“Happy B-day USA …belated”

For Time:

  • 800m Run
  • 50 Ring Push-ups 
  • 40 Pull-Ups
  • 30 KB Swings (53)(35)
  • 20 Burpees
  • 10 Curtis P's (105)(85)


8:30-9:30am, 9:30-10:30am

4:00-5:00pm, 5:00-6:00pm

6:00-7:00pm, 7:00-8:00pm

(No noon class today)

Post results to comments.


45 Responses to ““Happy B-day USA …belated””

  1. Freakin' PR

    16:07 (Rx)
    That was a tough one!! Awesome job fellow Dawgs…
    Way to hang in there G….and thanks for pushing me!! I needed that this morning…
    Awesome crew at 830!!

  2. JUDY

    22:01, 75#, 35KB, 1/2 ring 1/2 parallettes, 1/2inch band PUs. Beast, thanks for the push, you are a tough cookie! we make a great team, you did awesome! I am hurting so good rt now! =)

  3. Silverback

    16:57 ? (4 secs behind Toddzilla) (Rx)
    The Dawgs represented well today. I could’ve had a better time if I would’ve gone faster…

  4. Ramrod

    Nice seeing the entire box this morning at the 830 class.
    If there are no more cucumbers left blame silverback.. He was looking at them in a weird way..

  5. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    24:40 (Para Push-ups, 35KB, 65#)

  6. mario c

    mario c 16:35 Scaled to 1/2 of everything! (#35KB; #35 CP’s)

  7. mario c

    mario c 16:35 Scaled to 1/2 of everything! (#35KB; #35 CP’s)

  8. Nicole Disco D

    22:53 kpu,2″, 26#kb,55#CP’s
    This was alot harder then it looks…..
    Thanks for the push Tam !!!!! I felt like I was going to pass out or throw up. I was trying to push through it and not do either…

  9. Teach

    FACE!!!!!! Haha…love it :)For those of you who have had the pleasure of working out with Bob, you know why his nickname is FACE!

  10. chrissy C

    26:45 (Para Push-Ups, Thin White Band, 35#KB, 45#CPs)
    Have fun with this one tonight Vamps!
    Mar-the shades really helped me get through those push ups.
    Thanks for the push G!

  11. Beast (aka JA)

    I knew I should have worn shades too!
    Good job Judy! That 75# Curtis P. looked too easy on you. We do make a good team!
    Jim, as always, it’s a pleasure to be yelled at by you. ;o)
    22:58 30 ring PU only, 10 KPU and the rest with band, 35# KBS and 75# Curtis P. (again, you made me see stars Curtis).

  12. Billdozer

    21:07(RX) That one was no bargain, had a run in with one of silverback’s cucumbers afterwards, its quite a versatile vegetable.

  13. valentin (aka V.T)

    GREAT WOD…but the pull-ups were my biggest challenge they took a lot of me. thanks to my partner i was able to finish thanks for the push.

  14. TC

    24.05 Rx I under estimated the Curtis P’s!!!

  15. Summer

    21:25?( reg push ups,black band, 65#) great job by the 8:30 class. Thanks u Jen for cheering me on!!!

  16. josh p.

    27 and change. I was dragging ass for whatever reason, and this was no freaking joke. Thanks to TC, Gatekeeper, and JB for not letting me give up on the curtis p’s.

  17. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Thanks to Beast and Valentin for the encouragement!
    Great crowd this morning! Great job everyone!
    Thanks Jim and G!

  18. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Thanks to Beast and Valentin for the encouragement!
    Great crowd this morning! Great job everyone!
    Thanks Jim and G!

  19. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Way to stick with it Josh P.

  20. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Way to stick with it Josh P.

  21. Lauren

    27:16 white band, reg pushups, 45# 1/2 cps
    Huge thanks to G and Aaron for sticking by me and pushing me beyond my mental limitations. Having you guys in my head kept me going when I didn’t think I could. Did rip hands three times on the pull-ups… Oops. Applied liquid bandage at home. Obscenities were yelled.
    Awesome job 4pm class.

  22. Toddzilla

    I BEAT SILVERBACK BY 4 SECONDS!! Oops, i mean, i barely squeeked past the Silverback in a hotly-contested battle. Did that sound more humble and less boastful?
    Im looking forward to cheering on our ACF girlies on saturday.

