Tabata Row (K/Cal)

Rest 1 minute

Tabata Squat

Rest 1 minute

Tabata Pull-Up

Rest 1 minute

Tabata Push-Up

Rest 1 minute

Tabata Sit-Up

The Tabata Interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals.

Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals.

Post Tabata score for each exercise to comments and the total for for final score.

(e.g.; 10,22,9,15,15 = 71)

Ian Morell PullUp

Ian Morell, athlete from our 8:30 crew, goes over the bar to meet our standard for the range of motion on pull-ups.  The chin must be vertically on top of the plane of the bar to achieve our gold standard.

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding the CF Houston Girls Only Summer Competition later today.  The Saturday class will be held as usual but there will not be a Team League WOD, just a regular team/partner WOD for the weekend warriors.

(photo courtesy of Gatekeeper)

49 Responses to ““TABATA THIS””

  1. sharon

    CrossFit Houston’s Girls Only Summer Challenge
    Sat, July 10th
    The event will be held outdoors, Rain or Shine!!!!
    Packet Pickup: Fri, July 9th; 4pm – 7:00pm
    CrossFit Houston
    716 Telephone Rd, Houston TX 77023
    Event Location: Eastwood Academy (behind Jack In The Box)
    1315 Dumble St, Houston, TX 77023
    **One Block away from CrossFit Houston**
    No Race Day packet pickup
    (you will NOT be allowed to participate if your packet is not picked up on Friday, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made!)
    Briefing: 7:30am SHARP
    1st WOD: 8am SHARP
    Expect a long day – bring tents, umbrellas, mosquito repellent, food, snacks, beverages, etc. All we are providing is water for competitors!
    Movements involve: Deadlift, KettleBell Swings, Dumbbell PushPress, Sled Drag, Rowing, Farmers Carry, Burpees, Sled Pull, Ball Slam, PVC OH Squat, Box Jump Over, Shuttle Run, SandBag Carry and Running/Sprint

  2. Callum

    Me + Tabata= SUCKS, to many numbers for my country a@#

  3. Jen C

    4+13+5+8+10=40 (Green band, kpu)
    Shoulders dead…can barely lift arms.
    Good Luck to the ladies participating in the Summer Challenge tomorrow! I will be there cheering you on!

  4. Callum

    Thank you Ben. I am to please and bring joy to people of THE Atomic Crossfit.


    Good Luck !!! to all the ACF ladies competing tomorrow in Crossfit Houston’s Summer Challenge.

  6. caci

    I don’t remember all of the numbers but my total score was 37.Great job everyone. Nice to meet the newbies.

  7. Pepper

    Thanks JB for the time-waster. Can’t leave the house while the plumber fixes a leak, so this is just what I need. Brings back memories that somehow did not seem as funny then. 🙂

  8. Freakin' PR

    I thought I was going to go “lite” today, but my competitive spirit won…I’ll just get some good rest today and I should be good tomorrow
    4-16-8-10-10 = 48 (Rx)
    Nice to meet you Adelina…great job on your 2nd WOD!!

  9. Barbella

    Good Luck Tomorrow you strong Women!
    4-11-5-7-9 = 36 (RR & KPU)
    500m row at the end

  10. Ian

    6-15-5-10-8=44 RX
    from 54 last time to 44 this time, need to get back on better diet

  11. Bobo

    6-14-5-7-10=42 RX.
    fell off the table on the pull ups and push ups. Should have paced a little better. Went from 14 to 7 on the pushups and from 9 to 5 on the pull ups. and the pushups weren’t that pretty either.
    Great time joining the nooners today.
    yeah, i was looking through that website realizing how many of those things i did. my parents always said that I would have a child just like me…I’m scared!

  12. Sarah

    3, 13, 5, 6, 13= 40 (ring rows and reverse plank?? instead of situps)
    Made it through the Tababta with some modifications for the preggo, but it was fun. Tiring, but fun. I got my heart monitor Grace!!

  13. Sarah

    That website is hilarious, but lucky I never did anything like that to my parents house or myself…now I just need to check with Billy to see if I our child will be payback 🙂

  14. Nicole Disco D:)

    That was a hard wod but good!!!
    Good luck to the Atomic Ladies. I wish I was able to go to cheer you on… I have to go out of town.
    JB that was good. That is why I never say never about my kids……..

  15. SOS

    Good job 4 o’clock class!

  16. dianna

    I musta been in the restroom when G explained how this ciabatta thing works…
    I will be at work tomorrow whilst ye fine brave wenches carry out your noble quest. Vanquish the competitors and consign them to burpee hell!!!!!

  17. Rosie

    Good luck to all the Ladies this wknd!
    Arthur: 4 18 0* 10 10=42
    Rosie: 4 15 8 10 10=47
    *tking a break = 0
    Thnx for the push,G!

