“Drawn Butter”

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 20 KB Swings (53)
  • 25 Squats
  • 30 Goblet Lunge Alternating Legs (53)
  • 35 Weighted Sit-Ups (53)

Post results to comments.

ACF's Speedy J (aka, Janet B) 200lb 3RM Back Squat from ATOMIC CROSSFIT on Vimeo.

77 Responses to ““Drawn Butter””

  1. Macho Ranger

    14.51 53# No weight on the lunge. Aggravated a big toe injury on the burpees yesterday. made lunging with weight impossible. Great work Peter welcome to the pacemakers! Oh, the rest of the 5:30 crew rocked it as usual.

  2. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    20:35 (35#)
    Welcome Peter, it only gets better!

  3. Darlene

    woo hoo Janet! You make it look easy! Great job!

  4. Jen C

    21:41 (35#)
    Nice group this morning! Way to work!

  5. Taz

    Just awesome Janet(Cyborg). ‘love calling you that coz I’m still not convinced that you’re all human :o) ‘seems you to switch to cyborg mode when you’re at the box.

  6. April

    Janet-awesome job–did u get “low enough?” –truly motivating.
    Great work this morning everyone-I enjoy the 0530 group–great way to start the day.

  7. Jen W.

    21:37 First time doing the whole workout but I had no weights for the lunges or sit-ups. Still much better than Tuesday’s workout. Good job everyone in the 9:30 class.

  8. sharon

    Good Work Janet!!
    Just want to remind everyone – CrossFit Caveman (Ray and I) will be doing a FREE Family Field Day to introduce kids to the CrossFit Kids program. It will be 11 am at Atomic. Hope to see everyone there!!!

  9. Andi

    14:48 35#
    Chased ya the whole time Summer & I knew Carl & Vince were behind us trying to kick-our-butts!

  10. Billdozer

    That video is a great example of why Team POW! will come out on top today. I may be full of Makers Mark but the video of my teammate has motivated me.

  11. She-Ra

    2nd time to cry during WOD
    both at PPCF
    RJ RX:86:51

  12. She-Ra

    5 Rds:
    800 M Run
    5 15′ Rope Climbs
    50 pushups

  13. Silverback

    Just found out that I will not be available to do team WOD tonight with my beloved team because of a work-related issue. I am so bummed as I was looking forward to once again kicking TeamPOW’s ass, and defending our league title. Luckily my good friend and step-son, Bravo, will take my place on the field of combat this evening. Michael, do me proud. Go Reservoir Dogs!!

  14. Loco Moco

    Pretty convenient absence for the Silverback. because we all know Bravo isn’t strong at all…and barbell work just crushes him oh and he sucks at pull-ups too….especially C2B.
    All in all, pretty good strategy.

  15. Beast (aka JA)

    Great job Janet!
    Great job Summer with that 53#!

  16. Macho Ranger

    She-ra, sorry to hear about the rope burns. looks like you need to climb with hands only! 😉

  17. She-Ra

    haha.. if i was climbing with hands only.. I sure as hell wouldn’t be typing this message. I would still be wiping the blood dripping down my hands on my ACF shirt

  18. Billdozer

    Silverback, you can only sub a scaled guy for one of the female team members.

  19. Silverback

    Bravo is a standard guy that can sub for any standard team…

  20. Billdozer

    I’ll have to address the competition committee about this one.

  21. Macho Ranger

    What is this “defending the league title”? This is the inaugural season. Pretty presumptuous if you ask me. Hope heavy Deadlifts don’t show up soon.

  22. G

    Summer did 35# instead of 53. She will be working on it soon though 🙂

  23. G

    It’s been a while since all teams, if not majority, have competed head to head. Please make the effort to do so on Saturdays. That’s when the competition becomes a real competition!

  24. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    WOW Speedy Janet! that’s awesome!!!!
    Miss you at 4pm 🙂

  25. Callum

    Great Video, thats why Atomic Crossfit aint no Cupcake Factory

  26. D-Mena

    I’m siding with Billy on this one… seems very convenient especially since there is no “scaling” for this WOD…
    Plus I think Billy was calling you a scaled girl Silverback… I’m won’t take it that far though…

  27. Flying Fred Curry

    Good point Fam, but also keep in mind that as much of a stud that Bravo is, filling Silverback’s shoes is no easy task.

  28. Summer

    I missed typed today I only did 35 I’m sorry everybody I’m not that strong yet.

  29. Pepper

    I take offense to your insult of Silverback by calling him a scaled girl. What’s wrong with scaled girls? Girls have to start somewhere and sometimes they become Arnolds and SpeedyJs.

