Benchmark WOD: “Amanda”

(CrossFit Games 2010 WOD #1)

9 – 7- 5 reps, for time of:


Squat snatch (135)

Post results to comments.

CFGames 2010 Ring HSPU

Ring Handstand Push-Ups (photo courtesy of CrossFit Games 2010).  Just when you think you got Handstand Push-Ups…..CrossFit comes up with a little bit more challenge in a WOD just to get you to work even harder.

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43 Responses to “Benchmark WOD: “Amanda””

  1. Macho Ranger

    C-Note, maybe I can catch you on a workout now 😉
    Take care of yourself and your family…you guys have had a rough stretch lately. All my best to Katie
    17 and change. 85# [Muscle-ups Full Turn out]
    Really focused on form today and catching at the bottom of the squat.
    Spealler did this in 3 minutes and change @ 135# Insane. That’s why he’s a pro…and I am not.

  2. Billdozer

    Can’t wait to give this a shot, hopefully the shoulder holds up today. I’m just glad we aren’t doing helen on steroids today, that’s too much work for a monday.
    Ben, tell Katie we will all be praying for a swift recovery! As for the steak knife in your foot, I wish you could have video taped that reaction.

  3. dianna

    34:19 gbpullups and dips. 35# Not really controlling it on the squat snatch but too light for the power snatch. This was a really fun technique to learn. Too bad I still can’t do a pullup.

  4. Noel (SKIP)

    15:?? (Green Band, box dips, 65#)
    It was pretty fun. Sweaty…but fun.

  5. Bobo

    11:18? (115, no turn-out muscle-ups)
    gonna start working on that turn out sunday.
    Glad you BB2 talked me into 115.

  6. Barbella

    15:30 (2″ band,ParaDips,35#)
    All just plain U-G-L-Y
    But this was a first on the ‘big girl’ pull up bars.

  7. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    18:37 (PU/Ring dips, 85#)

  8. Gina

    13:02 (gr band, elevated dips, 45#)
    great WOD to come back to! Should have gone up on weight, but focused on form.
    Nice to meet you Lisa – thanks for counting!
    Katie – good luck on surgery, we’ll miss you in the box.

  9. Teach

    9:23 (Games Rx – 95# Snatch and full turnout on MUs)
    This would have put me 8th in this event at the games! 🙂
    Thanks for the push Nooners, great seeing you guys again!!
    I tried keeping up with Bravo and I stayed with him until Grace said “3-2-1 GO!”… JB – way to fight for those squat snatches.
    G and Jim – thanks for the push today, I needed it!

  10. Teach

    C-Note – take care of that foot and tell Katie I’ll be praying for her tomorrow!!

  11. Nicole Disco D:)

    11:33 (35#,para/2″)
    Good Luck Katie on your surgery…..

  12. mario c

    mario c 11:46 SCALED to 7-5-3
    pull ups/parallet dips with feet on ground; #35 squat snatch)

  13. Lauren

    15:20 (35#, band PUs/para dips) Went light but form was pretty good all the way through and there was little rest. I wanted sub-12 but just was not moving fast enough. The 3-3 breakup of pull ups and dips was really nice, arm/shoulder fatigue was minimal.
    Congrats to Barbella, first wod with pull-ups and you cranked out 64 of them!
    Seriously awesome job to Teach, who wrecked this wod, and Ansley, who got a good mental workout trying to learn how the whiteboard works.

  14. Josh P.

    19:00 (9/7 pull-ups and para dips, 5 thin band pull-ups (hand was ripped open at this point) and para dips. 95# Squat snatch. Good to be back after a week away.

  15. Teach

    Thanks Lauren! Ansley was just as sweaty as we were after this WOD!
    Forgot to thank Juan Timberlake, Jim and G for keeping an eye on her while the WOD was going on!!! She really wanted to write the times on the whiteboard today when we were done 🙂

  16. Speedy J

    14:00 (ring pull-ups/dips) 65#…new summer goal, muscle ups! Thanks Keith for wishes Katie!

  17. Vegas

    10:55(Pull-Ups/Ring Dips–75#)
    I second Speedy J on the summer goal

  18. Chad Blaylock

    I really struggled on this one. I should have known that a WOD named after my ex-wife was a b!tch!
    28:34 or 43??? (65#, 1″band & Ring Dips)
    Thanks to Billy and Grace for pushing me! See ya’ll in a week.

