Mainsite MetCon

Five rounds for time of:

  • 40 Double-unders

  • 30 Box jumps, 24 inch box

  • 20 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood

Chris Spealler
9:33, Graham
9:42, Eric
9:50, Laurie Galassi 10:03 (20" box, 1pood KB), Lauren Plumey
10:10 (1pood KB), Ben Bergeron 10:52, Rob Orlando
11:08, Danielle
11:18 (20" box, 1pood KB), Dave Lipson
12:15 (2pood KB) – courtesy of CF Mainsite.

Post time to comments.

Monday WOD at ACF
A typical weekday night at the box.

57 Responses to “Mainsite MetCon”

  1. Speedy J

    Pood? What is that? Work 8am-8pm…will have to do WOD on lunch break…

  2. Macho Ranger

    18 and change (DU; 20″ box; 53#)
    Bravo needed a 24″ box and I wasn’t about to jump on 30″ 150 times.

  3. Matt F

    I’m gradually getting back to form. This morning was a great workout. Right at 30 min. If not for coach G it would have been a lot longer. She definitely helped me push through that last set of KB’s. Thanks G!

  4. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    31:29 44#kb
    Ran out of 53# then Jim suggested 2pood.(Good thing he was kidding!)
    Mid-back started to spasm by round 3. Good thing Jim told me to scale. Thanks Moco Loco!
    Did bench for warm down but went light.
    Thanks G!

  5. Bobo

    I’ll break it down for ya speedy j.
    1 pood equals 1 flush.
    2 pood equals 2 flush.
    1.5 pood equals 1 flush with a ground rule double.

  6. Beast (aka JA)

    It’s all clear now Bobo…thanks.

  7. Noel (SKIP)

    28:?? (24″/44lb [1.25 pood]/Lat. Jumps)
    Had a fight with the Kettle Bell, he apologized, its all good!

  8. Noel (SKIP)

    28:?? (Lat. Jumps/24″/44lb [1.25 pood])
    Had a fight with the kettle bell, it apologized, its all good now!

  9. Noel (SKIP)

    What is up with site? It’ll show that my messages won’t post. I refresh the site, exit the window, and even restart but it still won’t show. Then I re-post and all of a sudden it shows that I posted twice?

  10. caci

    28:00(4 rounds)
    tough workout. thanks Noel for pushing me.

  11. Cody (DBL D)

    29:34 w/ 120 singles, 24″ box, 1.5 pood.

  12. Rosie

    26:56 (PJ,20″,26#)
    Consistent 20 KBs on the last round=Thanks Jim for the push!:)

  13. dianna

    cain’t jump had to step. 20″ box, side steppin and 35#kb. does that equal a pood? still sucked 24:23. Feels so good when it stops hurting.
    Toe: reserve a L men’s blue T for me.

  14. mario c

    mario c 19:56
    Single leg lateral step overs;
    #20 step ups
    #26 KB

  15. Bobo

    23:08? RX.
    That was tough. Physically and mentally. Knew I was in big trouble after the first round.
    Thanks for keeping on me Jim and G.
    you guys probably shaved two minutes off my time by keeping on me.
    Ian, I thought I was going to be able to hold you off, but your box jumps were too fast.

  16. Nicole Disco D :)

    Tough wod for me…… I was feeling wimpy…
    31:37 (LJ, 20″step,26kb)
    Great working out with the 9:30 class!!!!!

  17. Barbella (Sheryl)

    34:46 (DU’s w/singles 20″ 35#KB) I just now stopped sweating….Grace, sorry for the dirty looks!

  18. sharon

    I want to give a big thanks to Atomic for letting us have our first CrossFit Caveman Family Field Day at the box.
    I also want to thank all the Atomic families who brought their kids out. I think all who attended had a great time. Hope to see some of those faces in class some time soon!!
    And a thanks to Silverback, Billdozer, Hernan, Heather, Noel and all the others that came out without any kids to show your support – Ray and I really appreciate it!!

