“The Real Deal”

5 Rounds For Time:

  • 10 Thrusters (95)(65)
  • 10 Burpees

Post results to comments.

CFH's Beat The Heat WOD2 Slide Show (courtesy of Charles of CrossFit Houston)

ACFTWL shirt backside

It is almost time!   Less than a week until the Tourney!  Below is the schedule for the

Each week all
teams in the tournament will do the same WOD to determine who moves
forward.  Each WOD will be two events and
all teams present are welcome to do the events. 
These will be great workouts that everyone can do.  The Finals will be
at the Beach Bash on Sunday, September 5th. 
Rosters for the tournament teams are due to Coach Jim prior to Round 1
WOD announcement.  Each Roster should
list the 4 teammates and one male and one female alternate.  A total of 6 names on the roster. Alternates
can only be used once during the tournament and can be subbed prior to the
week's WOD announcement. Emergency subs will be evaluated on a case by case

Tournament ACFTWL 2010 

Round 1:

1.  POW = bye

2.  Commando

3.  Noisy Pirates

4.  Silent Ninjas

5.  Buck Furpees

6.  Stud Ducks

7.  Filthy Dirty Bastards

47 Responses to ““The Real Deal””

  1. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    13:12 (65)
    Not been a good week for me @ The Box. Many thanks to Jim & G for calming me down this morning!

  2. Bonnie B

    8:58 (45/35)
    thanks to those who changed my flat tire this morning!!!!!! i really appreciate it 🙂 🙂

  3. Freakin' PR

    9:35 (Rx + 10lb vest)
    Loved the extra 10 lbs!!! lovely!
    I’m available to sub during the tournament too!!! 🙂
    Thanks for the push today G and Daniel

  4. Billdozer

    I will allow the request for Silverback to be on Commando stand and Team POW! would like to extend an invitation to C-Note and Aida to be our subs.

  5. ray

    9:38 (35# DBs)
    Thanks for keeping me moving Ivannah. Hope your arm feels better

  6. Noel (SKIP)

    Been gone for a week. Might have bitten more than I could chew.
    75# (2 rds)|65# (3rds) = 12:41 (?)
    Just ate some oatmeal…mmmm…..

  7. Barbella

    “The Real Deal” for REAL!
    12:20 (55#)
    That was tough. Zapped me. Nuff said.

  8. Silverback

    10:47 (Rx + 20# Vest)
    TI applied peer pressure on the vest. Dumbest idea I’ve agreed to all day 😉
    Arnold, I’d be happy to sub for the tournament, but have to ck with G cuz she said something about me subbing yesterday, but I didn’t catch what she said.

  9. Silverback

    Delete “yesterday” and insert “this morning.” What the hell, it was early and still have asleep.

  10. Crazy Carl

    8:38 Rx
    Tried to keep up with Sledge for as long as i could, but i hit a freakin wall halfway through that 4th round…had to breathe a little.
    Good job Ram with that 20# vest, ur INSANE.
    I had a terrible headache after doing this wod! took awhile to recover.
    G, thanks for the push today…its helps to have you screaming in my ear when I need to MAN UP and keep moving!

  11. Billdozer

    C-Note, I will take that as a yes. I don’t think its possible for you to be out of shape.
    I would also like a recap of how many weeks Team Commando actually competed with their complete team. I set the over/under at 2.

  12. Gab

    For all of you guys who took that extra 10 or 20 pounds RESPECT. In a good french speaking I would say that your are “des ostie de machines” (you are so f****** insane).
    For my part I did 9:57 Rx. It was a hard WOD and I love it this way.

  13. mario c

    mario c 12:35; #65 Scaled the thrusters to 5 per round

  14. Summer

    9:42(45#). Thank u G for hovering over me to help me finish, I would have slowed down if u were not there.

  15. Bobo

    7:10 RX.
    Silverback, T.I. tried to rope me in too, but I wasn’t going near that vest after hearing Ramrod’s description.
    Thanks for the push at the end G!

  16. Pepper

    Vampire Donates Blood!
    Yep it’s true, there was a blood drive at work. I’ll miss the WOD tonight, but will see the rest of you vamps tomorrow!

  17. Ramrod

    Arnold stop trying to seduce team POW. And we completed every week but maybe 2-3 times together. Because as we all know part of our creed is consistency 😉

  18. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    9:58 (45#) loved the warm up! Miles,thanks for carrying me! LESLEY-you did great!

