June 26th MYSTERY Team WOD


80s girl tire flip 

Happy Birthday 80s Girl, aka Jennifer C!

12 Responses to “June 26th MYSTERY Team WOD”

  1. Silverback

    Happy Birthday Jennifer!
    Today’s team WOD was a blast. Way to go teammates. It was good to be back on the field of battle with you. Ben, as usual, you came up with a great strategy. I can’t believe how effective it was to take those 10 second breaks. Whoops, I just let the cat out of the bag. Aida and I got a lot closer as the result of this WOD. It looked like G and Arnold did too. After that move you two were doing, I think Arnold you should at least buy G dinner…

  2. HeMan

    Nice job commandos. And thanks for subing G!! Definately got a little friendly with the teammates. I’ll be selling tickets to watch the teams do this WOD on Thursday, should be food spectating:-)

  3. Jack Rabbit

    Happy Birthday Jen!!!!
    Interesting fun wod! Great job everyone!!

  4. G

    Great WOD!!!
    Commandos, it was an honor to sub for your team.
    Arnold, I prefer you on top :-). Haha!!!
    Btw, ACFTWL players: your t-shirts have arrived (Thanks Toe)
    if you have paid the league dues come by the office to get your shirt. We will have a few surplus for sale to the non-league athletes after we have completely distributed them to all league players.
    Great job weekend warriors!
    Also, a big shot out to Cal, Bobby and Darlene for participating at the fundraising event at BCCF.
    Glad to hear that a lot of ACF families came to CF Caveman Kid’s Event this morning!
    GO FIFA! GO USA !!

  5. Noel (SKIP)

    Lots of fun today!
    New pictures posted on ACF Flickr.

  6. Darlene

    Had a great time today. Thanks Coach Jim, G, and Noel for the support!
    Can’t wait to find out what we’re doing for the team wod!

  7. Holly

    Hey 80s girl – just now see that it was your birthday yesterday. Hope it was Happy!

  8. Andrea aka Genie

    Happy Birthday Jen! Miss ya girlie!

  9. Andrea aka Genie

    Happy Birthday Jen! Miss ya girlie!