For time:


  • 500m run
  • 5 Burpees
  • 15 HSPU
  • 25 Pull-Ups
  • 35 Cal Row
  • 45 Ball Slams
  • 55 Deadlifts (165)(115)

Post results to comments.

June 19 354

Creighton Scott (USMC) came back to his hometown and dropped in for a few WODs with us last week.

81 Responses to ““Stoic””

  1. Lauren

    So, I have an infection above my eye. It was okay until Saturday, and then yesterday I went to the hospital when the pain was still increasing. Am now being forcibly kept here and given morphine and heavy duty antibiotics via iv. I hope to be released today though, and I’ll be back as soon as I possibly can, I’m hating every hour I can’t get to the box.
    This looks good, it should be brutal by the end of that row… Everyone breathe fire for me, wish more than anything I could be there.

  2. Lauren

    Creighton, we’re all endlessly grateful for your service and it was great having you at the box. Come back and visit us.

  3. Callum

    Great start to the week, loved this workout,
    13:35 (1 Ab-Mat)
    Is anyone doing fight gone bad in September? if you are please tell me what box you plan on going to.

  4. mario

    Hey Lauren – I guess this means we’re not rock climbing today?
    Just kidding. Hope you get better soon. Call me if you need anything.

  5. Rigo "Suave"

    This was a good workout.
    What a “wonderful” way to start the day..
    11 HSPU normal, 4 with 1 ab mat
    (20) ball slam
    Great job everyone at 5:30am.
    Get better quickly Lauren!

  6. mario c

    Hey LT:
    Sorry for calling you 7:25 this morning from HEB asking if I could substitute dates instead of figs when I make fig newtons!
    Hey, what do I know from dates or figs? They both grow on trees. What else is there to know?
    I thought you would already be up on your way to school. I needed expert advice cuz I could not find any figs. The ones Genie and Babs gave me last week rotted on me cuz I waited too long to put them in the refrigerator.
    I had no idea you were in the hospital on serious pain drugs! Morphine, whoa! I never tried it – I usually just bite down on a piece of bamboo until the pain goes away. But next time, I think I’ll try morphine. Do they sell that over the counter at CVS or do you have to ask for it?
    You were mumbling on the phone plus I can’t hear very well anymore (all those years of chrissy yelling at me, hehe) plus I could not understand what you were mumbling plus I felt bad because I thought I woke you up. Even though you said I didn’t.
    Great call on steering me away from the dates though, even under the heavy drugs you came through. No doubt that is because you are f–k–g elite cuz you do Crossfit workouts!
    Further, you being in the hospital on a morphine drip and all makes me feel really bad that I said I was going to crush you on the run at today’s WOD. I take that back, for sure, plus I also take back any other braggadicio stuff I may have said!
    Just trying to make you laugh, Get well fast!

  7. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    19:45 I think with 12#slam ball.
    Great programming as usual Loco Moco!
    Thanks for the push Jared, Pop Rocks and everyone else!
    Welcome back Jared!
    Thanks G!

  8. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    19:45 I think with 12#slam ball.
    Great programming as usual Loco Moco!
    Thanks for the push Jared, Pop Rocks and everyone else!
    Welcome back Jared!
    Thanks G!

  9. Bobby

    Hey- if you are competing in the Bring the Heat Summer Challenge at Katy CrossFit I can pick up your packet for you. I work in Katy and it is on my way home from work. I’ll pick it up on the 12th and drop it off at Atomic on the Friday, the 13th. Send me your info if you need me to do this. Thanks

  10. Rosie

    Get well!
    16:33 (pike,2″bnd,10#SB,75#DL)
    Welcome back Jared!
    Thx Macho for the push on the DL! 🙂

  11. Speedy J

    14:40 (Rx) – I am sure I was at blue ABMAT on some of my HSPU..good WOD!

  12. Dar

    Hey Bobby,
    I really appreciate this. I’m in the scaled girl’s division: Darlene Granados. I’ll pick up the packet on Friday 13th from Atomic.
    Thanks again!!