  19. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    11:07 (RX LROM (many of my thrusters out front instead of out the window thing))
    So far this week, two days.. two ass kickings.
    I saw this one coming and it ran the **** over me. In hind sight, 75-85# might have been better. Tried to keep up with Billdozer and Todsky …not today. I’m going to need to do special strength training just on thrusters for a while to compete with them.
    Bobo, great time. Inspiring.

  20. Billdozer

    8:29(RX) That was not as much fun as I imagined.
    Daniel, I look forward to our battle at 9:30 tomorrow.

  21. Dub

    Thanks for the push ramrod, my legs were on fire afterwards.

  22. Chad "The Nomad" Blaylock

    9:15 (65#)
    Jim, thanks for the form adjustment.
    Grace, Thank You for the push @ the end!!!

  23. Julia

    10:05 (45#)
    Felt fire in the back of my throat on that one!!! Thanks Silverback, G, Ramrod and Nisha for the encouragement… and Jim too. 🙂

  24. Ace

    8:03 (65#)
    Had to leave my ego at the door on this one. Wanted to go heavier but my drill sergeant said if I went heavier and didn’t finish under 8 min I owed him ANOTHER 50 burpees which was not an option. I’m REALLY glad I didn’t go heavier. Thanks Jim.

  25. valentin (aka V.T)

    great WOD today.
    6:45 (65#)
    Thanks to all the coaches at 6 you guys were a big help when i was midway and my brain was telling me to stop. Thank’s G, jim, silverback,and ramrod for keeping me moving.

  26. Speedy J

    6:19 (Rx)..Jim mentioned the feeling we would experience around round 3..oh my, uncomfortable!! Loved the push!

  27. April M

    8:13 (10# DBs)
    Felt the pain around minute 3, but kept going with push from the coaches. Thanks everyone!

  28. Teach

    Gas tank 🙁
    Fun times with the firebreathers though!
    Billy- it was a pleasure carrying you on my back 🙂 although you do kind of suck at wheelbarrow…

  29. chrissy c

    10:40 (45#)
    Babs – Burpees or Curtis Ps??? Bet you pick Burpees! 🙂

  30. Ramrod

    Great job to everyone on this one alot of good times today. Surprised our box isn’t burned down with all the firebreathing.
    And dozer, I too look forward to our battle en la mañana

  31. Nisha

    9:46 (45#)
    tried to do all 5 rounds of thrusters unbroken but had to split round 4 into two sets of 5…ugghh….and burpees still get me but I think I am getting marginally better so one day I will get them 🙂

  32. TC (AKA The Closer)

    Thanks Jim for telling me to do less, I am glad I didnt do 95, I wish I would have but I think it would have been like 14 min.
    6.03 (75) plus a 800 afterwards. Thanks for the push Ramrod and Jim!!! I want more than anything to be ready for the next competition!!!!!

  33. Dar

    7:10 45#
    actually, I didn’t mind the thrusters. burpees can bite me!

  34. G

    6:50 (Rx) – Lungs started burning on the 4th round till the end.

  35. G

    Fun working out with the 5pm crew as usual!
    Awesome baseline tonight Monty! Welcome aboard…it’s about TIME!
    Stephanie S. did well on her first WOD.
    Good to see Bonnie, Callie, Debbie, 007, Miles, MadMax, Ian M, Dustin, Tammy (TMac2), April M and Rich back in action.
    It’s easy to rest for a long time during burpees. Glad all the coaches were able to push everyone through them today. Good work guys!
    ACF Team WOD League folks:
    All the sub/roster requests should get Jim’s approval, no exceptions. You can only used that sub ONCE during the entire tourney. All teams MUST do their WODs on Saturday, no exceptions. There are plenty of athletes in the box…let me know if any of you need phone numbers and I’ll hook you up. Text me @ 281-794-6698.
    Arnold, I was just mentioning to Silverback that he may be asked by one of the standard teams to be a part of their roster.
    All other athletes are welcome to attend the 7:30am classes during the tourney. You will be teamed up with other non-league participants.

  36. G

    Handsome Rob, you earned that name….now that you are posting here in our blog. Good fight while you had to deal with your healing thumb.
    Good work from Quebec, Gab!

  37. G

    Almost forgot, good to see RayRay and Skip back in action.

  38. Big E

    12:xx #35 4 rnds – very tough for me today. burpees were not happening for me. didnt have the stamina i had yesterday. disappointed.