  23. Gina

    18:39 (REGULAR pu (that’s a PR!!), band pullups, 35# kb, 55# cp)
    5pm class had to row 1000m due to torrential downpour. Good job everyone!

  24. Freakin' PR

    Girlies? We’re no girlies….Can’t wait!!!

  25. Taz

    25:?? (blk band; para PU’s; 35# KB & Curtis P’s)
    Way to push it partner Logan & thanks for the breathing tips. “Side Stitch” paid me an unexpected visit halfway thru my burpees. Had to cut back on my weights with Curtis. Great job to all 4pm gang.

  26. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    24:32 rx

  27. JohnnyB

    27:16 (53#KB; 95#CP)
    Thanks Coach G & Sarge for pushing me to end! I fought hard! dang! LOL
    Great Job everyone!!

  28. Chad Blaylock

    33:23 (band, 35#, 85#)
    It took me 12:30 on Curtis P’s alone! Grace, tell whoever Curtis P is; that he can kiss my a$$!!!!!

  29. Dianna

    29:55 I think?
    During my 2months in the box I have never ever wanted to bail. This time if not for Wolverine and Zen I would have QUIT. Thanks guys for not letting me suck any worse. band pullups, kpu, 35kb, 55#. What cursing?

  30. Babs

    reg. push-ups, 2″ band, 26# KB, 45# CP

  31. Pepper

    21:14 Reg PU, RR, 30#kb, 35#CP…could have gone heavier…not sure why I didn’t.
    Billy…that is what you call fun? I’m concerned….
    Dar, awesome job pushing yourself. Big E, you are getting better every time…high five. Good seeing you Bryan. I’m sure you will be feeling better and smarting off in no time.

  32. Dar

    25 something, I think. [20ringpu, the rest reg, kip, 35#, 65#CP]
    Thanks Pepper. After I recovered from the burpees, the last five CPs weren’t too bad. Next time we should both go heavier. =)

  33. Ruel

    23:15(35KB, 45CP)
    cp really killed me today.. my wrists hurts so bad when i clean…had flexibilty issues but i’m working on it…thanks Coach Jim for the pointers on my ring PU(never done this routine b4)… but i made thru… and G…thanks for hanging in there on my CP.. i was struggling bad… i’ll do better next time…. 0830 crew were awesome…u all are an inspiration…. hope we get to ur level performance…and Fred hope ur nose feels better..u did well today, man!

  34. D-Mena

    24 and change (Rx accept for the last couple of pullups… had to use one of the small bands) That was a doozie. Good job to Rigo! Not bad for the first WOD!
    Buck Furpees will reign with tomorrow’s team WOD. Bring it!

  35. Jen C

    24:45 (I think)…(24 para/26 kpu,green band, 65# CP)
    Thanks Summer for the encouragement! This was one tough WOD! Curtis P will not be on my Christmas card list this year!

  36. G

    18:40 (Rx) – I’d like to echo Silverback….should have gone faster!
    Thanks for partnering with me Aida. Glad I was able to help you push the envelope this morning.
    Our second heat ran the 800m fast – lots of folks made it before 3:35. Way to hang by my tail the entire 800meter Summer!
    Great job by all! All your efforts don’t get passed unnoticed. “Curtis Ps” are always going to be a mind challenge.
    Chad B, haha! We can send him a post card.

  37. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Thanks to Beast and Valentin for the encouragement!
    Great crowd this morning! Great job everyone!
    Thanks Jim and G!

  38. H the B

    23:16? RX
    good to work with such a big group. JP you did a great job today. Way to fight through it.

  39. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Way to stick with it Josh P.

  40. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    22:17 (parallet p.u.,black band,35#,55#) Miscalculated my weights, I thought I did 65# then I realized after the WOD that I did 55# (and I thought I PR’ed 🙁 oh well still kicked my butt!
    thanks Ate Chit for being my partner! Ivannah thanks for cheering me on!
    Glad to see you back Lauren and Christine!
    Marlon – Nice to have you at 4pm!
    awesome work 4pm group! Dianna – you’re funny! Thanks G<3
    Good night=)

  41. Sarge

    30 and some change. Thanks Johnny for the push!! (1/2 inch band, 40# kb, 65# CP)