5 Rounds Team Relay

Low horse stance static hold while partner does Sandbag
run (100/70)(70/50)


Team performs 100 get up ball slams (20/12) two balls per




Time Ends.



Then beginning on the next whole minute:

Team Density: 2 bars per team, 1 box per team Rotate
every 30 seconds

6 pull ups

3 Burpee Box Jump (24)(20)

3 cleans (155/105)(135/75)


Each team member continues until unable to complete
exercise within 30 seconds.

Each completed exercise reduces above time by 3 seconds.


Brandon B receives the bar on his shoulders during a power clean.

9 Responses to ““Toonces””

  1. Silverback

    Very fun WOD. 100# sandbags were heavy. Had to hang on for dear life to make it to the 9th round on Density Rotation. Johnathan, SOS and Rich worked hard for our team.

  2. She-Ra

    Team STUD killed it. Good to be back 🙂 Sorry for the green flashes :/ See everyone tomorrow! Great job team

  3. Lauren

    Great job to my team this morning and nice to see She-ra back in the box. Way to go on your kips, Josh!!

  4. JUDY

    yeah pirates, all in attendance today except Wolverine’s hammies. Thanks Toddsky for subbing, Nisha and Nate for hangin in there! I was determined to finish the 10th round, guess I could’ve gone skinnier on that band 😐 …nice seeing ya She-ra, and Beth you’re my hero, awesome job!

  5. Noel (SKIP)

    Had a blast today. Hardest team WOD I’ve ever done. It was definitely fun working with ED, “Poprocks”, Lauren, and Cali!
    In the end, I was so beat that I ate my breakfast, contracted the “-itis” and fell asleep on my couch for a good two hours. Finally up and about.

  6. Teach

    Arnold- i did have a little bit of fun, in that crossfit sort of way 🙂 way to go team! Great sweating it out with you guys today!
    Good to see She-ra in the box!
    Thanks Judy!!!

  7. HeMan

    Beth and Creighton… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! You’re both BAD ASSESSS!! And good job Steph. Looks like the team thats still standing at the end of the summer is going to win this thing, and I like out durability 🙂
    Nice to see my twin sis pop in too, even if it ins’t for good yet :\
    Heavy Squat Cleans can Kiss My A@#.

  8. G

    Kristina, awesome to see you back for a long weekend! What a pleasant surprise! You’ll move back, I know, because you miss this hot humid weather.
    Good to see Admiral Nate, Ed, Teresa and April K back in action!
    Welcome Rich and Mark!
    Awesome to see Young Blood (Poprocks?!) string a few kips in a row!
    Toddsky, that challenge looks cool. Looks like a regular WOD plus the wall climb.
    Amazing performances by all! The box was so crowded when I walked in. It made me think that I must have missed the memo about hosting a competition today 😀 Great energy!
    Wolverine, hope you get a massage or ice bath for those hammies.
    So….Toonces was a cat…Toonces the driving cat. Only Bobo and Dozer knew that, of course.