What’s in your food pyramid?

Below is the Food Pyramid guide followed by many in the CrossFit Community.:


It doesn't have to be this strict.  The general rule of thumb is to limit consumption of non-favorable carbohydrates and others.  Also, check out CrossFit Journal Issue 21 on Zone Meal Plans.  Interestingly,  there is a recently posted article below from Mark's Daily Apple on pyramids.

USDA Food Pyramid

Rejected Food Pyramids

The USDA recently released a report outlining dietary guidelines for
2010. While the new guide has not been finalized, one thing is for
certain, the food pyramid is in need of an upgrade. The classic, 1992 food pyramid
was scrapped five years ago. Apparently someone in the government
figured out that 10 cups of grains a day was not solving the obesity
epidemic. The 2005 food pyramid (shown right, click to enlarge) wasn’t
much better, not so much a pyramid as a cacophony of clip art and food
photos clustered under colorful disco rays. Seriously, the milk section
includes transparent cheese. Is that a new Kraft product?

Fortunately, the USDA is currently accepting comments and opinions
about their new health guideline. I am considering submitting my own
pyramid for review. In preparation, the Worker Bees have collected
other food pyramids submitted by various health professionals and
concerned citizens. I have learned that all of the following have been
rejected and will not be recommended as adequate diet guidelines for
the average American, though several were heavily considered.

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