“Upload Heaven”

50 Push-Ups

  • 400m Run

50 Squats

40 Push-Ups

  • 400m Run

40 Squats

30 Push-Ups

  • 400m Run

30 Squats

20 Push-Ups

  • 400m Run

20 Squats

Post results to comments.

Sugahara DU 

Happy Birthday Chris "Sugahara"!  Hope you are enjoying it with family back in NYC.

53 Responses to ““Upload Heaven””

  1. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Chris! 14:32..thanks for the stretch Ramrod…tomorrow we shall be even closer ;)..POW!!

  2. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you Chris!
    22:?? C2G
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!

  3. Cody (DBL D)

    Toe, G told me to post I want 1 XL Team League shirt thanks! WOD this morning 21ish, can’t remember exact.

  4. Ramrod

    really enjoyed working with my original team the t cats today. And speedy thanks for the stretch as well. Tomorrow we become best friends lol

  5. Jared M

    Happy birthday Chris.
    17:11(rx) good to be back after a week. Now I just need to work on push ups.

  6. Freakin' PR !!!

    14:45… 1st round C2G push ups.
    Happy Bday Sugahara!

  7. Gina

    Happy Birthday Sugahara!! Enjoy the vacation!
    18:51 (kpu)
    Definitely felt the week-long vacation of sitting/eating bad food/sitting/driving/etc. Very good WOD to come back to!
    Thanks G for reminders on the squats – the stretch beforehand really helped.

  8. Crazy Carl

    16:59 (Rx, C2G)
    great job Ram and Speedy J, yall were flying through this WOD this morning. Wish i could have kept up better, but the push up demon grabbed a hold of me during that 3rd rd! Good work by all at 8:30 class.
    Happy B-day Chris.

  9. Nicole Disco D :)

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!!!
    20:42 kpu
    Good workout!!!!!!

  10. mario c

    mario c 22 or 23 or 24 something, I don’t remember. I was too busy calling everybody out and yelling and hollering and acting out with TI during and after the WOD. I think I drank too much Geritol before today’s WOD! I gotta start diluting the stuff.
    Scaled the WOD:
    200 meter shuffles
    15 squats each round

  11. Bobo

    16:01 RX.
    Nooners were too fast to keep up with. Great work guys!
    Got a new silverback i gotta share with ya.
    Sharks have a week dedicated to him.

  12. T.I.

    14:10 (Rx, First round C2G)
    Great job Wolverine! You know I’ll get you next time….

  13. Barbella (Sheryl)

    23:?? (KPU C2G)push ups felt like foreva~~

  14. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and God bless you Chris!
    22:?? C2G
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!

  15. Wolverine

    12:44(rx c2g)Come on and bring the hammer Sledge!One and only time to finish ahead of the mighty Silverback.Had to beat T.I. after you questioned my manhood yesterday not doing doubleunders.

  16. She-Ra

    Arnold, let me know as soon as you get your MU! Has anyone ever heard of walking with barbells?? Let me tell ya, it’s silly!
    5 rds
    40m OH walk (rds 1-3 125, rd 4 135, rd 5 140)
    30 WB (16#)
    40m Farmer walk (45# barbell)
    I hate wallballs.

  17. Sugahara

    Thanks everyone for all the great birthday wishes. I am looking forward to seeing you all in the box in a couple weeks.

  18. JohnnyB

    Thanks Coach G!
    Hernan, Ingrid, Zen, Kate,
    Jen W., Richard — good job guys!!

  19. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    21:54(1st 50 push ups C2G the rest reg p.u.)
    Nice to see you again H the B!!!!
    Jen W good job! Awesome work 4pm peeps!
    Thanks Coaches G and Jim!
    Happy Birthday Sugarhara!

  20. Bob

    20:46 Rx
    Good working out with 2 of my boys tonight!!
    Tammy, thanks for running with me on my 3rd 400m run.
    Congrats, Megan, Casey and Callie on your intro tonight!!

  21. TC

    I dont know about anyone else but i felt like I was doing this WOD while holding my breath!!!
    19.43 Rx
    Happy Birthday Chris!!

  22. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    21:15 (Rx, C2G)
    I felt a bit like Doug punched me in the shoulder after that one, even though he didn’t

  23. bryan g.

    on my second day of my “forced” rest week, i’ve gained five pounds. i don’t know how the algebra/physics/biology works out, but apparently 2lbs of m&m’s = 5 lbs of body fat. go figure.

  24. Pepper

    Bryan, we were wondering what happened to you. No extra burpees for the vamps for two days…it’s a record. We do miss you so hurry back! Chrissy lost her mojo and I ain’t helping her look for it. 🙂

  25. Pepper

    24:18 (1/2 kpu)
    Babs is definitely a rockstar! Good job vamps. It was nice meeting you John.

  26. Steve

    Happy Birthday Sugahara!
    This was a tough workout – needed lots of endurance. The stretches Jim made us do helped me a lot.
    17:48 RX
    Thanks for the push, Jim.

  27. Big E

    Good workout but could have done more than the 1/2 RX but then my head would have exploded – need a new one anyway. Thanks agent orange for the support. You’re still my hero but I wont state it here cause it will sound kinda creepy. Wow Pepper, good job on the push-ups!!!
    Bryan, hope to see you back even if it means bur-pees.

  28. G

    Awesome baseline today, Rigo, Callie, Casey and Megan!
    Welcome on your first WOD Mack, Audry and Shelly.
    Good to see Admiral, Toko, Meg, Speedy J, Jared M, Jack Rabbit, Wolverine, Kate, Gina, Valentin, Kyle, MadMax, Tammy M, April M, Sean S, Agent Orange and John O back in action.
    Playboy…those m&m’s will cost you lots of burpees!
    Rest day for me.

  29. Taz

    Ran this morning and did this WOD in the afternoon. ‘think I pulled my left hamstring.
    Happy Birthday Chris!

  30. Chad Blaylock

    In Baton Rouge this week for business. Went to Red Stick Crossfit.
    Push ups
    Sit ups
    KB 53/35
    Pushpress/jerk – 75/55
    30 minute max – did KB 35# and pushpress 75#. Pull ups with band. Timed out on round of 5.
    I’ll see ya’ll later this week!