3rd Annual Beach Bash RSVP

Girls hspu xfit We need to get an estimate of how many people plan on attending the 3rd Annual Beach Bash on September 5th so we can start planning the menu.  Please respond to this announcement with your tentative head count.  We need to get estimates on food, so the sooner, the better.

Just wanted to clarify:  Everyone is welcome! The Beach Bash is not only for the ACF Team WOD League teams.  You don't have to do the WOD; just hang out and have fun.  This is our annual barbecue beach-get-together with family and friends.  Please RSVP to comments below.

Since the beach house address cannot be posted on-line, you will be emailed with the details/directions.  Please make sure your mindbody account or the google contact list has the correct email address.

52 Responses to “3rd Annual Beach Bash RSVP”

  1. Julia

    I’ll be there… Sledge has to check his schedule.

  2. bryan g.

    if you’re providing industrial grade SPF 100 sunblock, i will be there.

  3. Speedy J

    Will and I will be there…I think we have the girls too (step-daughters)…we could be plus three kids.

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Lisa and I will be there with the baby.

  5. Nisha

    Wolverine & Nisha in + a couple of kids (2-3 depending on the teenager’s plans)

  6. G

    correction: Silverback is actually RSVPing for 3 (him, me and SOS)

  7. Bullhorn

    2 for me, maybe i can get a tan and get a better picture taken. i look like powder.

  8. Pepper

    I’m in. Been trying to figure out why that date has stuck in my head. Hope I didn’t commit to anything else. 🙂

  9. Billdozer

    Sarah and I are in. I will be warming up my beach volleyball skills

  10. Fight Club (self dubbed Brad Pitt, formerly known as Durdy, known to some as Stripper)


  11. T.I. (Kenny)

    Please add two more for me. Kendra and Grayson will be going too. Grayson will be turning 2 that day 🙂

  12. Jen C

    Tentatively 2 + the kiddo…What time does this shindig begin?

  13. G

    Agent Orange,
    Surfside Beach, TX (288 South) at my brother’s beach house, where we hold it every year since 2008. Hope you and family can make it. Details and directions will be handed out at our box.

  14. Dolenga (agent orange)

    We’re in. Two big people, two little people

  15. Beast (aka JA)

    I think Gatekeeper RSVP’d for us. Looking forward to the volleyball tourney and the beach WOD again! WOOHOO!

  16. Rosie

    Rosie + 4
    Arthur + 5*
    *depending on soccer tournament

  17. Sirun

    Hi, this is Sirun, first time posting. When and where is the beach bash?

  18. G

    Sirun, it’s good to see you post….finally 🙂
    Sunday, Sept 5th
    Surfside Beach, TX.
    Map/directions will be handed out this week (my brother doesn’t want his beach house address posted on-line).

  19. Kyle S

    Count me in (+1 maybe), Stephanie is trying to get off work.

  20. G

    Don’t forget to bring sunblock and off-spray. We only have 1 football, so just in case, if anyone has a spare please bring it with you. Thank you.