  13. T.I.

    Get well soon Lauren.
    Pissed I have to miss this one today. The new tattoo has me out at least two more days. I can’t wait to be back.

  14. Macho Ranger

    Isn’t part of getting a tattoo communicating your toughness to everyone….I’m just sayn’
    I guess not.

  15. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    15:03 (1 abmat) The ball slams surprised me… challenging… never done 20lbs before. Good seeing you Tank..good energy at the 9:30 group.

  16. T.I.

    LOL! I’m plenty tough. I sat in that chair for 6 hours. I just don’t want it to get infected. It needs to heal a few more days.

  17. Callum

    Kenny, you need to wrap that baby Vic tattoo up in plastic wrap anf get to the gym before you get your A@# handed to you next weekend in Katy. 🙂

  18. Natalie

    Very hard workout for me! Thank you so much Grace and Arnold for the push. I sure needed it.
    24:30 – I am proud to say I ran without stopping and this was the first WOD doing my pull ups with the 2″ band. No more rings! My form is so much better on DL too. So, I did meet some milestones!

  19. Natalie

    Oh, I forgot to think my sweet husband for th push too! Thanks Ben C (RHABd).

  20. T.C.

    Crossfit CataMount Canton OH
    Shoulder press (1repx5) 135-145-155-175-185
    push press(3 rep x 5 rounds)
    Push jerk (5 of 5)
    Amrap 10 min
    20 sit ups
    25 squats
    7t rounds + 35

  21. Noel (SKIP)

    21:46 (Pike pushup/green band/20# ball/135#DL)
    Was too fun for my own good.

  22. JUDY

    hope you feel better Lauren. since when did you become “Creighton”? Weren’t you “Craig” in high school? 🙂 hehe, just kidding!

  23. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    16:54 (Pike, 12# ball, 115# DL)
    Get well soon Lauren!

  24. Barbella

    Lauren, the box isn’t going anywhere – just get yourself well!
    17:40 (pike,2″band,10# ball,95#DL)

  25. mario c

    Chrissy c 18:32
    thin white band
    12# slam ball
    95# DL
    mario c 17:35 scaled to:
    500 meter shuffle
    5 burpees
    10 hspu – 2 ab mats + 1 blue mat
    15 kips
    20 calorie row
    25 10# slam balls
    30 75# DL

  26. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    19:45 I think with 12#slam ball.
    Great programming as usual Loco Moco!
    Thanks for the push Jared, Pop Rocks and everyone else!
    Welcome back Jared!
    Thanks G!

  27. Sarah

    5-15-20-30-35-40 Prego burpees, seated press 15#db, ring rows, 8#sb, and 65#dl
    That was a tough one in the noon heat! Great job to all the nooners and thanks to Mario for running with me or me with you! haha! And for putting my weights away!
    Thank you for the large boobs comment Jim! They need to be proportional to my large butt and growing belly 🙂

  28. Beast (aka JA)

    Chrissy…what are you doing working out so early?
    Here I am thinking that T.I.’s tattoo was going to get all blotty if it gets all sweaty…shows you how much I know about tattoos.
    Get well Lauren.

  29. Dar

    There’s a whole animated series. This one’s pretty funny:

  30. Bobo

    12:59 165#DL,20#SB.
    Thanks for the push Macho! Needed it to catch Ramrod.

  31. JohnnyB

    14:49 (DL-145# SB-12 1ABM)
    Good Job Jen(zen) on your HSPU!!
    Thanks CoachG & SoS for counting..!

  32. dianna

    20:17 pike PU, RR, 10#SB, 115#DL
    not bad if you subtract the time for the run 🙂
    this wod saved the best for last.

  33. dianna

    but It is a good cult…
    running sucks. but sucks less now.
    RR, pike PU, 10#SB, 115#DL
    this wod saved the best for last!

  34. Holly

    Hey Lauren,
    Sorry to hear you are so sick! Get better soon.

