“Tropic Thunder”

4 Person teams (split into 2 pairs of partners)


Perform the following for time:


50m Buddy Carry

25 Pull-ups (Scaled Women – Jumping Pull-ups)

50m Buddy Carry

25 Wall Ball (20)(14) – (14)(10)

50m Buddy Carry

25 Cal Row (scaled\potluck teams can sub SDHP 75/55)

50m Buddy Carry

25 Push-ups (C2G)

50m Buddy Carry

25 Dead Lifts (155)(95) – (115)(65)

50m Buddy Carry

Once both pairs complete the last buddy carry, as a team
(cumulative) using one set of dumbbells for the men (35) and one for the women
(25), complete 60 “Renegade Man-Makers”

Partners must alternate “carriers”. All teammates must complete
the sets of 25 before moving to the next buddy carry. All teammates can work
simultaneously where equipment allows…each team will have 2 rowers, 2
wall-balls, 2 barbells and 2 sets of Dumbbells.

Chris b

Chris B has an awesome intense look on his face during a WOD!   Nice! Straightening the arm will ensure that one does not pull from the arms during a power clean movement.  The momentum created from lifting  the bar from the ground should come from one fluid dead lift movement to an explosive opening of the hip.  (photo courtesy of Gatekeeper).

9 Responses to ““Tropic Thunder””

  1. Wolverine

    Thanks for stepping in on a couple hours of sleep TC.You were smokin’. Another great WOD Jim! Nice face Chris.(I should be the last to talk) Pirates arrgh!

  2. Silverback

    Good job today Team Slappy Ass (i.e SOS, Tammy and Lauren), we worked hard until the very end.

  3. TC

    Wolverine, and pirates thanks for having me today, was awesome working with you guys today!!!!
    The undie run will be Saturday August 21, and Jen and I will be having a cookout after. Here is the website to sign up!

  4. Teach

    Arnold – I think these are the weights…
    Fran – 65#
    Grace – 95#
    Helen – 1 pood (?)
    Someone correct me if I’m wrong!! Looked like a fun on this morning 🙂
    BTW – Kristan Clever…205 overhead this morning..sheesh…

  5. JUDY

    do i smell a c-o-n-spiracy? …great job pirates!
    anyone interested in joining me tomorrow @ open gym, 8am, I plan on doing WOD #3: Ball Slams, Box Jump Overs, KB Swings- from the 2010 CrossFit Houston’s Girls Only Summer Challenge. (21-15-9)

  6. She-Ra

    Amanda 17:20 RX
    Def not games material, luckily i have a year 🙂

  7. Ray

    Silverback – funny seeing you by kroger today. Wish we weren’t busy, we could have pulled you over

  8. Noel (SKIP)

    OMG, the CF Games are just as exciting as the World Cup! I just 10 heats of men and women pouring their blood, sweat, and other bodily fluids all over the stadium………then the CF Officials pretty much said, “oh yeah guys, we’re gonna add another WOD tonight”. The Viscosity!!