The following Atomic CrossFit female athletes are participating in the CrossFit Houston Girls Only Summer Challenge on Saturday, July 10th: 

Heat 2:  Stephanie Last (aka Arnold)


Heat 4:  Grace Patenaude (aka G)

Heat 5:  Teresa Self (also a trainer at CFKaty)


             Famela Urcia (aka Famelicious)

Fam BW Original Size

Heat 6:  Heather Dusek (aka HD)


              Aida Koepplinger (aka Freak'n PR)


              Katalin Self


Heat 7:  Katie Swan (aka Jack Rabbit)


Heat 8:  Andrea Moore (aka Genie)


              Mimi Tadesse 


              Sharon Techiera (also owner of CF Caveman Kids)

The event will be held outdoors, Rain or Shine!!!!

Event Location:  Eastwood Academy (behind Jack In The Box)

1315 Dumble St, Houston, TX 77023

**One Block away from CrossFit Houston**

Briefing:  7:30am SHARP

1st WOD:  8am SHARP

Expect a long day – bring tents, umbrellas, mosquito repellent, food,
snacks, beverages, etc.  All we are providing is water for competitors!

9 Responses to “Announcement”

  1. Beast (aka JA)

    Great looking, strong crossfit chicks!

  2. Noel Gomez

    Sucks that I can’t make this one. I do hope to see great photos!

  3. Speedy J

    Go get em!! Step-daughters are here and husband has Jiu-Jitsu tourney…capture the moment!

  4. toddsky

    Today was a good time. Good job to all of our crossfit girls. Great showing for those last wods, Heather, Sharon and Stephanie!! Ya’ll left it all out there!!
    However, I am pretty disappointed that we got shoo-ed off the field to root on OUR teammate to finish her LAST round of her LAST wod.
    That ain’t right and that ain’t coo.

  5. JohnnyB

    Great Job y’all!! Pretty impressive!!
    Where’s Summer ….”MIA” you said you’re competing?!
    Anyways, Kudos everyone!!

  6. JUDY

    Girl power! yall did great! So inspired that I signed up for the “Bring the Heat, Scaled Women” on Aug 14, 2010 @ Crossfit Katy…can’t wait!!! =)

  7. Lauren

    Loved cheering on our firebreather chicks today. Great job by all, you guys really left it all on the floor. Huge congrats to Arnold for sticking it out through all four WODs and pushing herself through that brutal fourth round of push presses and sled drags. It was awesome and inspiring to see.

  8. G

    The WODs in a competitive environment outside our box definitely gave all our female participants this weekend an experience that stays with them. The first WOD was tough and that’s the way CrossFit is….unkown and the unknowable. Just do it because you are A CROSSFITTER! All of you ladies, including myself :), left it all out there and that’s what makes you all special!
    Stephanie (Arnold), I don’t know why tears came out of your eyes when you finished because all I know for sure is that you did GREAT! I saw the amazing ACF warrior in you!
    Also, a million thanks to a lot of ACF supporters who came out to watch and cheer! We remember who you are and the support doesn’t go by unnoticed! THANK YOU!

  9. G

    Katie, we are thinking about you and hope your knee feels better soon!