Benchmark WOD: “Christine”

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 500m Row
  • 12 Dead Lift (BW)
  • 21 Box Jumps (24")

Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Conor!  That is how an overhead extension on a kettlebell swing with a neutral spine should look.  The weight is directly over his shoulder blades.  Conor demonstrates what we cue as "head through the window".  Nice work Conor!  Enjoy your birthday!

55 Responses to “Benchmark WOD: “Christine””

  1. Teach

    13:19 (Rx)
    Can’t believe there is existence before 7am 🙂 I witnessed it this morning!!
    Great working with the pacemakers! Big thanks to my partner, Jen C., for keeping me moving. I only looked focused because I was still asleep 😉

  2. Nicole Disco D :)

    Happy Birthday Conor!!!!!!!!

  3. Macho Ranger

    11.51 (Rx)
    Great work pacemakers. It was nice to see Teach in the house today!
    Way to work hard Dennis! Thanks for the push.
    Happy B-day Conor
    I will see you guys tonight. Busy evening at the box…

  4. Jen C

    15:48 (115#, 20″)
    This WOD was very deceiving…Thanks for the push Teach! G, thanks for the correction on the deadlift. Great work this morning everyone!

  5. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    13:58 Rx
    Thanks for the push Coach Jim! You know exactly what I needed.
    Happy birthday and God bless you Conor.
    Thanks G!

  6. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy Birthday Connor!
    Happy Crossfit Anniversary Darlene!

  7. Bobo

    Happy Birfday Conor!
    Nice swing. It would be perfect if you didn’t have the pusspaw gloves on. hehe.

  8. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    13:58 Rx
    Thanks for the push Coach Jim! You know exactly what I needed.
    Happy birthday and God bless you Conor.
    Thanks G!

  9. Conor

    Thanks for the b day wishes
    Sorry Grace I overslept today

  10. Jack Rabbit

    16:48 (115#)
    Not a fan of deadlifts but I did them. 😉 Great job 930 crew.
    Happy Bday Conor!
    Teach…you made it to the 530class??? I don’t believe it! Before the sun was up?? hehehe

  11. Lauren

    20:?? 95# 20″
    Forgot to write down my time! Seriously loving the pain though. Felt good to work with the bar. Rest time is lessening so I know I’m getting back to form. Still need to gain back muscle in my arms and shoulders but I’m putting a lot of emphasis on getting good amounts of protein. Nobody should ever take two months off. Thanks for the push Grace!

  12. Dolenga (agent orange)

    14:26 (195#)
    Should’ve rowed harder, should’ve lifted Rx, should’ve jumped quicker, but there’s always another day. Looking forward to the next one.

  13. Barbella (Sheryl)

    15:07 (95# 20″) I love to ROW…seriously. Grace, bare with me – I will get some form soon.

  14. Chad Blaylock

    16:33 (Rx) (My BW 175, Deadlifted 185)
    Glad to be back after 2 week break!
    This was my first WOD at Rx.
    Thanks Grace!!!

  15. Speedy J

    12:32 (Rx)…liked the push, good WOD

  16. Beast (aka JA)

    14:29 RX
    Thanks for the pre-WOD “counselling” Teach. Thanks G, Jim and of course Gatekeeper.
    Did I mention it’s RX? :o)

  17. Silverback

    10:56 (Rx @ 185)
    Busy night st the box. A lot of hard work goin’ on tonight. I thought maybe I had a chance at best Rx time for a whopping 20 minutes before Sledge shattered my time. I know, “dropping the hammer”…

  18. Silverback

    Forgot to say thanks to HeMan. Your rowing tips and guidance was invaluable. Many thanks!

  19. chrissy c

    21:30 (RX)
    Way to do the high jumps Genie!

  20. BB2

    Main Site Madness with the other BBs
    10 Rounds for time:
    10 Pullups
    10 Ring Dips
    10 Situps
    10 Squats
    16.29 Rx
    Gereat Job BB1 turning around and hammering our Christine after this WOD. BB4 and I had the luxury of doing Christine this morning.

  21. Nisha

    15:13 (135#, 20″)
    Good times at the 6:00 class, nice to see the regular crew…..
    Thanks to everyone who was yelling at me..needed the extra push by the 3rd round..
    kinda wished I would have tried RXing the deadlift weight but will have to leave that to the next time I meet with “Christine”…

  22. Dianna

    Someday I will deadlift a house. Probably sooner that than a box jump. What is life w/o goals? 135# 20″ boxstep. Waytogo 9:30 crew!

