“Fresh Dairy”

Warm Up:

Practice 15 single leg squats each leg


Row 1000m


5 Rounds For Time:

  • 15 Right Arm KB Snatch
  • 15 Left Arm KB Snatch
  • Run 500m

Post time and weight to comments.

Teach C2B
Happy Birthday Coach Beth, aka "Teach"!  Check out her Kipping Pull-Ups skills (video) and Awesome Third Trimester Fran (video) over a year ago.

Happy Birthday Manuel! 

53 Responses to ““Fresh Dairy””

  1. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Beth and Manuel!

  2. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Beth and Manuel!

  3. Valentin (aka V.T)

    happy Birthday Teach and Manuel

  4. Andrea / Genie

    Happy birthday Teach and Manuel! May you both have a great day and wonderful birthday weekend!

  5. Callum

    HBD Beth, sad i was not able to yell at you this week!!!
    28:11 44LB kettlebell

  6. mikey

    Happy Bday Beth and Manuel!
    Awesome pull-ups Beth. Prego Fran- I remember when that video was taken and am still blown away by it.

  7. Silverback

    24:47 (35#)
    Happy birthday Teach and Manuel! BTW, where you been Manuel?

  8. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Beth and Manuel!

  9. Dar

    Happy Birthday Teach and Manuel!
    Wow Beth! First time I’ve seen that video and all I can say is: WOW!

  10. Babs

    Have an extra special day, Happy Birthday Teach and Manuel!!!!

  11. Sarah

    Happy Birthdya Beth and Manuel!
    Beth you need to email Dr. Peterson so he can see it!hahaha!

  12. Ace (formerly known as D-Mena)

    Happy Birthday Guys!

  13. Billdozer

    30:08(53#KB) That was a nice little WOD, it was a pleasure to work out with Beth on her bday, I remember watching your pregnant fran in person like it was yesterday.
    Way to push on the runs with me Skip and Ruel.

  14. Noel (SKIP)

    Any longer and it would be torture. It was an honor to do a WOD with the infamous Beth anytime, especially on her birthday.
    I just couldn’t keep up with you, Billy, you’re tall with long strides, I am shorter with small lungs. But one day my feet will move faster!! Grr!

  15. Nicol disco d

    Happy birthday teach and Manuel!!!!
    36:42 (18#,10) having shoulder problems:(

  16. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Beth & Manuel!
    23:30 (26#)

  17. mario c

    mario c 22:05 Scaled
    10 reps each arm per round and 250 meter shuffles, #26. Had to start from the ground on most of the snatches.

  18. Bobo

    28:40? (44#)
    for some reason chalk didn’t cross my mind until the fifth round. Thanks Ramrod and G for pushing me, and for getting me to use some chalk. hehe.
    I heard you sneaking up on me Shelly. It kept me pushing through to the end.

  19. dianna

    Happy Birthday Beth and Manuel!!!!!
    39:07 (18#) including a bathroom break :p

  20. Barbella

    28:45 (18#) Got a little SunTan today..very HHOTT!
    2hrs post WOD and people are still asking why my face is red. Love it!

  21. Barbella

    Bobo — it’s Sheryl not Shelly (that’s my sister) =0)

  22. Barbella

    and Bobo, I was tyring so hard to catch you at the end..UGH! If I had 10 more yards…

  23. ingrid

    Happy Birthday Beth and Manuel.It seems like we’re celebrating birthdays every week now.Way to go ACF…
    The early morning sun is hotter than usual today I could feel my face getting ready for pimple/acne breakout…ouch!!!
    35:13 18# KB
    nice to fin’ly workout with you Maricel.Welcome to ACF.

  24. vegas

    Teach didnt even know it was your B-day when I saw you today. Happy b-day to you and Manuel.
    28:51 44Kb

  25. Bobo

    Happy Birfday Teach!
    Happy Birfday Manual the Machine!
    Sorry BarbellaShellySherylbobella. hehe.

  26. Logan

    25:21 (35#) pretty sure that Texas Baseball Academy had a blast furnace blowing out their front doors during the run…worked out at noon and over/under on finally cooling off has been set at 5:45pm.
    Happy birthday to the celebrants.

  27. JohnnyB

    29:02 (KB-26#)
    Defying 1600hrs heat is totally unbearable!!
    I was pretty lousy on my KB snatch…
    1k rowing took my breath out & stagnant airflow, almost DNF this WOD…
    Thanks CoachG & Ramrod!!

