CFGames 2010 Event 5

(CrossFit Games 2010
Individual Event 5)

7 Rounds For Time:

3 Cleans (205/135 lb.)

4 Ring Handstand Push-Ups (men)/4 Handstand Push-Ups(women)

(scale for men: 5 Handstand Push-Ups)

The final heats of the Muscle-up/Snatch Event at the 2010 CrossFit
Womens Heat 4 – video [wmv] [mov]
Mens Heat 4 – video [wmv] [mov]

"Q & A with Coach Glassman", CrossFit Journal
preview video [wmv] [mov]

(courtesy of CF

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Playboy's wall hspu 

Let's not do this today!  Just lightly lean your head to the wall or wear a cap/beanie. (photo of Playboy's HSPU aftermath courtesy of Gatekeeper)

35 Responses to “CFGames 2010 Event 5”

  1. mario c

    After seeing tha above pic, I got only one word for that FDB known throughout the Crossfit world as ‘The Playboy,’
    A-m-a-t-e-u-r !!!!…… (spoken with a French accent, of course!) hehe!

  2. Macho Ranger

    9.41 (155#, HSPU) The HSPU got sloppy at the end. TI was too fast on those HSPU….good job man.
    Props to C-Note doing this Sucka Rx.
    I barely made one ring HSPU. Have to work on technique…
    Everyone pushed hard this morning. Great work Pacemakers.

  3. Regina

    Wow, Playboy…hope you didn’t have to get stitches. That’s taking “No pain, no gain” to a whole new level.
    Be extra careful with those HS pushups!

  4. D-Mena

    Stacy – Don’t forget Team Buck Furpees is coming in for the team WOD today at 715 pm.

  5. T.I.

    8:30 (185#, HSPU). Thanks Jim, I was just trying to catch you.
    I wish I could have done this RX but 205# is still a little much and I barley got in three ring HSPU before class. C-note, awesome job bro. Great job Pacemakers.

  6. Sarah

    11:49 Crossfitmom wod
    250m row
    15 squats
    250m row
    15 pushups
    250m row
    15 ring rows
    250m row
    14 donkey kicks (?)
    We made some modifications to the wod on Crossfitmom because it had knees to elbows, so Grace had me do something to work the same muscles. I think they were donkey kicks 🙂
    Today’s wod would’ve been so fun! Love handstand pushups!

  7. Stacy

    Hey Teach, saw that this morning…Louie Simmons knows what’s up

  8. Ramrod

    rest day for me. extremely frustrated that this is the wod that came up on my rest day this is the one i was looking forward to. will attempt this rx on sunday. Awesome job c-note!

  9. dianna

    7:14 85# pike pushups(ugly)
    too slow in the transition. like grandma.
    still thinking every lift.

  10. Nicole Disco D:)

    6:36 (85#, pike)
    This was a good wod!!! I am so glad you are back Garret!!!!

  11. Callum

    I found this passage from Crossfit Chesterton, if this does not get you fired up then your not human!!
    … You need to understand that you can get sweaty doing anything. I can slap a quirky tough guy name on hundreds of reps of anything sprinkle some gymnastic chalk on it and tell you that you’re doing great… and yeah if you haven’t touched a barbell in years your body will respond, but that is not how we operate.
    Our program and methods have a proven history of success, we’ll leave it at that. If you want access to our world it is going to be entirely on you.
    I don’t have a clever advertising plan. Hell I don’t even have a phone for you to call or a sign for you to find the damn place, but for over a year now the right people have walked through our doors. Grandmas, fighters, figure skaters, tri-athletes, power lifters, We just let them do our talking…
    The idea of a “life changing” experience is great. Hey we have a few stories that would even bring a tear to Rambo’s eye, but their success is entirely self driven. YOU have to want this. You must realize that through physical discomfort all things are possible. We are here to coach you, provide access to a training program far superior to whatever else you have done and a top shelf environment (even though its a little dirty sometimes) to train in. Arrogant? Yes… but you wouldn’t be reading this nonsense if it wasn’t true.
    Our crew is here to get you on track, get you up to speed, and turn you loose. No one is going to cuddle you and give you fabricated scripts on weightlifting and motivation.
    You have to be willing to subject yourself to physical discomfort for an extended period of time. Flat out, that’s it. Through your own efforts and our guidance you will evolve and learn.
    Through time, our gym has taken on its own personality. There are dozens of members that are very knowledgable in all elements of the CrossFit game as well as elements of fitness and athletics. Our members are our greatest assett, their knowledge is pricelss, and we utilize that gift to the fullest each day.
    You won’t find yourself doing hundreds of reps with a pvc pipe everyday and reciting memorized scripts on different lifts! You are going to be taught what to do slowly for months, monitored for weeks, and corrected daily, as is everyone else in the place. We teach the foundations and monitore your safety, leaving a great deal of the learning process open for self interpretation. By doing this we allow you to better determine what allows you to move properly.
    Simply stated what works for one may not work for another, and no youtube video will fix every person. That is where our training experience and professionalism pay off!
    Still with me?
    If so then you have probably found a new training facility, Whether you are looking to supplement your current sport with a new training program, in need of a well planned training regime, or need a place to do your own thing. We may be what you are looking for, and would love to have you on board!
    Oh and did I mention that we have a hell of a good time learning and suffering each day with each other?