  18. Dub

    I am down for both mud runs, let me know who is getting them together. Good luck ladies, we will be there to cheer you on!

  19. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    44 (4-15-5black band-10-10) thanks for the push Taz!
    Nice seeing you at 4 April: )
    Rock the house tomorrow ACF chicks!!!

  20. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    5,10,4,6,10 = 35 (Rx)

  21. Gina

    44 (green band, knee) don’t remember the numbers, but it wasn’t pretty. I must have been in lala land when Grace gave the ‘don’t try to max out at the beginning… would have made push-ups a lot prettier!
    Nice to meet you Marisol – you did great!! Thanks for counting & the encouragement.

  22. April

    4-12-4-8-11 Total 39 I’ve lost some points since the February workout–I can feel the lack of consistency on my part today–this should be just enough to reel me back in.
    Judy thank you for yelling at me–Jen and Tess great to see you today.
    Can’t wait to cheer our strong chicks on in the morning.

  23. TC

    Takickmyass……this one was tough, thanks for not letting me stop SOS!!! Nice work 4pm class!!!!!

  24. TC

    Takickmyass….Man this showed me where I need work!!! Thanks for not letting me stop SOS, way to work 4pm class!!!
    Good luck to all the ACF ladies competing tomorrow!!!!!

  25. T.I.

    5-18-6-12-11=52 (Rx)
    Thanks for the push Wolverine.

  26. Teach

    Sorry I missed this today! I’m so bummed 🙁 Overslept this morning by about 5 minutes and couldn’t make the afternoon classes.
    So as punishment, I made myself run 3 miles in the 90 degree heat while pushing Ansley in a stroller. She got to sip on ice water and enjoy the breeze…me not so much! I would have much rather done a tabata WOD.
    Good luck to the ladies tomorrow!!! Kick ass and don’t bother taking any names 🙂

  27. Ramrod

    6-20-8-11-10 = 55rx
    I will see everyone tomorrow! And awesome job POW 🙂

  28. Silverback

    47 (Rx) – I lost my piece of paper between the box and home and I don’t remember the breakout. I screwed myself out of 1 point because I mistimed the revs of kcals on the last set of rower. This was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Pull-ups fell off the chart on later rounds.

  29. Silverback

    Forgot to give kudos to Team POW. You guys rocked the team WOD. It was fun to be your judge and watch you guys tear through the workout. Sorry Darlene that I didn’t count some of your wall balls…

  30. Wolverine

    6-15-6-12-10=49rx I’m glad you crushed me by three T.I., one would have pissed me off.Ramrod, that is amazing after just finishing your team WOD!

  31. chrissy c

    4-15-4-7-10=40 (thin white band on pull ups)
    Thanks Bryan!!
    Babs – don’t forget the 900 singles!
    Pepper – found my Mojo!
    Good luck this weekend ladies – kick some atomic butt!

  32. Nisha

    4-10-4-7-9 = 34 (green band)
    sucky # but first time doing Tabata so now I at least know what I need to do better next time…(everything!!!)
    Arms totally gave out during the push-ups…but first time on the green band so I guess that is a small amount of progress 🙂
    Way to hang in there Abbye…and Julia, your squats rocked 🙂

  33. Julia

    3-15-4-10-11=43 (beige band, knees)
    Thanks for cheering/counting Chad and Callie!! I really liked Tabata!
    I’m down for the Warrior Dash!
    Can’t wait to cheer the Atomic Ladies on in the morning!!

  34. Speedy J

    Good job team…POW! Thanks Silverback…good luck to all the ladies tomorrow, wish I could be there!!

  35. Jack Rabbit

    Awesome job Team POW! You guys are a tough crew!

  36. Dar

    35 – don’t remember the breakdown. Need to work on my pushups!!
    Great job POW! And special thanks to Silverback for judging. You did good. =)
    Looking forward to cheering ACF ladies in the morning!

  37. Jen W.

    3-12-5(ring rows)7-9 = 36
    Today was a tough workout but it felt great to finish. Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow.

  38. Keith Fogle

    second WOD — it can only get better..
    3+11+1+6+7 = 28 RX

  39. Taz

    4+15+5+10+9= 43 (1/2 band)
    Your funny Dianna and TC. Great job Zen! Nice to see you too, April.

  40. Abbye Mac

    36- Thats all I can remember…too many numbers! Thanks for the push Nisha!
    Good Luck to everyone competing today! I would love to be there…but I’m at work 🙁

  41. JUDY

    46…Thanks April for smacking me around, we work well together =)
    good luck ladies! I’ll join yall next time, guess I should read the posts everyday, I keep missing out on when to sign up!

  42. Chad Blaylock

    32 – forgot the individual numbers. Push ups and pull ups killed my numbers.