  28. JohnnyB

    ZEN & TAZ!! Last run?! That’s was funny!! LMAO

  29. Teach

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!! I have such a great family at ACF…I feel so loved 🙂
    30:51 (35#)
    Billy got me on this one…curse you rowing!! Had a great time with the 9:30 folks this morning. Kyle – way to sprint the last part of the run! Arnold – I wonder if anyone else has a dog named Baxter?? LOL
    G – thanks for the push, you reminded me every-so-sweetly that I still had reps to do when I was standing over the KB gasping for air!
    Billy – always an honor to work out with you!
    Ivannah – keep crossfitting and pregnancy will seem easy 🙂

  30. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    31:15 (18KB)need to concentrate on my KB snatch form. Happy that I did not walk on all my runs though my pace is SSLLLOOOWW hehehe! TAZ- thank you pushing me as always (lucky me that most of the time you messed up counting your rounds-joke!)Speedy Gonzalez aka Johnny B! – i’m speechless!
    thanks Coach Ramrod and G!
    way to finish it Sunshine! 3-2-1 GO!!!!

  31. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    28:55 (35#KB)
    Good group at 4pm. Great to see Ramrod coaching with G. I think we are lucky to have you joining the coaching staff.. Ramrod. Way to push thru JohnnyB.
    Nice meeting you Pete, your incites on nutrition were fascinating, hopefully I can give up the corn chips and corn taco shells (Pete is a nutritionist), and do plantain chips and cabbage leaves instead. Good to see you Zen Jen and Brant.

  32. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Correction I think my time was 33:15 🙂

  33. Keith Fogle

    33:45 26# KB
    Very hot, and very FUN!!
    Happy Birthday to Manuel and Beth!

  34. Marlon

    24:40 26#KB
    Happy Birthday Beth and Manuel

  35. JUDY

    31:34. 26#. so hot all i saw was orange. I think it was a combo of the sun and Chrissy’s shorts in front of me. I was trying to catch you that last 100 meters, but you sped up! Next time! Thx 6PMers for pushing me!

  36. chrissy

    29:38 – 18#
    Hot is an understatement! Had to go faster at the end to end the misery! 🙂

  37. G

    33:55 (35# KB) – Thank you for running with me on my last 500 meters, Jim. You are the best!
    So excuse me if I analyze this Grinder WOD today. I broke my PR on the 1000 meter row finishing 4:27 minutes (Yey, Blizzard Time!). But that leaves my time with 29:25 of 150 reps of KB snatches (broke the reps 2 sets per round per arm except for the 5th round, 4 breaks on the left arm) and 2,500 meters or over a mile 1/2 of running. No bueno!!!

  38. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Greg H!
    Good to see Rich, Gary W, JDS, and J-Ace back in action.
    Almost forgot…congrats to Ian Morrell on his strict Muscle-Up yesterday. You are now part of ACF’s Muscle-Up club.
    For those who were in the low 20’s today, kudos to you…fast row and runs indeed! Muy Bueno, right Todsky?!! 😛
    Way to go heavy Billy!
    Teach, have fun wake-boarding! Enjoy your weekend long of birthday celebration.

  39. Teach

    Thanks Fam!!! And I didn’t say thanks for sticking around for us 9:30 folks to cheer us on 🙂
    G- you were inspired by the display of heavy lifting that Billy and I did!! Way to tackle those heavy KB Snatches…I think my time was some where around there for everything. Don’t over-think…you finished and it was intense…’nuff said!

  40. Ruel

    I’ll won’t forget this wod…that’s for sure , had a minor mishap…. I have to stop and rest more than my usual break… Thanks G, Billy for the push… U guys really make a difference… For the 0830 guys who hang around to cheer us, I appreciate u all…
    Teach and Manuel … Happy birthday

  41. Taz

    33:35 (18#)
    Enjoyed the rat race we had there Zen and roadrunner Johnny B. All the while I was pacing myself to give my all in what I thought was the 4th round…it was over!!! No wonder you and John were sprinting your lungs out. Way to finish Sunshine.
    Happy Birthday Beth and Manuel.

  42. JUDY

    oops, i mean tammy! yeah 6pm all around anyway =)