  12. Teach

    Cal – I’m signed up for the Katy competition…just for you 🙂

  13. Teach

    Stacy – I was there…his hair was still perfectly in place. It was the strangest thing…I think it’s magical or something!

  14. JUDY

    4:37, 105#, 2 ab mats…I know I dont get credit for doing 8 rounds but just wanted to put it out there even though it was my mistake! great job 4:00 PMers! great seeing all yall!

  15. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    5:26 (75#,pike) glad to be back!!!!
    Crazy fun @ 4!!!
    Congrats to all peeps who did or will do rings HSPU !!!
    Nice meeting new faces!
    Toe – see you tomorrow oki?

  16. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    6:03 (155#, 2 ab mats HSPU)
    Might have over scaled.. thought it would take 15-20 min. I was shocked when I was over have way done at about 3:47.

  17. Chrissy

    6:19 (75#, Pike Push Ups)
    Sorry I’ll be missing another potential bloody wall tonight!

  18. Chad Blaylock

    Howdy Atomic Gang,
    In San Antonio and went to 210Crossfit.
    WOD: For Time, 50 reps each.
    Box Jumps -24″
    Pull Ups
    Air Squats
    Jumping Slam Balls
    Also must complete – 400m Run w/ med. ball and 100 barbell deadlifts.
    26:39 RX
    Grace, you would be proud…I mastered kipping pull ups!
    Trying Alamo Crossfit tomorrow…

  19. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    9:22 (145/1.5 abs mats)

  20. valentin (aka V.T)

    6:33 (115#, C2G push ups)
    Still on rest for the shoulder. But great work 5 o’clock class, thanks G for the shoulder tips.

  21. nisha

    7:51 (100#, 2 abmats)
    Would’ve had a better time but got over-zealous and loaded the bar with 105 until realizing I could only get it up twice in the first round, made at least 5 attempts on the 3rd rep but it wasn’t happening and the clock was ticking..wasted 20-30 secs exchanging the 5s for 2.5s…100 went fairly easy..crazy how the extra little 5 pounds is a killer….

  22. Matt

    7:00 (185#, 45#plate HSPUs)
    Thanks for the choice of music, Beth. All the vampires are now aware that shorty got low, low, low, low, low low.

  23. Mogi

    8:28 (155# – 4 rds/135# – 3 rds, 1.5 abmat)

  24. Wolverine

    5:15 (165#,hspu)I did seven rounds in my head and counted my pennies twice.I don’t know? I do know my cleans are ugly, no matter the weight.I’ll keep working.

  25. Teach

    Another fun Thursday night in the books!
    Great work tonight everyone…I love Thursdays because it’s a crazy night in the box 🙂
    Vanessa, Ben, SHELLY – way to go on your first WOD, even better that you guys all tackled Cleans. Get the form and the weight will follow.
    Audrey – good job working the form of those cleans! You did a great job!

  26. G

    4:42 (115) – Teach and I were just playing around with cleans after the 5pm crew and I just decided to do the WOD. Loved this Couplet!
    There will be a lot of ACF athletes competing at Neal’s place on August 14th. Can’t wait to see how you all do tribe!

  27. Abbye Mac

    Not sure of my time
    95lb cleans

  28. Billdozer

    I think we should start getting some odds together on all the competitors from ACF for the Katy Comp.

  29. G

    Good job on your baseline tonight Shruti and Kim M.!
    Welcome Creighton, who is visiting and joining us for a few more WODs this week!
    Cal, that’s truly an inspiring article!
    Also, Spec’s link to Jon Glison’s article was a great read!
    Dustin, I am considering the Hot Undies Run.
    Sarah, that movement was called a quadruped reverse sit-up and hip extension. Preggos on their third tri-mester find this exercise user-friendly.
    Good to see C-Note, Brennan, Vince, ZenJen The Lasts, Casey and Jared M back in action.
    Congrats on that milestone Chad B! Stringing the kips will come handy.
    Arnold, you looked like you barely moved with the 2 abmats.
    On some of you, I can definitely see that the Barbell Clinic is paying off quite nicely!
    The 4pm class was huge! It was an epic battle between all sorts: sheriff, college football player, firefighters, military officer, nurses and many others.
    Kudos to C-Note, Brennan, Bravo and Eli who did the Ring HSPU. That was freakin’ hard, however C-Note and Brannon both managed to crank the reps once they figured out the leg extensions on the straps.