  30. Crazy Carl

    14:34 (Rx)
    i was trying my damndest to beat Summer and Andi on this WOD…felt like i was chasing them the entire time. Good job ladies. Yall made me work alot harder than what i would have!

  31. T.C.

    14.35 Rx wow I thought I was moving slow today but I ended up pretty good! My legs feel like jello! Way to push it TI!

  32. Julia

    17:36 (30)
    I went slow… but I wanted to finish with the 30 no matter how long it took me!
    Thanks Jim and Beth for the little bit of Open Gym pull-up session this evening.

  33. Barbella (Sheryl)

    19:28 (30) then finished with 2 rounds of 500m Row.

  34. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    Mod wod (43# sdhp/squats/reg lunges/push ups)

  35. Ramrod

    Great job tonight team. Speedy j and Darlene you both did perfect. Dozer and I should have gone longer with the heavy weights. But I’ll take a 2nd place finish this week. If course I would be a bad sport if I didn’t give a shout out to our nemesis the dawgs. Well done guys.

  36. chrissy c

    19:29 (35#, GHD)
    Babs – where were you???

  37. Lauren

    So, so, incredibly happy to be back. Time sucked but no worries, I’ll be back in fighting condition asap, bring on the pain!
    Really nice to meet so many new ACFers tonight. It’s awesome how much the box has grown.

  38. Abbye Mac

    15:23 started with 18lb kb then sweet Coach Jim thought I needed a 26lb kb…the weighted sit ups almost killed me!
    Had a personal pull-up session with Julia, Coach JIm and Beth! Hands are ripped to hell…I love it! I’m so ready to get stronger and get off the rings! Julia you did awesome tonight….I think we need “nick names”!

  39. Jack Rabbit

    Great job everyone. That was tough! Aida, my friend you are my hero and the pull-up machine!!!

  40. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    24:12 (I think). 40# on the weighted sit ups. That was brutal.
    Beth, thanks for standing over me and making me finish those situps. Its funny to me that even when I don’t have the energy to open my eyes or do another sit up, I’m still able to enter a negotiation about how many situps I will promise to do without a break. Here is the replay:
    Beth – “You will do 15 without stopping!”
    Me – “No I will do 5”
    Beth – “No, you will finish now!”
    Me – “no I think I can only do 3”
    Beth – “You will do 15 and love me for making you do them!”
    Me – “no, I hate you”
    Thanks for the push.

  41. HeMan

    that workout sucked my b*lls… Mr. Garrison

  42. Billdozer

    Great Work Team POW! tonight,we almost had the dogs. Janet is an animal and Darlene is the perfect addition to team POW! I feel like I should have done more for us, but the Dogs are indeed animals out there. I enjoyed watching Bravo shoulder press 160 every time.
    Pepper, in my comment I am actually not making fun of scaled girls. I was joking that Bravo was a scaled guy which he obviously isn’t and that Silverback wasn’t strong enough to do the weight for the workout(which obviously isn’t the case) and I was just kidding around with The Reservoir Dogs. For those of you who don’t know me and see my shenanigans on the message board, I like to keep it fun and light and joke around a lot, I don’t hate scaled girls, I was a scaled guy when I started and most the girls did more weight than me.

  43. Noel (SKIP)

    22:15 (44#)
    Felt okay. Definitely knew that 53# would be too much and 35# felt a bit light. Of course, it felt torturous when I did those darn lunges. Thought it would never end and started messing with my mind.
    Scaled girls are pimpin! I don’t think Billy was trying to be insulting.

  44. Silverback

    Fellow Dawgs – Great job tonight! Sorry a blow up at work kept me from your side. Michael, thanks buddy for filling in for me. You did awesome & I owe you. Great job Team POW!, I heard you were a force to be reckoned with.
    Billy, you can talk smack whenever you want. You help make the thread an entertaining read.

  45. Teach

    13:34 (35#)
    I thought the sit ups were going to be the deal breaker, but the lunges were a heck of a lot harder!
    Agent O: It’s my pleasure to make you hate me 🙂 Way to push through with the heavy weight today!
    It was great meeting all the new peeps tonight.
    Kathy – Great work! You’ll be using the big weights in no time.
    Lani – nice to meet you, way to work hard
    Jimmy – Way to push on the WOD!
    Melanie – great job moving through all the exercises tonight!
    Sorry if I missed anyone! It was fantastic to see all the regulars in tonight as well…you guys know I love ya!!!

  46. Steve

    18:58 using 35 #s. A much harder WOD than I expected. The lunges were the toughest.

