Callum DL MetCon
Bobby DL MetCon

(photos courtesy of Gatekeeper)

Two of our early morning/Pacemakers crew, Callum (top photo) and Bobby (bottom photo) are participating the Battle Buddy 57 Competition Fund Raising at Bayou City CrossFit.  They are scheduled to start with the first heat around 9am on Saturday, June 26th.  Coach G will be there to cheer them on.  Hope some of you can make it. (Directions to the event).

Also, CrossFit Caveman Kids Free Family Field Day is held tomorrow at Atomic CrossFit at 11am.  Bring the whole family and enjoy the fun.  For more details please check out the link on the right side bar.

2 Responses to “Announcements”

  1. Callum

    Thank you Jim and Grace for all of your support. Y’all are the reason that Atomic is a first class operation. Bobby and I had a time of 12:07 I think.