  19. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    31:29 44#kb
    Ran out of 53# then Jim suggested 2pood.(Good thing he was kidding!)
    Mid-back started to spasm by round 3. Good thing Jim told me to scale. Thanks Moco Loco!
    Did bench for warm down but went light.
    Thanks G!

  20. Ximena

    Great WOD!
    17:03 i think
    Lateral jumps
    20″ box step ups
    18# KB (i was gonna do the 26#KB but chickened out last minute)
    Good job to the nooners! That breeze was refreshing! =)

  21. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    I thought Silverback, Billdozer, and and Hernan were just there to witness my hula hoop PR. Well, whatever their original intent, they got to see a hula hoop PR.

  22. Red 'Barkley' Byron

    29:10 (44#, 24″, DU)
    It’s so deflating when I’m pushing myself to get started on the 3rd round and Brennan yells time.

  23. JohnnyB

    Ok, I’m quite slothful with my time. In contrary, I was able to do DU 20 times straight! :’)

  24. JohnnyB

    Liked KB swings!! Sorry Coach G for the dent!

  25. Speedy J

    4rds at the gym..interrupted…could not get in 5. Two 44#KB, two 30#DB…that makes an interesting pood..

  26. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    24:38 (LJ,20″,35#) BRUTAL! DNF in my head on the second round onwards: ( thanks G for keeping me going.
    Practiced DUs and kipping pull ups after the wod with Taz. Doing great Taz!

  27. D-Mena

    29:46. wow. probably the toughest MetCon I’ve done to date. And very very sneaky… like a sneaky little kitty that sneaks up and jumps on you when you aren’t lookin… bad kitty…
    And yes. I’m a little delirious at this point.

  28. Julia

    24:30?? (DU/LJ, 20″,30#)
    Doug, that WOD was a “bad kitty” you aren’t delirious!!

  29. Sledge

    16 minutes and something seconds. 3 seconds slower than Brennan’s time.(Rx)
    Droppin the Hammer.

  30. Freakin' PR !!!

    That was really tough with the heat!! Box jumps suck when it’s hot….I don’t normally hate them so much, but when you have to do 150 of them that’s something else. Ok…I’m done complaining now!
    24:36 (35# KB) I’m glad I did #35 and not #44
    It also sucks when you go to bed late and you wake up to this WOD!!!

  31. Babs

    29:43 (Lat.jumps,18″ step-ups,26#KB)
    Those Lat. jumps do me in every time!

  32. Pepper

    33:40 (LJ, 18″ box jump x 3rds, step up x 2rds; 30#kb)
    This WOD was painful and just plain ugly. My apologies to those who witnessed me struggling through it. To start, I wanted to try a WOD without the inhaler…bad day for that decision. In the fourth round got confused and started with the box jumps. Got overheated and wimped out at that point. After a few minutes, when I could breathe again, decided I would finish the fourth round, after all, but that would be it. Then a few minutes later, I decided I couldn’t leave without trying the fifth round. Sorry, Billy and G for the confusion,but at least I FINISHED !! Thank you Jeremy and Darlene for the encouragement. I’m going to go curl up in a ball now.

  33. Abbye Mac

    25 something
    20DU 20 LJ
    box jump x1 then step ups…I thought I was going to pass out and puke all at the same time
    26lb kb…thanks Coach G for pushing me
    This was by far the hardest work-out ever

  34. chrissy C

    27:29 (LJ, 18″ BJ, 35#KB)
    Babs screwed up my mojo last Thursday by not showing up for the WOD. Ah, a new week, got my mojo back, then Green Lantern screws it up by not showing up tonight. Green Lantern is officially a DRB or is that FDB, or DFB… But atleast we didn’t have to do burpees!
    Good job finishing Pepper!

  35. Darlene

    21:32 (DU, 20″, 35#)
    Jumps 1rnd, then step ups.

  36. Taz

    27:40 (DU’s,20″,35# Step-ups x 2 rds)
    ‘getting the rhythm on the kipps. ‘was able to do 5-6 decent ones in a row. Good work on your DU’s Zen Jen…3 in a row. You’ll get the rhythm of it soon I know. Nice to meet you Carla and T.I. Had fun cheering out for the kids in the Cave.

