“CF Total”

Warm Up:

Partition any way you wish.

30 Cal Row

30 KB Swings

30 Push-Ups

30 Air Squats


What is CrossFit TOTAL? (article)

In 10 minutes work up to 1 RM Back Squat

In 10 minutes work up to 1 RM Shoulder Press

In 10 minutes work up to 1 RM Dead Lift

Compare results to 090606

Post individual and total 1RM loads to comments.


Happy Birthday Dianna !!

Belated Happy Birthday to Katalin!

53 Responses to ““CF Total””

  1. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Dianna and belated Happy Birthday to Katalin!

  2. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Dianna and belated Happy Birthday to Katalin!

  3. Ramrod

    Happy birthday ladies!
    BS: 355#
    SP: 135#
    DL: 425#
    CFT: 915#
    2nd set of of press my neck popped. Ongoing injury. Good job pacemakers and good luck to everyone today in their 1RM’s!

  4. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    BS: 155 (PR)
    SP: 85 (PR)
    DL: 215 (PR)
    CFT: 455
    Happy birthday to the ladies!

  5. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Dianna and belated Happy Birthday to Katalin!

  6. Nicole Disco D:)

    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    BS: 145(pr)
    SP: 70
    DL: 200(pr)
    CFT: 415

  7. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    BS: 215
    SP: 135 (PR by 10#)
    DL: 265 (PR by 70#)
    CFT: 615
    Surprised and very pleased on what I did today.
    Happy bday and God bless you ladies.
    Thanks G!

  8. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    BS: 215
    SP: 135 (PR by 10#)
    DL: 265 (PR by 70#)
    CFT: 615
    Surprised and very pleased on what I did today.
    Happy bday and God bless you ladies.
    Thanks G!

  9. ingrid

    Glad I made it today.
    More Power to YOU Birthday Girls
    SP: 75

  10. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy birthday D and Katalin!
    Love the pic D!

  11. Vegas

    BS: 265 PR
    SP: 135
    DL: 325 PR
    725 CF total
    275DL Arnold !! very impressive !!

  12. Noel (SKIP)

    BS: 225 (PR)
    SP: 115 (PR)
    DL: 295 (PR)
    Such a stressful week, I knocked-out on the couch. Just woke up!

  13. dianna

    I am very happy to have started my B-day at the box. Can’t express how good it makes me feel to have found a new family at ACF. Cheers to all of you! Thanks, Arnold for showing me how its done.
    BS: 185#
    SP: 85#
    DL: 225#

  14. Lauren

    Happy birthday girls!
    BS: 125
    SP: 60
    DL: 165
    CFT: 350
    Next time, I want at least 425.

  15. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    BS: 215
    SP: 135 (PR by 10#)
    DL: 265 (PR by 70#)
    CFT: 615
    Surprised and very pleased on what I did today.
    Happy bday and God bless you ladies.
    Thanks G!

  16. ray

    HBD Ladies!
    BS: 265
    SP: 145
    DL: 355
    Total: 765
    Glad we finally did the Total again. Missed the last one and have been waiting for it to come up again. Good sharing the bar with Justin this morning.

  17. Bobby

    BS: 405 I THINK
    SP: 155
    DL: 405
    TOTAL: 965

  18. She-Ra

    Happy birthday girls!
    Isabel (30 snatches)

  19. Steve L.

    Happy Birthday Ladies ! BS:225,SP:135,DL:290,CFT:650. My first post. It’s a start!

  20. JohnnyB

    BS – 245#
    SP – 95#
    DL – 315#
    Total = 655
    Happy Birthday Folks!!
    Thanks CoachG!
    Great Job Easy Rider, Teach,Barbella, Stephen & Sirun!
    Nice warm up

  21. chrissy

    Got stuck at work – gonna miss this one…

  22. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    BS: 255 (PR by 55#)
    SP: 150 (PR by 5#)
    DL: 335 (PR by 30#)
    CFT: 740
    Fun WOD.. was going to do a rest day after doing M-T-W wods, but have been wanting to max out for a while. This could qualify as active rest I think. Any other opinions?
    Happy birthday to Dianna and Katalin!

  23. Keith Fogle

    BS: 190#
    SP: 125#
    DL: 205#
    CFT: 520#
    Weak on the deadlifts, but it’s a beginning..
    Happy Birthday Dianna and Katalin!

  24. Sarah

    Obviously couldnt do this one!
    Crossfitmom wod: 21:56
    3 rounds
    300m row
    9 Bear complex @35#
    Great job Billy on your PR’s tonight!
    Happy birthday ladies!

  25. Gina

    Happy birthday ladies!!!
    BS: 185 (pr)
    SP: 75 (pr)
    DL: 255 (pr) thanks for the shouts everyone! It was going a little black there!
    Thanks Judy for the weight help & push!!