  35. christine sicam

    19:38 (15#dumbell sitting arm extensions;white band pull ups;10# slam balls; 65# deadlifts)

  36. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    17:?? (2HSPU:)pike,black band,10#BS) Thanks G and Johnny B for pushing me to try HSPU! so happy that I am able just to do hand stand!now looking forward to more HSPUs.
    Thanks G for counting the last reps of my DLs. Heather – it will get better! Nice to see you again Ximena. Miss my partner in crime Taz – have a nice vacation.
    get well Lauren!

  37. Ximena

    After a whole month, I’m back and it hurt more then ever 🙂
    (12 # DBP, RR, 35 10# slam balls, 35 85# DL)
    Good to see everyone and good to feel the pain again!!!

  38. Dub

    14:47(rx, 20#)
    We had a great group at the six o’clock class. It was a tough task just trying to keep up with everyone. Get well soon Lauren!

  39. She-Ra

    my legs are mad at me right now!! so is my chest… but I’m happy 🙂
    3 rds
    50 DUs
    25 2fer1 WBs 12#
    after the 2fer WOD..
    3 Power Cleans 135#
    4 HSPUs No ab-mat
    11:24 😀
    RX for our standards, but no deficit HSPU like the games.. Still the most I’ve ever done!! WHOOP

  40. H the B

    13:11(1 abmat,12 SB,135 DL)
    Nice workout. Great time @ 4 today. Thanks for counting SOS (sort of). Way to tackle your fist WOD with HSPU.

  41. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    17:09 (2 abs / 20#)

  42. Ace

    Not sure about my time. Couldn’t finish the DL’s cuz of my stupid back again. But as Grace said, “live to fight another day.” Hopefully that other day doesn’t have as many DL’s.
    Great group at the 6 pm class. Really enjoy working out with all the big dawgs. See ya’ll manana.

  43. Summer

    17:12 (pick PU, BB.10#bs) Great Job to everybody at the 8:30 class

  44. Gina

    16:34 (pike, gr band)
    Thanks Ace for counting & the push! Not sure where those last 15 dl came from. I just knew if I put down the bar I was going to pass out!

  45. SOS

    14:41 (2 abs, 12#, 135#)
    Thanks for the push Hernan.

  46. Babs

    16:19 (15#DB press;2″ band;10# ball; 65# DL)
    Thanks Mickey for keeping me on track and the extra push!

  47. Julia

    18:53 (green band, 105/95#, tried 2 ab mats went to pike, 12#slamball)
    I have no stinking clue how I was able to bang out pull ups on the thin white band Saturday. I started there today and could only get 2 reps!
    This WOD was a fight for me and I’m glad I finished. Silverback, I totally wanted to do it again at 7:00!
    Great job 6:00 p.m. ladies…. and boys 😉

  48. Billdozer

    11:40(2 abmats) Not a bad little WOD, considering my RX on handstand pushups is 3 abmats I will classify this one as RX+. Lots of hard work by all the evening classes. I’m starting to see a lot of progress from everyone, which is exciting.
    T.I.- That tattoo better be bad ass, that’s all I have to say about it.

  49. Nisha

    17:15 (2 abmats, green band, 12#ball)
    Was originally worried about doing 55 reps at the 115# but that ended up being the easiest part..well, maybe not easy but definately manageable 🙂
    Still working on finding my comfort level with the pullups…I know that they aren’t supposed to be comfortable but maybe perhaps just a bit less than excruciating???

  50. chrissy c

    Yo Beast – worked from home today, so I had the honor of working out with the noon dudes during my lunch “hour”. See yas tomorrow at 7:00 PM…

  51. Sledge

    14:37 (RX)
    Deadlifts kicked my butt. Thanks to my beautiful and amazing wife for cheering me on and getting me through them. 🙂

  52. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    14:33 Pike push ups, 12#SB, 115# DL, Medium Band Pull-ups. Lots of scaling for the first time back in the box in two weeks, but it all felt just right. Good to get back in the routine.

