We Are CrossFit!

2010 CrossFit Games Adidas Commercial from Steven Willis on Vimeo.

CrossFit Games 2010 highlight from Martin Altemark on Vimeo.

We are proud to announce that the following ACF Athletes will be competing at CrossFit Katy's Bring The Heat Event this coming Saturday (photos to come..)

Eli Alonso

Callum "BullHorn" Bishop

Janet "Speedy J" Black

Todd "Todsky" Crosswhite

Heather Dusek

Aaron Durden

Bobby Feirtag

Joe Flanigan

Darlene "Dar" Granados

Doug "ACE" Mena

Billy "Billdozer" Nash

Kenny "T.I." Ochoa

Beth "Teach" Spearmen

Judy Trent

Hernan "The Barbarian" Vargas

Daniel "Ramrod" Ward

Brandon "Dub" Wilson

Hope you all make plans to cheer them on.  We will have a table and shade set up for our tribe at the event.  We apologize if we missed somebody on the list, please let us know.  

14 Responses to “We Are CrossFit!”

  1. Noel (SKIP)

    5rds: 500m Row+200m Run+100 jump rope = 30:35
    Had some fun with April on this one. Very sweaty, too. The darn jump ropes were slowing me down!
    Then did box jumps. Managed to reach 37inches. I’ll reach 48 soon. Hopefully one day I’ll jump three tractor tires (hey, a guy can dream, right?)

  2. Noel (SKIP)

    By the way, does anyone know what was the name of the song playing during Chris Spealler portion of the Adidas commercial? Liked the heavy drumming, comes in handy sometimes.

  3. christine sicam

    Bench press 5-5-3-3-3-1-1
    2017 row: 10:47min

  4. Julia

    I did Monday’s WOD (8/2) again… and faster… Monday my time was 18 + and today I finished at 15:30.
    Thanks Judy for letting me work out with you! 🙂

  5. April

    Cardio day–row, run single jump ropes–29:34 thanks Noel for taking this one on. I hate cardio but I know I’ve got to do it–it helps to have company!
    Steph and SOS great times on your cardio–way to work through something you dislike so much Steph.
    Going to miss the Katy event next weekend–wish I could be in two places at once–have a great time everyone–I know you will all do great–there will be PR’s!!!

  6. G

    Skip, haha, the band was my fav from my good old globo spin class days. It’s Soul Surfing by Fat Boy Slim.
    Jim, that WOD was so evil! Sorry for the f-bombs guys! I’ll redo that WOD with a better time and with a tape on my mouth next time -hehe!

  7. G

    Skip, check out The Weekend Starts Here also by Fat Boy Slim

  8. Billdozer

    Nothing like having a big group of us invade a competition. For those of you who have never been to a competition as a spectator, throw on an ACF shirt, and come cheer everyone on. Its fun and a good way to get to know people.
    P.S.- Cal, Daniel and I are comin for you! POW!

  9. toddsky

    Of the 17 athletes, who is doing scaled and who is doing standard? Can someone parenthetically include it next to each name?

  10. Beast (aka JA)

    Chris Spealler is our hero! He gives hope to those of us who are vertically challenged!
    Did Tuesday’s WOD 11:22 26# KB, 20″ box, 2 abmats and kips. That box felt really high.
    My HSPU’s are all unbroken and no band! WOOHOO!!!
    It was fun to watch Gatekeeper and JP’s jump-off. Whatever WOD G was doing was very scary… ;o)

  11. Ace

    Really wanted to make it in today… but couldn’t get outta bed. I think I have a problem. I’m not even drinking and I STILL can’t get outta bed on the weekends… ridiculous.
    Todd – Aaron, Brandon, and I are doing scaled.

  12. JUDY

    Did “Stoic” from 8/2. 14:26. first time using 1 1/2 ab mats for HSPU and black band during a wod. 12# Ballslams, 115 DL. Great job Julia, beat your time from last wk by almost 3 mins, awesome! thx 4 joining me, you are “fun size” =P

  13. Katie

    Good Luck everyone going to the CF Katy event! You guys will do awesome!