“Drudge Report”

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of:

  • DeadLifts (225)
  • Ring Dips


1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps of:

  • Box Jumps
  • Push-Ups


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of:

  • Static Pull-Ups
  • Burpees

Post results to comments.

Lopez Rowing Crawfish MegaFest

Happy Birthday Jonathan, aka "Lopez"!

64 Responses to ““Drudge Report””

  1. Callum

    Very disapointed with myself, 27:something (kip). Good job TI

  2. T.I.

    Lol, yeah right Cal. Not today, I didn’t feel it. I’m right there along side you with the disappointment.
    29:41 (RX)
    Happy Birthday Lopez!

  3. Jen C

    Happy Birthday!
    31:46 (115#, para dips, thin white band)
    One tough WOD! Great job everyone!

  4. Silverback

    Such a hard WOD that I couldn’t remember my time by the time I got to work. I think it was 21:40 something. Only pulled 205, but RX on dips and PUs. Lots of bodies flying around the box @ 5:30 this morning!
    Happy Birthday Jonathan!

  5. RacingRay

    Happy Birthday Jonathan!
    Tough WOD (Band & Paralete dips) . . . 30 something.

  6. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    32:37 135#
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thought about switching to kips the whole time. 🙂
    Macho, thanks for the unknowable!
    Thanks to Bobby, TI and Jim for the push.
    Thanks G!
    Happy bday Jonathan! God bless you on your special day.

  7. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    32:37 135#
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thought about switching to kips the whole time. 🙂
    Macho, thanks for the unknowable!
    Thanks to Bobby, TI and Jim for the push.
    Thanks G!
    Happy bday Jonathan! God bless you on your special day.

  8. Summer

    Happy Birthday Lopez!!!
    30:09 (135,box ring dips, black band) Great Job today T-Cats. Thanks Julia for the push today;)

  9. T.C.

    I don’t remember my time but this one kicked my butt for sure!
    Happy Birthday Jonathan!
    I will see you all in few weeks!

  10. Juan (bb4)

    23:02 (RX)
    Happy B-Day Jona
    Silveback yur time was 22:46

  11. Ace (formerly known as D-Mena)

    Forgot to post yesterday so I’ll post twice today.
    Front Squat = 205-225-245(2)-235-225 (245 was my 1RM before this so I’m assuming this is a PR)
    AMRAP = 4+1 (20lb ball)
    Thanks TC for doing the counting and thanks Grace for the new nickname. I like it much better than the other one!

  12. Julia

    29:47 (105#, box paralette dips, green band)
    Got man handled by the 24″ box and my breakfast…but I liked it. Fun working out at 9:30 for a change

  13. Bravo

    Happy bday Lopez
    nice looking wod did Angie yesterday now for more pull up work 4pm here I come

  14. Rosie

    HAPPY Birthday Lopez!
    Hvn’t seen u in a while, hope all is good. Miss u!

  15. Ramrod

    Gatekeeper thanks brother
    22:13 rx
    Great job nooners. Teach way to go heavy!

  16. Barbella

    24:46 (105#,para,RR)
    I liked this WOD! Still have DL form issues…

  17. Silverback

    Thx Juan. I stopped by the box after noon class to pick up SOS & saw my time. Was going to make the correction on the blog, but now I don’t have to. Good work this morning. It’s fun to be back with you and the morning crew.

  18. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    32:37 135#
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thought about switching to kips the whole time. 🙂
    Macho, thanks for the unknowable!
    Thanks to Bobby, TI and Jim for the push.
    Thanks G!
    Happy bday Jonathan! God bless you on your special day.

  19. Bobo

    27:57 kipped from round 6 down on the pull ups, all else RX.
    yeah, that one pretty much crushed me. my deal with the devil to hang with Ramrod on WODs must have run out after one. hehe.

  20. Nicole Disco D:)

    Happy Birthday Lopez

  21. Teach

    30:?? (185, static & kip ring dips and pullups)
    This WOD pretty much crushed me! Part of it was my fault for going to heavy on the deadlifts, but anything involving static ring dips just blows me up.
    Thanks for the encouragement nooners, G and Jim! Definitely tried to mentally check out, but you guys kept me in there until the finish!
    Big thanks to Silverback for playing babysitter during the WOD 🙂 He’s a man of many talents!
    Happy birthday Lopez!! Miss seeing you around!!

  22. mario c

    mario c 28:09 Scaled to rounds of 7-1
    DL #95
    Box ring dips with box in front
    Step ups on orange top box
    Forgot and did the middle round high to low.

  23. Crazy Carl

    Happy Birthday Lopez!
    Wish I could have given this wod the ole ‘college try’, but someone has to keep the city safe while yall punish yourselves in The Box! I’ll be back in action tom morning

  24. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    30:38 (135#, Elev Para Dip, 20″, Static Rnd 1)
    Normally do 24″ box jump, but used a 20″ box for the elevated dips…it was simpler to recycle.
    Managed to find a pace that kept me moving throughout the workout w/o really stopping, except for the pull ups.
    Happy B-day to Lopez!

  25. JohnnyB

    28:33 (RX)
    Happy Birthday Lopez!!
    Bravo- hope you’re fine dude!
    Good Job 4pm xfitters!

  26. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    24:31(185, 6 static PU & rest kip)

  27. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    24:28 (125DL,box asst rd,20″,black bd)did burpees all over the box hehehe!
    Taz – way to go heavy!
    Johnny B – you got it, under 30min!
    Bravo – remember 2DAYS!!!
    Thanks G!
    Way to work hard 4pm group!