  37. toddsky

    Quote of the day: “When life is good, you sometimes forget to turn around.”
    –Coach G 🙂

  38. Beast (aka JA)

    22:38??? My post-it keeps disappearing in my gym bag. 35# KB, paralette jumps and 20 in. box–ALL JUMPS. I resisted doing the step-ups starting round 1, although my legs were pleading.
    Thanks Carl and Gatekeeper for putting my stuff away.
    The warm-up made me realize how much I missed tire flips, and the sledgehammer left a mark on my left shin.
    Good job Pepper…even I couldn’t breath when I stepped in the box. I think Billy is going to expect more sass from you from now on.

  39. Crazy Carl

    20:22 (Rx)
    Definite improvement from the last time I did this wod. Did all sets of KB swings unbroken.

  40. G

    Welcome on your first WOD:
    Heather H
    Ian M
    Gary B
    Welcome for being back from your baseball season, Conor!
    Good to see 007, Wolverine, Todd H (aka Major), Ingrid, Wingman and Toddzilla back in action.
    Good to see the Cook’s changing their pace today by working out with the 4pmrs.

  41. Dub

    22:42(rx) This WOD was a very good one and I knew this because I hated life halfway through it. Sledge rocked it out, nice job man.

  42. G

    Chrissy = 24″ box jumps after the WOD
    Taz = 5 consecutive KIPS
    Matt F, good to see you can dig deeper when you think you’re out of wind.
    Arnold, glad you could hear me from afar 🙂
    Skip, thanks for resetting the fan’s propeller, once again!
    Bobo, noon WODs are pretty tough. Way to hang in there.
    Barbella, no problem….you kept going, though 🙂
    Abbye, love the look on your warrior face.
    JohnnyB…that KB’s gonna need a lot of lovin’ after today.
    Pepper, you’re good. Just know that 4 Rounds of this WOD was plenty enough work.
    ZenJen, keep at it with the DUs!
    He-Man, same with you…you are stringing a lot of them in a row now…stick with it! It’ll get better.
    Toddsky, thanks….But I wouldn’t have said that if I didn’t see the effect of sleeping on the poolside facing the sun for 2 hours – Haha! 🙂 Good fight tonight!
    She-Ra, WOW 53lb KB is pretty impressive with this WOD!!

  43. G

    21:32 (35#KB or 1 pood) – the 24″ box felt like 30″ after half way through the reps on each set. And my legs felt shorter than usual. Waah, play the little violin! Maybe it’s my new Converse shoes. It was good pacing with 007, though. Was trying to go for sub 20. Crazy Carl, you beat me this time 🙂

  44. Billdozer

    16:28(RX) That was a fun one, although I would have liked it more if it was a 3 rounder. Lot of hard work goin on at the box tonight and Pepper I do expect sass from now on and I do not condone your use of the phrase Guns Up.
    Great work Sledge, I was extremely frightened you were going to get my time, you killed it, and Todd wins the best application of sunscreen today. You need to stop opening so many restaurants and work out with us more.
    Taz, your pull-ups looked good, great work.
    Johhny B, your determination is unmatched way to get through that one.
    Aida, all I hear are excuses, is that a requirement to be on the Reservoir Dogs? Shout out to Team POW! member Darlene for killin the double unders today! Wednesday 7 am POW! comes to dominate, it would be a treat to have the Silverback there to witness it.

  45. JohnnyB

    Thanks Coach G & Billdozer!
    Honestly, I’m always questioning myself why I am too slow… darn it! LOL
    Nevertheless, I’m a crossfitter… No whining & you won’t be hearing “I can’t do it!”
    Great Job! Zen,Taz,Sarge,T.I.,Ingrid & Bill! Everyday is a challenged for me.

  46. Big E

    great WOD – head almost burst into flames.
    Good job everyone – all looked intense on this one. Thanks G for pushing me to keep moving.