  47. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Peter and Kate O!
    Welcome back Lauren, aka Cookie Monster 🙂 Glad your school schedule has eased up a bit.
    Good to see Wingman, Byron, Rosie, Andi, Meg, Nathan C, Jenny S, Katalin, Hernan The Barbarian, Miles, Judy, Michael B, Gary, Agent Orange and Steve W back in action.
    Ximena, you are a good sister for dragging The Barbarian to the box today.
    Abbye, nicknames will come when the moment is right; you’ll see. That way, it’s memorable and fun!
    Playboy, hope you get a massage before the week ends.
    Team League players tonight were rockin’ the house! Haha! I saw a little bit of Bravo’s shoulder presses. Dude, I thought you already did two WODs prior to tonight!
    Rest day for me, just practiced on Muscle-Up progressions, thanks Bravo!
    The box was packed all day and was so good to see everyone work so hard!

  48. Pepper

    Billy, Billy, Billy……
    I think I know enough about you to know you would not speak disparagingly about scaled girls or any girls in the box. You guys were talking smack and I thought it was funny and then D-Mena said you had called Silverback a girl and I was just chiming in and giving you shit for it.
    Anyway, I was not really offended, I was just having fun, too.
    (Geez, if you have to explain it…)

  49. Freakin' PR

    Ok…Janet you’re an animal!!
    Awesome job DAWGS!! thanks Bravo for subbing. And the Swans are just awesome!!
    Too bad my hands were all ripped up….I could have done a lot more pull ups 🙂
    I love being harrassed by Team POW….it actually gives me an extra push to kick ASS!!!
    Thanks G and Stacy for judging for us!!

  50. mikey

    22:38 (44#)
    Those goblet squats sucked… thanks for the push Beth, playboy, Dennis, and everyone else!
    Billy is one of the nicest and most supportive guys you will you ever meet. I’ve known him since he started at ACF and seen him progress to the elite level where he is now. I doubt he would ever say anything negative about anyone’s (or group) effort in the box let alone post it here. He’s just keeping it fun. It’s all good.
    I gotta go puke now… being nice is worse than a long sand bag run…

  51. Darlene

    Way to go Ramrod, Billdozer and Speed-J! (I think I need a nickname, too!) Second stings a little but it’s totally respectable. We’re slowly creeping to the top so watch out RD. Great workout again and congrats to the ‘Dogs!
    By the way, I’m a scaled girl on Billy’s team and I KNOW he wouldn’t disrespect his teammate. =) Go Team POW!!

  52. HeMan

    I agree… Billy’s insults are generally reserved for me and generally returned in kind.

  53. Billdozer

    Thank You Pepper, I was hoping that was the case and I figured it might have been, I thought you enjoyed a little smack talk.
    Aida, I will stop motivating you from now on.

  54. Billdozer

    Matt is correct on that, although his always sting more.
    Team POW! has just gone 1,2 the last two weeks and we are in 3rd overall now that we have our full time teammate Darlene, we are right where we want to be.
    It will be interesting to see how things shake up once the Swan’s leave on vacation, but knowing the Dogs, they have already created a computer program that will figure out the best subs out of the entire box.

  55. Noel (SKIP)

    (fell off the couch laughing) Pepper, i never thought I hear (read) you say (type) “shit”. Thats like an angel farting. This is why you’re pimpin!

  56. G

    Btw, thanks to Toddzilla, who came by tonight just to help judge the team league WOD.

  57. Beast (aka JA)

    12:50 35# Those lunges are killers!
    Thanks G, Teach, Jim and Gatekeeper. Josh K, thanks also…I heard you encouraging me all the way from the peanut gallery.

  58. Pepper

    Not sure why my previous reply didn’t post, but I will try again.
    I think I know you well enough to know that you would not speak disparagingly about scaled girls or any girls in the box. I was reading the blog and you guys were talking smack like you do on Thursdays and it was funny. D-mena said something to the effect that you insulted Silverback by calling him a girl and I was just chiming in to give you some shit about that.
    I was not really offended, I was having fun, too…I am a smartass.
    (Geez, if you have to explain it…)

  59. Ximena

    16:23 (18# kb)
    Call me crazy but i really enjoyed this WOD. Maybe I’ll kick it up a notch next time to a 26# KB.

  60. JUDY

    17:36, 40#. FBombs flying out again! FYI – Pirates are not going to be in attendance this Sat. We will come Thur, Jul 1, 6pm Open Gym. Heads up Stacy!

  61. D-Mena

    Tough time tonight for Team Buck Furpees. Its all good though… We’ll get ’em next week. Thanks to Stacy and Todd for stickin around, judging and pushing at the end. Ya’ll have a good weekend!

  62. Valentin (aka V.T)

    16:51 was the WOD time with 35lbs.

  63. Ernie

    good workout today. Thanks G for keeping me going. Also to all the voices I heard around me while trying to finish up the sittups!