  28. Ray

    37 and change (185DL, Kip dips and PU)
    Was ugly but felt good. Great working out with 5pm group.

  29. Chad Blaylock

    In Baton Rouge @ Geaux Crossfit
    WOD: 4 Rounds for Time
    500m row
    10 push ups
    10 Kettle Bells
    10 Pull Ups
    21:34 Rx
    Looking forward to getting back home to Atomic!
    Chad (the Nomad) Blaylock

  30. Contra

    29:12 (185, Kip PU)
    Almost took out Logan trying to get through those Pull Ups, sorry Logan. Good job everyone at 5pm

  31. Nisha

    31:53 (135#, paradips, 20″, green band)
    Thought I had a good pace going in the first two couplets but somehow got zapped in the last one…did do all deadlifts unbroken though 🙂

  32. Mogi

    happy bday jonathan
    (155#, ring dips w/ box, 24″, kips, worm-pees instead of burpees)

  33. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    31:23 (185#)
    Prolly coulda done more on deadlift….

  34. Sledge

    28:37 (Rx)
    Had a good pace going into 3rd couplet. That one blasted me.

  35. Ace (formerly known as D-Mena)

    Just under 28 min. (185/kips) I also did the sets of 7-5 on ring dips with a box assist. It was just taking too long without. Once I got down to a reasonable number of reps I repped it out again.
    Could have done more on deadlifts but didn’t want to spark up my lower back issues again. I’m out for the week. Dub will be subbin for me on Buck Furpees on Thursday. I know he’ll do me proud. See ya’ll on Monday!

  36. H the B

    27:33(185#,Kip PU)
    Unlike Sledge i had a horrible pace the whole time. Felt liekt that one was never gonna end.
    Gonna post for the next few days about Sat the 1st.
    Ray Ng B-day, Matt might go away and Bob is gonna be away (for a few weeks) party at my house.
    Starts around 7. Hope to see you here. I have the essential stuff(apps, hard liquor and what not) If you drink beer or wine BYOB (Billy since this is a night event Keystone is not allowed). If you would like to bring anything to eat its up to you just give me a heads up so we don’t end up with 12 veggie plates. hvargas10@gmail.com RSVP’s are also welcomed
    3914 Colquitt
    Houston, TX 77027
    (59 and Weslayen area)

  37. valentin (aka V.T)

    29:06 (185#, Peralets Dips, Asst pull-ups)

  38. Wolverine

    24:16(#70 KB swings for deadlift)really wish I could have done the RX. Happy birthday Lopez!

  39. Babs

    24:24 (85#,elevated par dips,step-ups,2″band)

  40. Billdozer

    37:04(R freakin X) That thing just wouldn’t end, Ray and I were battling for who could go the longest on this one.
    Great work everybody at 5, and great job to all the newbies on their baseline today, i enjoyed sitting in on your intro session.
    Hernan, point taken, I will bring Stella since it is your house, and maybe some Alpenwolfe.

  41. chrissy

    35:52 (So not R freakin X)
    (115#, Box Assist Ring Dips, 20″ Box, Thin White Band) Great WOD!

  42. G

    28:29 (155) – Jim, I thank you for the challenge on going strict on the ring dips and pull-ups today. Thanks for keeping me honest. Changing the pull-up bar grip on the statics definitely helped. 5pmers had a good pace pushing each other on the DLs.
    Toddsky, 6pm crew and the rest of the peanut gallery were very supportive to the 5pm crew! Nice guys!

  43. T.I.

    Grace, I’m glad to see you got your post in before 10. YOU DID IT!!

  44. G

    Awesome job on your baseline tonight:
    Greg Hopper, Natalie Estrada, Rodrigo Cruz, Ginny Argao and Debbie Duchek
    Welcome back JDS!
    Good to see Dru and Rigo join the pacemakers and Julia join the am crew.
    Also, good to see April M, VT, Steve L, L.A., Mimi and Admiral Nate back in action.
    “The Nomad” fits you Chad B! Way to be accountable while you are traveling.
    Teach, 185 is heavy for this countdown wod…you are my hero! Ring dips will come soon…this I know 🙂
    Bravo, remember what we talked about. Mandatory 2 days off!
    H the B, you can put up a flyer at the box for Saturday’s occasion. Mrs. Hernandez Ocho Rios Garcia Vargas, we miss you!
    TI, go for 6 hours of zzz’s at least 🙂
    Jonathan, hope you enjoyed your day.

  45. G

    Not so soon TI. But will turn the pc off in a few. Rest day tomorrow for you, right.

  46. Keith Fogle

    29:41 135# DL, paradips, static pullups
    Great workout! Ready to go heavier on the deadlifts next time.

  47. Beast (aka JA)

    25:57 155# DL, box-assisted ring dips, 24″ box jumps (no turning back), tried static pull-ups on the first 10, used the white band for a while, got tired of putting my feet through it so I kipped the last 4 rounds.
    Did the 4th and 5th round on the pull-ups and the burpees TWICE! I got delirious and got stuck on the rounds. Oh well, I’d rather do more than do less anyway. ACCOUNTABILITY!
    Jim, thanks for telling me to do 155#. It was 20# more than what I planned to do but you know best, Coach!
    Good job Vamps!

  48. Big E

    21:58 115# DL 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 on all reps
    Good WOD for me. No more slurpees, bring on the Burpees!

  49. sharon

    3+2 = knee push ups
    Did the Crazy Helen on sunday and had nothing left in my chest and arms for those push ups!