CFGames 2010 Event 6b

(CrossFit Games 2010 Individual Event 6, part b)

Three Rounds For Time:

30 Toes-to-Bar

21 Ground to Overhead (95/65)

Post results to comments.

Regina overhead

Happy Birthday Regina!

(photo courtesy of Gatekeeper)

65 Responses to “CFGames 2010 Event 6b”

  1. Babs

    Hope your day is extra special – Happy Birthday Regina!

  2. Andrea / Genie

    Happy Birthday Regina! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Macho Ranger

    Toes-to-bar suck. Finally figured them out on my last set…..

  4. Noel (SKIP)

    Happy Birthday Regina!
    Decided to sit this one out. My hamstrings are sore and I spent about an hour last night shaving down my calluses on my hands; I am NOT going to let effort go to waste!
    I would like see a wall built for climbing over. I think those “Wall Burpees” were awesome.

  5. Speedy J

    Happy B-Day Regina! Ran 4 miles this morning…will try to make an evening class.

  6. toddsky

    17 something. My hands are complete hamburger meat. They haven’t fully healed from tabata. I wish I liked using gloves.

  7. Nicole Disco D:)

    Happy Birthday Regina Super Strong Laday!!!!!
    17:09 (55#,1/2knee-up,1/2v-ups)

  8. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy Birthday Regina!
    Hope to be back soon! Miss the box πŸ™

  9. Ruel

    Happy Birthday, Regina!!!
    19:51 (75#)
    Thanks for the Push G…Wrists getting better..

  10. Silverback

    Great news C-Note! Take care of our fellow Dawg!

  11. Andrea / Genie

    My prayers are with you all C-note! Thanks for the update and may her recovery be nice, quick, and smooth for an ever stronger return! Miss you Katie!!

  12. Crazy Carl

    15:07 (85#)
    Great to be back grinding it out in the box. 2 weeks of vacation was entirely too long to be away from ACF. Watching the Crossfit Games this past weekend really inspired me to get better at this crazy hobby we all love so much.Good work to everybody in the 8:30 and 9:30 classes, motivation was high in the box this morning.
    Happy B-day Regina!

  13. Barbella

    17:30 (mainly knee ups,55#) “Man Hands” here I come…ugh…I mean “yea!”

  14. Ramrod

    12:46 rx
    epic battle with bobo today going rep for rep to the very end. he was able to edge me out by about half a second. Bobo also is the founder of the new caveman style “snerk” movement. my new favorite lift lol. thanks G for the push i think you helped both of us! good job nooners!
    Get well katie!
    Happy birthday Regina!

  15. Bobo

    12:45 RX.
    epic battle with ramrod today. first, and probably last time i get to type that.
    had the toes to bar figured out on the first round, but couldn’t string more than five together after that.
    first round of ground to over head was a mixture of clean and press, clean and jerk, and snatch. rounds two and three were all caveman snerks. sorry G.

  16. Dar

    19:38I think (RX)
    First time with the nooners today. Great group!!
    Thanks G for the tape lesson – goodbye gloves!
    Thanks JB and Old Hickory for that last push. Can’t tell you how much I needed it!

  17. Summer

    Happy birthday Regina!!!
    Worked out at Crossfit Albuquerque 1-10 ground to overhead anyway u can get there RX was 95# I did 75# in between sets u did Cindy 5 pull-ups( black band), 10 push-ups, 15squats, my time was 27:40.

  18. Teach

    13:44 (Rx)
    Couldn’t quite get a rhythm going on the toes-to-bar πŸ™ But I was the grand master of the “snerk”!
    Fun working out with the nooners today! Ansley had fun again πŸ™‚ She even finished the WOD in 7:01…it’s crazy… πŸ™‚

  19. dar

    Happy birthday Regina!
    Wishing you a speedy recoveryKatie!

  20. Sarah

    “Mommy Helen”: 17:06
    400m walk
    20 one arm kb swings (18kg)
    12 ring rows
    This was fun even though I can’t push myself to go fast. I ran the last 200m because fast walking is just boring, but my heartrate just gets too fast! Talked with Grace and maybe I will be able to run more, just have to take it slow when I get back from the run to bring down the heartrate.

  21. Regina

    Thanks for all of your Birthday Wishes. I am so happy to have become part of such a great group of determined athletes! Hope to see you in the box tomorrow.
    Katie, best wishes on your recovery and rehab.

  22. mario c

    mario c 13:19 Scaled!
    3 rounds of:
    15 toes-to-bar
    10 ground to overhead #50
    Hey Regina, Happy Birthday! When are we all going for a bike ride? And tell Stacy not to worry cuz I’ll give him a head start on the sprints, hehe!
    Hey Stacy, good scaling article. In one form or another (weight or reps or both), Grace and I scale almost all my WODs.
    Katie, hope you recover in record time!

  23. dianna

    55#snatch. 1/2 toes high, 1/2 V-ups.
    ripped off some brand new calluses.
    Happy Birthday Regina!!! Live long and prosper.

  24. April

    23:15(RX) This took me much longer than I had imagined it would.
    Happy Birthday Regina.
    Katie hope your recovery goes quick and smooth.

