. Chrissy C

    DU’s counting attempts; Thin white band on Pull Ups; Pike Push ups; 65#
    Happy Anniversary ACF!! Time flies when you’re having fun!

  46. Jen W.

    21:44 – 25 Lat. Jumps, 10 pull-ups (all 3 rounds), 20 push ups, 200 meter run (both rounds)15 dumbbell press, 15 power cleans attempts
    Worse day to date and it’s only day 4 for me.Hopefully next time the power cleans will be easier for me. Attending the class on different days probably wasn’t the best idea but I have to go to work (my school) during the day this week.
    Thanks for the encouragement everyone in the 9:30 class.

  47. Darlene

    26:48 I think [DU,kip,pikepu,75#]
    Great seeing Arnold working with the Vamps tonight. I’m in awe!!!
    Great job 7pm crew! =)

  48. Dub

    25:14(1 ab mat, 135) The hspu killed me but its always good to get your butt kicked at the box. Happy Anniversary!

  49. JohnnyB

    26:15 (135#PC, 2 ABMATS)
    I’m really satisfied with my performance today!
    DU…..I think getting in there… 🙁
    Happy Ani ACF!

  50. Andrea aka Genie

    25:41 (85#,2 Abmats)
    Thanks for the push Coach Jim! It was great having my friend Mel visit from Crossfit West Houston. I think we made her feel at home!
    Mikey, it was great seeing you, and glad to meet the other 2 fella’s that I already forgot their names. Sorry! have to expect that after a brutal WOD like that. Great seeing Steph with the Vamps! We always like visitors! Helps push us a lil more!

  51. D-Mena

    24:24 (Pike PUs)
    This WOD definitely lived up to expectations. Good job 6 o’clock!
    Jim thanks for the form check on the power cleans… gonna need all the help I can get for the team WOD on Thurs.

  52. April M

    Happy Anniversary ACF!
    17:18 with scaled version for my arm. Thanks Grace for the “april” workout 🙂
    As always…great job 6:00!!!

  53. Freakin' PR

    15:24 (95, and almost Rx HSPU…no mat, but was not really going low enough)
    Great crowd this morning with the Thundercats!!! Loved the energy!
    Happy Anniversary ACF!!

  54. mikey

    28:18 (135#, pike)
    struggled through the pull-ups only to hit a wall with the cleans at the end… 135 is heavy.
    Genie- it was good seeing you too. You killed this WoD.
    It’s a truly a small world, Arnold and I cross paths quite a bit and we finally had a chance to chat. ACF brings people together from all over!
    See y’all tomorrow!

  55. G

    Good baseline tonight Peter and Kate Osborne!
    Welcome Marc Sutton!
    Thanks for dropping in Mel!
    Good to see Racing Ray, Teach and Ian back in action, even more so at the crack of dawn for his first WOD back.
    Also, good to see Marie check out the Pacemakers.
    Some honeynooners decided to show up at 4pm. It definitely was breezy!
    Barbella, you are hilarious…just make sure you wipe the white chalk marks on your face and black marks on your knees. Otherwise, you office mates will always keep guessing what you do at CrossFit during your lunch hours. Haha!
    Abbye, you “manned” up…you should be happy with your time. You runs seem faster nowadays.
    Jen Webb, hang in there…the movements will click the more you do it, that’s why we’ll keep your loads light for a little while. Hang in there! Our next CF Orientation class and barbell clinic will be announced soon. Then you’ll kick ars from there.
    Beast, way to hang tuff. Some gloves aren’t cut to do kipping pull-ups. Hope your hands heal soon. I remember vividly pouring peroxide on your hubby’s hands many months ago. He screamed with a much higher pitch than you – LOL!
    Toe, glad you enjoyed the art of Gymnastics Taping at 4pm today.
    TI, HSPUs didn’t look tough once you got in the rhythm.
    Skip, thank you so much for your repair skills. They came in handy. The East garage door is heavy and I think you don’t realize how strong your hips are nowadays that it came off track. But the fan…I knocked it down with my amazing double under skills 🙂

  56. Nicol disco d

    17:44 65#, lj, 2″
    wow!!! 2 years, Congrats ACF and Brandon.

  57. Noel (SKIP)

    Forgot to mention, thanks to Stephen, Eli, Scott, Gina, and whoever I forgot to mention in helping fix the garage door. Just wasn’t tall enough and didn’t have enough upper body strength to get that darn garage back on the track.
    But at least I be confident in knowing that my hips can save someone trapped under a small, compact car or pine tree!!

  58. G

    23:04 (1 round of C2G push-ups, 1 Abmat HSPU – uggh, 105# PC)
    The 5pm crew had an exclusive modal domain:
    Hard rain falling side wards, gusty wind, thunder and lightning!
    First to finish on 1st set of push-ups but hesitated when the weather abruptly changed. Looked back at Jim and he just waved goodbye 🙂 Man, I haven’t ran a fast 200m like that since my high school track days.
    It was actually fun! Props to SOS, RayRay, Surfer, Eli, TC and HeatherD for being hardcore! HD, we can do that again, right girl?! :)…bring it on Cumulus Nimbus Clouds!!!
    Aw Nisha, thanks for your kind words. Personally, felt sticky, stinky, wet and ugly…just wanted the power cleans to be over with.
    HD…let’s keep working on kipping pull-ups.

  59. Jen C

    21:53 (RR,knee pu, pike, 65#)
    Upper body did not want to function in the car on the way home. Thought I was going to have to call for a ride! Oh what a feeling…
    Happy Anniversary ACF! Cheers to many more!

  60. Beast (aka JA)

    Day 2 of frustration… :o(
    I started out well with doing my 25 paralettes straight and my KPU on the first round. I started ripping on the second round and out of frustration about the tapes not staying in place, I used my gloves…and away I flew landing on my left ankle and flat on my back.
    At this point my time doesn’t really matter anymore. I used the band for my last 50 pullups (while bleeding through the tape), skipped the second run, did the last 50 push ups on my knee(all because my ankle hurt), 12# sitting DB press BUT felt good about my 85# PC.
    Oh well, tomorrow’s another day…thanks G for pouring the peroxide on my hands. Thanks Chief for trying to make me feel better after the WOD. Thanks Gatekeeper and the peanut gallery.

  61. Andrea aka Genie

    25:41 (85#,2 Abmats)
    Thanks for the push Coach Jim! It was great having my friend Mel visit from Crossfit West Houston. I think we made her feel at home!
    Mikey, it was great seeing you, and glad to meet the other 2 fella’s that I already forgot their names. Sorry! have to expect that after a brutal WOD like that. Great seeing Steph with the Vamps! We always like visitors! Helps push us a lil more!

  62. Jessica

    Happy 2 years ACF!
    I’m so glad I found out about this gym! I can already see the hard work I put in and it’s starting to show on my body. Tough workout yesterday but I’m not regretting it!
    Time 16:57 (LJ, RR, KPU, 15#DB, 55#PC)