  53. ray

    Get well Lauren!
    18:15 (1 abmat, 20#SB, 165#DL)
    good duel between slpd and fbso tonight, we’ll go again this week Eli.
    thanks for helping with the bars billy, genie, and mikey. i was messed up pretty good after this one.
    thanks for the bday wishes yest

  54. Jared M

    17:06(1 ab mat, 20#, 165)
    Awesome job Pepper way to push through and finish strong!

  55. Pepper

    21:04 (pike, rr, 12#)
    Was fine until I had the asthma attack after the rowing. Sorry Gatekeeper and Jared if I scared you with that. I was fine…had already hit the inhaler…but just needed to calm down.
    Before the wod, attempted a couple of HSPU…will definitely be able to do that soon. Woo Hoo!
    Thank you Dar for the peer pressure. I don’t think I would have pushed myself to 12# SB and 115# DL without your ‘influence.’
    Thanks Jared for such awesome partnering. I could not have gotten through those last DLs without you and G there at the end.

  56. Dar

    16:35 2abmats(not pretty,)12#sb,115#dl
    Thanks Shelly for counting my reps. You hung in there tough!
    Proud of you Pepper. Every workout I see you improving leaps and bounds!
    Fun crew at 7pm. Y’all did GREAT!!

  57. G

    14:07 (Rx, 20# Slamballs)
    Loved this WOD! Strict HSPUs are getting easier. It was fun pacing with Joe F and SOS the entire time!
    Good to see Jared R, Ximena, Rigo, Habib, The Cadenheads(RHABd and Natalie), The Flanigans (Joe and Marie), Agent Orange, 007, Aida, Tank, Mogi, Callie, Anthony A, Shelly, Audry, Genie, Mikey, Chad M and Gary W back in action.
    Awesome WOD there TC. Hopefully, Jen W is doing her non-equipment traveling WOD.
    Nice work up in Colorado She-Ra!
    Good to see Barkley stop by at lunch. We’ll see you very soon!
    The FACE was missed at 6pm, too, Arnold.
    Where are you Matthew Luther??
    Oh yeah, I agree with Billy..that new tattoo better be bad-ass, T.I.!
    Huge classes and lots of energy all day!

  58. Beast (aka JA)

    Thanks Genie for taking such good care of me.
    17:50 2 abmats, 15 pull-ups and last 10 with tan band, 12# ball slams and 115# DL.
    My rip from yesterday was just too fresh. OUCH!
    BTW, thanks Mikey for being such a gentleman and helping us “little ladies” in reaching the band. I think I used about 4 bars during the pull-up part of the WOD.
    Great job everybody! Thanks Coaches.

  59. Keith Fogle

    18:56 (pike,12#SB,135#DL)
    Deadlifts were harder than expected — an awesome WOD!!

  60. Taz

    Really wanted to do this WOD but still too much errands to do. Good job on your HSPU Zen! ‘miss all my 4pm mates and 3 Rs for you Lauren (Rest,Relax & Recover).

  61. Andrea aka Genie

    18:20 (1 abmat, 12#, 115#)
    Thanks JA for your push! It was great working out with you!! You did awesome!!!

  62. Andrea aka Genie

    18:20 (1 abmat, 12#, 115#)
    Thanks JA for your push! It was great working out with you!! You did awesome!!!

  63. sharon

    22:06 – 2+ Abmat HSPU (really more like handstand arm bends but i’ll get there eventually) 105# DL and 12# sb
    Great work 7:00 class.

  64. mikey

    18:57 (pike,20#,135#)
    Beast- like I told you, helping you with your band was just an excuse to take a break… 🙂

  65. Andrea aka Genie

    18:20 (1 abmat, 12#, 115#)
    Thanks JA for your push! It was great working out with you!! You did awesome!!!

  66. JUDY

    posting here in case we compare in the future. did this on 8/8/10. 14:26. first time using 1 1/2 ab mats for HSPU and black band during a wod. 12# Ballslams, 115 DL.