Bring The Heat @ CF Katy

ACF Group at end the day

Many thanks to all who came and supported our competitors yesterday.  Half of you left before we took the group picture above.  Please know that your effort in showing up did not go unnoticed.  (photos courtesy of Stephanie Last's Slideshow)  More photos to come from other sources.  We will publish or upload them throughout this week.  Also, many thanks to CF Katy for putting out a very successful event.  It was fun to hang with like-minded people, other area crossfitters and affiliates.  The results are now posted in their website.

CF Houston's Indoor Slideshow (courtesy of Charles of CF Houston)

CF Houston's WOD2 Slide Show (courtesy of Charles of CF Houston)

ACF 1st 2nd 3rd place
ACF 2nd place Billy
Scaled Division: 1st – Brandon Willson, 2nd – Todd Crosswhite and 3rd – Aaron Durden on left photo.

Standard Division:  2nd – Billy Nash on the right photo.

Weights/Height listed as (Standard Male, Scaled Male) (Standard Female, Scale Female)

WOD #1 – 12 minute cut off

4 Rounds For Time Of:

250m Row (Damper 7)

12 Box Jumps (24, 20) (20, 16)

8 Dead Lift (245, 185) (165, 125)

WOD #2 – 15 minute cut off

15 – 12 – 9 Reps For Time Of:

Clean and Jerk (135, 95) (85, 55)

230m Sandbag Run after each round (75, 50) (50, 25)


Eli WOD2 
Bullhorn WOD2
Speedy J WOD1
Toddsky WOD2
Aaron WOD2 Bobby WOD2
Joe WOD2
Dar WOD2

ACE WOD2 Billdozer WOD1
Teach WOD2

Judy WOD2
Hernan WOD2
Ramrod WOD2
Dub WOD2

7 Responses to “Bring The Heat @ CF Katy”

  1. RUEL

    you were all awesome guys! congrats to all that participated and …i saw the first WOD event…I wished i dont have to work this weekend so i could have cheered u guys all day… nevertheless i had a great time.

  2. ingrid

    Congratulations to all the participants.I am so proud of all of you and sooo proud to be a part of ACF!!!’wish it is covered live on TV so the weekenders can watch.

  3. Dar

    It was a very exhilarating and exhausting event. The support was unbelievable and helped to push me beyond even what I thought I could achieve. The results show what a great box we have and the coaching is THE BEST! So proud to be a part of ACF!
    Judy – didn’t realize we were neck and neck. Way to go girl!
    Maybe we should practice some WODs out in the 100+ heat so we can prepare for these challenges! ha ha…NOT!

  4. JUDY

    Hey Dar, great job! Crazy huh? Fun in the Sun, minus the sun part =)