Happy Birthday Sharon T.!!

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  1. Taz

    Happy Birthday Coach Sharon…from Erin, Ethan, Tess and Eddie.

  2. Dar

    Hey Sharon – would have wished you a happy birthday this morning if I would have known. Nice way to start it with a good workout! Hope you have an awesome birthday!!

  3. Dub

    Happy birthday Sharon! Hope you have a great day

  4. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Bday again Sharon!
    Judy and I did WOD #3 from the Women’s Comp.
    21-15-9 of 12# ball slams, 17″ box jump overs and 35# KB swings. 5:54
    Great job Judy and thanks Gatekeeper for keeping time. Practiced my pull-ups after.

  5. JUDY

    Hey Beast, thanks for joining me in the WOD#3 and gatekeeper for being our time keeper =). 14# BS, 18″Bx, 35KB, 6:28. I should be there next Sunday, if you’re around let’s figure our another wod. Also practiced kipping PUs after.

  6. Noel (SKIP)

    Happy Birthday Sharon!
    Deadlift-PR’d @ 275lb! (jumping on the couch)
    Originally, my old PR was 205 and so I stopped at 245lb but Billy and Ramrod told me to keep going, so I listened.
    Then I tried to do Karen, unfortunately could only do 130 in 12minutes (20# WB). The highlight of that WOD is that I am usually limited to 14# WB. First time throwing 20# more than once. But that damn wall was in the way.

  7. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    Happy birthday, Sharon!
    Benchmark WOD “Fran”
    9:51 (65)

  8. Lauren

    Happy B-Day Sharon! Great pic.
    Everyone watching the last wod tonight?

  9. Babs

    Hope your day is extra special, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON!

  10. Billdozer

    Happy Birthday Sharon!
    Nice job today Skip, I knew you weren’t ready to stop

  11. RamRod

    happy bday sharon 🙂
    and skippy you the man homie! and nice work POW!

  12. Gab

    I have noticed this WOD on a prior post and I’m not sure I understand how to do it.
    Can someone help me?
    Every minute, on the minute 5 burpees
    Then complete
    25 Thrusters (55#)
    50 kb swings (26#)
    50 weighted squat jumps (26#)
    25 sumo deadlier high pulls (55#)
    I don’t think it is possible to perform these exercise in a minute. I think it’s Jen C who takes this WOD from 210 crossfit.

  13. Bobo

    Happy birfday Sharon!
    5k row: 20:00.9.
    Second attempt at sub 20. Blast!

  14. Lauren

    Gab, I believe it’s five burpees every minute on the minute, and after 5 burpees you use the remainder of the minute to work towards completing the other exercises. That’s why it’s one round and you’re not going heavy, the evil part would be having to knock out those burpees, and FAST.

  15. Gab

    Thank you LAuren, I’ll try this WOD tomorow

  16. T.I.

    Happy Birthday Sharon!! I hope you had a great day!!

  17. Andrea aka Genie

    happy belated birthday Sharon! Hope you had a great day!

  18. Andrea aka Genie

    happy belated birthday Sharon! Hope you had a great day!

  19. sunshine

    happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to sharon, happy birthday to you. (with instrumental assistance from a kazoo in my office).

  20. Andrea aka Genie

    happy belated birthday Sharon! Hope you had a great day!

  21. Jen C

    Gab, Lauren is correct. You have 1 bar and 1 kb for the entire WOD. Rx was 95/65 for the thrusters/SDHP and ?/44 for the kb/weighted squat jumps. Sorry, I cannot remember the men’s Rx for kb. I had the 35#kb but had to scale down b/c I couldn’t lift it after burpees and thrusters…
    Are you planning on trying this one out?