  19. TC

    WOW…. this one killed me!!!!
    14.40 jumping MU, 135 squat snatch.
    Thanks for the push Silverback, and Billy!!!!

  20. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    12:35 (75#/jumping MUs)

  21. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    16:33 (Pull-up/Para dip; 65# Snatch & OHS)
    Too clumsy for squat snatch. Use this as opportunity to work technique for snatch & OHS. Feeling more confident w/ snatch…OHS still a work in progress!

  22. Babs

    13:15 (green bans, elevated dips, 35#)
    Nice to meet all the new people.

  23. Mogi

    pull ups and ring dips w/ box
    sasquatch – 65#

  24. dianna

    ummm… I think it was 19:34. Not 34:19. just sayin’ 34:19 wouldn’t have been near as fun.

  25. Billdozer

    I completely butchered this one, got 5 muscle ups then almost seperated my shoulder I think….then I attempted another 40 muscle ups….then I went over to the bar for a rep….then I walked around and eventually I couldn’t even pull myself up on the rings.
    Good job Mattew Luther, even though I thought you were gonna tear the entire structure down, you dazzled me today.
    Next time I will listen to you Grace. Just goes to show you, no matter how long you do this stuff you can still have a frustrating day.

  26. Noel (SKIP)

    I know I am making a late comment, been away from a computer all day.
    I forgot to mention, thanks to Ralph for counting me down. I think he should be called “Animal” or “Grizzly Bear” or something because he goes all out in the WODs and pushes his limits!

  27. G

    21:24 (65#, Jumping MUs/Ring Pull-Ups & Ring Dips) – Thanks for the push Silverback, He-Man and Billdozer. He-man, awesome playlist!
    After jumping down to the ground off the rings kept irritating my left toe that got hit by the falling 55lb KB from the summer competition. So had to switch to Ring Pull-Ups/Ring Dips. I love full snatches! Just gotta get those MUs! Can’t wait to grow “younger” like Teach <3.
    Billdozer, no worries. Live to fight another day!

  28. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Habib!
    Good to see Gina, Tim, Callie, Mogi, Racing Ray, Major, Christine and Sunshine back in action.
    Chad B, LOL! Way to fight through it today, btw.
    Your welcome Toe! Wouldn’t have suggest more weights if you look like you couldn’t handle it.
    Dianna, yes….34 minutes would not feel as much fun as your actual 19 minutes today.
    Congrats on your 2 consecutive strict Muscle-Ups Peter! You are now in the Muscle-Up Club in our Leader Board.
    Also, congrats on your kipping pull-ups Ian M!
    C-Note, I can certainly empathize on the foot problem but mine was just a mere 1.5 pood Kettle Bell and not some heavy duty sharp object. Jack Rabbit, hoping for a speedy recovery after the procedure. Take care for now guys!

  29. She-Ra

    wwwoowwww Teach, ur the greatest!! U should have been there

  30. big e

    17:34 killer wod 4 me. Did a few too many on the 1st rep. But oh well, better than not enough. Thanks G and Billy for the encouragement. We’ll meet again Amanda!

  31. Jen C

    15:24 (green band, para w/box, 45#)
    Thanks G for pushing me to get the squat snatch down. Great work 6p class!

  32. Keith Fogle

    18:46 Pullups, Dips (with bars) #45 for snatch and overhead squats.
    First time to do overhead squats in class, –looking forward to improving this!

  33. Andrea / Genie

    15:30 (pull-ups/box assisted ring dips, 55#)
    Sorry Billy for driving you crazy! I am just like a lil kid back in school wanting to be perfect but in a “brain fart” kind of way! I just lose it once time starts! But I got it together by the 2nd round!! Great to see each and every hour growing at The Box!

  34. sharon

    17:03 – 65#; box assist ring dips and pull ups

  35. Gab

    I did that WOD from 210 crossfit,
    25 Thrusters (95)
    50 Kb Swings (40)
    50 weighted jump squats (40)
    25 SDHP (95)
    10:42 Rx plus, I hurted my back with the SDHP, but not enough to perform 150 burpees.
    Thanks Jen C for this workout. It was fun.

  36. Christine Sicam

    15:48 (green band, para w/box, 45#)