  25. Nisha

    65#, feet on ground
    Did all toes-to-bar but used the lower bar therefore my feet touched the ground after each rep which negated the RX standing…but, still happy to be able to get my toes up that high 90 times πŸ™‚
    Jim/G: sorry I put the bar down midway thru that last round when I should have just pushed day I will learn to push pass all the negative thoughts in my brain…

  26. Billdozer

    16:40(RX) Toes to bar get old after a while, Silverback was just too fast today…Great group at 6, good energy.
    Rowed 2K afterwards to make myself feel better.

  27. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    24:06 rx

  28. Silverback

    10:40 (Rx*)
    * In spirit of full disclosure, my toes touched the ground more than once during my toes-to-bar swings. Thanks for the push Jim.

  29. Wolverine

    14:40rx T.I.,T.C.,007, and any other other letters and numbers at 4:00 were very fast.

  30. TC

    13.41 Rx gave it everything I had to keep up with TI and Wolverine!!!
    C-note and Katie I glad to hear everything went well, and I hope you both continue to get well!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Regina!!!!

  31. Dub

    Good to be back in the box after the weekend, liked this wod. I need to push past the urge to rest!

  32. 007

    HBD Regina
    Went light due to extended absence from the box. Back again for 2 days and I will be gone again for at least another 4 days. Oh well, this time last year I didn’t have a job.

  33. Julia

    Happy Happy Happy Bday Regina!!!
    23:40 something….(55#, Toes to Bar*)
    Thanks Jim, Silverback and Billdozer and the rest of the 6:00 p.m. crew for pushing me to the finish.

  34. chrissy c

    HBD Regina!
    Hang in the Katie – you’ll be better in no time flat!
    22:42 (45#, 1/2 toes to bar, 1/2 knees to elbows-ish)
    Nice meeting you Patti!! See ya next time!

  35. Andrea aka: Genie

    20:06 (45#)
    Coach Jim had me up on a high bar that was like playboys height so I had to use like a 30″ Box (thank God we don’t have one of those) to stand on during my breaks from those painful Toes to bar crapola! Damn Crossfit Games!!! Thanks JiG & Jim for pushing me!

  36. Andrea aka: Genie

    20:06 (45#)
    Coach Jim had me up on a high bar that was like playboys height so I had to use like a 30″ Box (thank God we don’t have one of those) to stand on during my breaks from those painful Toes to bar crapola! Damn Crossfit Games!!! Thanks JiG & Jim for pushing me!

  37. G

    18:32 (RX) – Cranked 15 Toes to bar in a row – yey! But couldn’t string anymore than that and was down to 3 rep sets at the last round. Thanks for the push Jim!
    It was nice meeting Shannon (HD’s Friend), trainer visiting from CrossFit Texas and who was also at the Sectionals this year in Austin. It was great pacing with you until the last round when you picked up the pace on the Toes to Bar and left me by a good 2 minutes!
    Good to see 007, Crazy Carl, Shelly, Audry, Kim, Conor, Ruben, Valentin, Rosie, Matt B and Miles back in action!
    Silverback, good full disclosure on the Toes-to-Bar as short of Rx πŸ™‚ It’s the same standard with kipping pull-ups or muscle-ups…without the hang it’s technically a jumping pull-up or jumping muscle-up with the push off the ground.
    Nisha, no apologies… pushed yourself hard!
    Ben C and Natalie, I just read your post from the other day. I’m glad Ben C is now back to normal. Hydration will be important from now on. He did well on his first day back.
    C-note, thanks for the update on Jack Rabbit. Hoping for a short recovery journey for her. I heard a rumor that we may see you back in the box this week. Glad to hear that your foot has recovered from the steak knife fiasco at home. Steel boots may work while unloading your dishwasher πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the post on Yonder Way Farm, HD! Great to see you and thanks for bringing your friend Shannon.
    Great work everyone! However, I witnessed some SNERKS that were plain ugly lifts, if they are even called lifts. If it was a crime in the CrossFit World, there were some of you who would have been issued “GO Directly TO Jail & Do Not Pass GO” card. Work hard on your technique guys!

  38. G

    One more…Sledge, hang in there. Keeping our streets safe at night is your priority while you are still adjusting to your new schedule.
    Ok, Major…er…Todd H…Not sure if Earplug suits you but you got the nickname!
    Skip, Ralph is an animal…he can have a battle with FACE one day just for fun!

  39. Valentin (aka V.T)

    12:43 Scaled (30 Sit=ups, 20SC) due to DR order.
    Thanks Jim and Grace for allowing me to still work out with the guys and girls from the 7 o’clock group good work 6 and 7 class.

  40. Mogi

    23:09 (1st round – toe2bar, 2nd and 3rd – mixed toe2bar and knee2elbow, 65# ground2overhead)

  41. T.I.

    14:22 (RX) Great job 4PM crew. TC, I’ll get you next time…..
    Happy Birthday Regina. I hope you had a great day. C-note I’m glad to hear that everything went well with Katie. I hope all is well with you too.

  42. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    17:37 (65)
    My fingers expressed my opinion of toes to bar! I know I mentioned this before, lessons from Barbell Clinic was life saver!
    Dar, way to dig deep on the last few ground to overhead!

  43. Andrea aka: Genie

    20:06 (45#)
    Coach Jim had me up on a high bar that was like playboys height so I had to use like a 30″ Box (thank God we don’t have one of those) to stand on during my breaks from those painful Toes to bar crapola! Damn Crossfit Games!!! Thanks JiG & Jim for pushing me!