CFGames 2010 Event 3

CrossFit Games 2010
Event 3

(Modified from AMRAP in 7 minutes to Rounds based and included alternating legs)

4 Rounds For Time:

  • 7 Dead Lifts (315/205 lb.)
  • Sprint
  • 14 Pistols (Alternating Legs)
  • 21 Double-Unders
  • Sprint

Highlights from the 2010 CrossFit Games, by CrossFit Again Faster
– video [wmv] [mov] (courtesy of CF Mainsite)

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  • Ben C
    Ben C, aka "RHABd", is shown at full extension (legs & hips extended with shoulders behind the bar) during a Dead Lift movement.

  • 34 Responses to “CFGames 2010 Event 3”

    1. macho ranger

      11.52 (275#, Assisted Full ROM Pistol)

    2. todd

      Gonna take “off” today and hit the track, any track. If someone wants to do a couple miles and maybe some sprints, let me know. Call or text 281-799-1618.

    3. Sarah

      I tried the pistols while we were watching the games, which in hindsight I shouldn’t have done because I hurt something on both sides of my belly, but I couldn’t resist! I could do it, a bit shaky, but if I practiced them I think I could get em down.
      Have fun with this one! I use to love wod weeks like this!

    4. Speedy J

      8:35 (195#)..regret not trying the 205, next time!

    5. valentin (aka V.T)

      8:43 (225#, Asst Pistols, LJ)
      loved this WOD, really wish i had Double-Unders down. *sigh* Great work 8:30 crew.

    6. Teach

      I ran this morning, but I really want to do this one 🙂
      Might have to bring the baby up at 4:00 to tackle this 🙂

    7. Teach

      Can’t – I have to tutor a kid from 12-1 🙁 otherwise I would totally be there!!!!

    8. Julia

      I can’t wait to get pistol whipped later!! ha ha!

    9. ingrid

      10:58 (135#,pistol w/ band assist,parallet)
      nice to be back and sweating again

    10. Gina

      14:45 (185#, box pistols with PVC, para jump-overs)
      Awesome WOD even though I was slow. That heavy weight is going to show itself tomorrow, I’m sure. ouch!
      Thanks Speedy for the push!

    11. Bobo

      7:59 (275)
      did a lone wod at noon. Thanks BB2 for coming in to coach me through it.
      some pistols were sloppy. mind would wander and therefore my balance would suffer.
      if i went 315 on the deadlifts, i would have been staring at the bar .
      maybe next wed beth?

    12. Noel (SKIP)

      13:45 (20m run, 205, box pistol, lat. jumps)
      It was fun running to and fro! My pistols were my weakest point and thus slowed me down tremendously.
      that was an awesome article, Ramrod! I definitely would like to see the games aired on Versus. However, what I don’t want to see is the CF Games becoming a sport that only athletes with $300 running shoes or big name sponsorships can compete in the games. I also don’t want it to be a “pay-per-view event”. That’s why I hate boxing; two men who don’t know each other get to beat the crap out of each other because bets were waged and they’re on HBO, but if the same were to take place on my front yard, it is no longer called a sport but rather “assault” or “disturbing the peace”.

    13. Barbella

      Hey Bobo/BB2/Beth – I am always wanting to do Noon WOD’s … just let me know!

    14. JohnnyB

      15:00 (DL-225#) & the rest as specified.
      Thanks CoachG!

    15. Teach

      7:37 (Rx)
      I liked this WOD! Didn’t think I would because it has deadlifts in it, but it moved really fast…I like any WOD that’s done in under 10 minutes. Great working with the huge 4:00 group!! You guys were speedy!
      Thanks for the babysitting SOS and thanks to Kate for the pack ‘n play assist after class!!

    16. Dustin

      Sup guys, any of ya’ll doing the hot undies run? I’m moving home in 2 weeks and wanted to see who was interested in doing it.

    17. Andi

      11:08 – 155#/box, pvc assist/DU’s
      So glad to be back!

    18. Abbye Mac

      15:05 (135DL, assisted pistols, DU/LJ)
      Good work Nisha!
      Thanks for the push Coach G and JB!

    19. G

      6:54 (185) – great pacing with SOS.
      Loved this WOD! Didn’t do 205 because I didn’t think I could do 7 consecutive reps in a row but was able to do consecutive 205 reps after the WOD. Peanut gallery (Dozer and Silverback) agreed that should gone for it during the WOD. Oh well. But it’s all good because got the WOD done under 7 minutes 😀

    20. G

      Awesome job on your baseline today Vanessa!
      Good to see Ox, Andi, Bobby, Sirun, Sarge, Meg O. and Vilvesh back in action!
      Alice, Lauren T and Miles were such troopers today by going heavy with Dead Lifts since they aren’t used to the heavy DLs in a MetCon!
      Also, it was nice to see Tony B come by at 7pm to cheer on his other half, Maricel!

    21. Big E

      WOD was good today but i should have gone heavier on the dead lift! wow, never thought i’d EVER say that in crossfit!!! my sprints were pretty ragged but still got a good workout.

    22. Taz

      9:43 (145#; Box pistols; DU’s)
      Should have gone heavier on my DLs. ‘just added 15# on my last PR and still able to do them unbroken. Great job 4pm peeps. Miss you @ the box Zen Jen.

    23. Christine Sicam

      11:17 (95#,pistol w/ band assist,parallet)

    24. Aaron

      23:16 (RX)-Good way to start a Friday, but I was wasted (and not the good kind) by 5…