  26. Billdozer

    Crossfit Total
    BS- 355#(PR)
    SP- 145#(PR)
    DL- 450#(PR)
    Total- 950#
    Felt good to finally crack the 900 mark on this, the 450 deadlift has been a goal of mine for a while. Daniel, Thank you for giving me a goal on the backsquat, I don’t think I would have gone that heavy if you hadn’t. I knew Bobby’s numbers were way out of my league on that, great job.
    Happy Birthday Ladies!

  27. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)


  28. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    Oh, and PR on DLs

  29. Barbella

    BS: 135#
    SP: 65#
    DL: 200# – thanks to Grace
    Total = 400
    GOOD times!

  30. Nisha

    BS 170 (PR)
    SP 70 (PR)
    DL 210 (PR)
    Total: 450
    Fun WOD!!! Lots of PRs in the box today, was nice to see all the smiles and high fives going around…
    Thanks for sharing the bar with me Abbye 🙂

  31. Pepper(corn)

    BS 130# (PR)
    SP 65#
    DL 200# (PR)
    Good job Jeremy and Dar! We missed you Chrissy!
    Gatekeeper, love the nicknames…Unfortunately, Peppercorn probably fits me better than Peppermint (I’m not that sweet).
    Matt made an interesting discovery tonight. 🙂
    Thanks Teach for the coaching and good music.

  32. Babs

    Happy Birthday Ladies!!!!!!
    BS 120 (PR)
    SP 70 (PR)
    DL 155
    TOTAL: 345

  33. Babs

    Chrissy, you missed a fun one. Work, poor excuse, see ya next week.

  34. Sarah

    Beth, it was nice having our baby talk! thanks for the advice…I’m sure I’ll have more questions as the pregnancy progresses!
    Oh, and I love your new haircut! Very cute! The color too!

  35. Matt

    BS – 245
    SP – 121
    DL – 385
    Total – 741
    Shoulder presses 121 due to the discovery of the fact that 2 of the 2 1/2 pound plates are actully 3 1/2 pounds. Grace – my solution to this problem is to let me and Billy get after the plates with a dremel tool until they are 2 1/2 pounds.

  36. JUDY

    BS 175 – did 180 but was not crossfit low enough and time ran out…booo me
    SP 75
    DL 240 PR
    Thanks Grace for being strict on me, tough love 🙂 Great job Gina, makes the investment in yourself worth it when you hit that PR! Always glad to help 🙂

  37. Abbye Mac

    BS 145 (PR)
    SP 70 (PR)
    DL 205 (PR) !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for hiding the weight from me Nisha so I wouldn’t psych myself out…I know I’m crazy!
    Great WOD!
    CFT 420

  38. H the B

    CF Total
    I dislike BS and SP and it shows. Need to get more balanced. Thanks for the cues G and thanks for the help on C&J Stacy, Matt, and Billy
    Beth as always great to see you.

  39. G

    Welcome Leslie! Good baseline tonight.
    Rest day for me since I started my “ON” day on Sunday with POW. This is one of my favorite WODs, so will do this WOD another day; maybe after a vacation. Teach and I used to do CFT at the globo (a few occasions with 007) back in early 2008 just to cause some havoc with all our yelling and bar dropping – hehe!
    Matt, HA-Ha! No wonder those plates look thicker! We’ll keep them and just mark the right weight on it. I’ll be getting more 2.5’s and am still searching for 1 pound plates that would fit with the oly bars.
    Good to see Steve L finally post!
    Mikey, what a huge change from your last CFT in June of last year.
    WOW!! Great job on the lifts guys and on the PR’s!

  40. Dar

    125#PR/65#/185#PR = 375
    This was a fun one. So impressed with the weight being thrown around, ‘specially the ladies! Great job 7pm crew!

  41. Beast (aka JA)

    Missed you tonight Chrissy. Babs is right, work is a poor excuse. ;o)
    BS 155#
    SP 75#
    DL 225#
    Great to see all the heavy weights. Great job everybody.
    Thanks for sharing the bar with me Darlene. Mikey, I’ll take you up on the arm wrestling as long as I use my right arm.

  42. valentin (aka V.T)

    Liked the change of pace.

  43. Teach

    BS – 205 🙁
    SP – 110
    DL – 305 (new PR)
    Considering how sore I still was from Tuesday’s WOD not a totally bad day today! Need to work on my back squat, so I probably should stop avoiding them like the plague!
    Fantastic energy tonight from everyone! You all continue to amaze me with the effort put forth each day.
    Pat – Heat, stretch, and ice that leg!
    Kendra – way to tackle some weight today on your first CFT!
    H the B – always a pleasure to see you my friend 🙂
    HeMan – good call on the plates, although I do think we should weigh them on another scale just to make sure it’s correct 🙂
    To all my Thursday night peeps – you guys are awesome!

  44. Big E

    Awesome WOD for me. Seeing results , gaining confidence.

  45. Steve

    Back squat 215
    S Press 115
    Back Squat 305!
    CFT – 630
    All personal records; Man, that felt great!