  23. Andrea aka Genie

    18:07 (RX)
    The box was taller than me! Way to go Chrissy on RX even though I could see you 2nd guessing yourself b4 we started. I knew you could do it!!
    Good job Beast!!

  24. Wolverine

    12:18 (rx) I did’nt feel like I had it for the workout, but got my 1st muscle-up tonight.Thanks Jim you are a great coach!

  25. Jen W

    19:20 (35, 20″) Better work out today. Thanks everyone in the 9:30 class this morning for the encouragement.

  26. T.I.

    13:45 (Rx 175#). Thanks Jim for helping me with my first muscle-up. Wolverine, you just couldn’t let me have one day of glory could you??

  27. Abbye Mac

    15:00 95DL 20
    I won’t see you guys till next thursday! Goin home to spend the 4th at the lake!
    Happy 4th of July!

  28. Freakin' PR !!!

    12:35 or 12:45 (Rx)…I hate when I have to weigh myself for a WOD…seriously!!!
    Short and sweet!!

  29. Julia

    14:16 (85#, 20″)
    As always, a great crew at 6:00 p.m. Loved the impromptu dance party!! Way to bust a move Nisha and Teach. Oh, and Sledge’s bootie bounce was amazing!!

  30. G

    Awesome baseline today Keith F! Welcome aboard!
    Also, welcome Matt and Tammy Benigni, who are visiting from West Point’s Black & Gold CrossFit.
    Congrats to the following who are now members of our Muscle Up Club (Jim’s is definitely The Best Coach on MUs):
    T.I. (aka, Kenny O)
    Wolverine (aka, Pat D)
    Brandon B
    Aaron D
    Good to see Easy Rider, Christine S, Sunshine, Tank, Chad B and Chad M back in action.
    Conor, I was hoping you’d come in the afternoon to get your birthday WOD. Glad to see you chime in, though.
    Jen C, you picked up on the form right away.
    Lauren, good thing your muslce memory is sharp. Way to go almost body weight on the DLs today!
    Chad B and S.O.S, nice work going beyond BW!
    Sean S, I’m your audience at the globo were mesmerized! Way to be accountable!
    Beastie Boys, the mainsite 10 rounder looks tough! Nice butterfly kips on your first round Jim!

  31. Sledge

    10:29 (Rx 180#)
    Silverback, you said it best brother.

  32. G

    11:29 (Rx @ 115) – Tried hard to be within five reps behind Silverback and thought I would catch him on DLs.
    Thanks for the push on the last round of row SOS! Jim, thanks for the push on the last set of box jumps. Man, I probably would have rested longer if I didn’t hear you yell from across the room.
    Kudos to the Buck Furpees for going hard core tonight during some portions of the Team League WOD out in the rain!

  33. G

    Barbella, your DL movement on the way down was corrected and you actually kept your form intact during the WOD. The DL weight was just right today.

  34. April M

    Great wod today! My best day so far…and it has come along way! Thanks to all the cheer crew for the push.

  35. Dub

    11:00(rx 170#)
    Thanks for all the cheering and dancing to keep my mind off the WOD!

  36. Keith Fogle

    Did Intro Benchmark today RX 6:36
    looking forward to more….

  37. Ruel

    16:59 Rx
    Thanks G for the push esp on my rows and my last set of DL…i was losing my core…
    Thanks Kyle for keeping up with my Box Jumps… I really wanted to rest at that time…
    and to the rest of 0930 guys…you all been great….
    I guess my weight helped thru this WOD as well…

  38. Andrea aka Genie

    18:07 (RX)
    The box was taller than me! Way to go Chrissy on RX even though I could see you 2nd guessing yourself b4 we started. I knew you could do it!!
    Good job Beast!!

  39. BB1

    double dip day.
    Main site 10 rounder: 19:32 RX.
    Christine: 12:09 (135).
    Did christine about fifteen minutes after the main site wod. That was an interesting experience. Hit a wall about halfway through the second round of Christine. Scaled from RX weight to 135, but was happy that my RX weight would have been down from 195 to 185. Cut out my midmorning yogurt and granola snack for three weeks and voila, ten pounds gone.
    Great work by the BB’s tonight. Glad you guys talked me into the double dip. Way to crush the main site wod BB2.
    Thanks for the push on Christine, everyone. I must have looked pretty pathetic judging by the crowd i had around me. hehe.
    Arms are raw from the ring dips. ouch.

  40. Beast (aka JA)

    Not pathetic JB…more like insane! ;o)
    Seriously, that was impressive.
    So did you go for that 6 mile run with a rain-soaked 20 lb vest after your double WOD?