“Running Elizabeth”

21 – 15 – 9  Reps For Time:

  • Squat Clean (135)(95)
  • Ring Dips
  • 400m Run

Post results to comments.

Kim H
Kim Himenas has noticeable improvement on her front squats just by praciticing/doing front squats in the WOD.  It also helps that she has a pair of shoes that have good solid base.  Check out an old article we published on shoes that are best suited for weightlifting.  But keep in mind that when a WOD has running involved in it any shoes with a neutral base will do just fine.

Robert L
Robert L. goes off to college (UL)!  Study hard!

40 Responses to ““Running Elizabeth””

  1. Silverback

    Good luck Robert! Study the books as much as you study the girls…

  2. ingrid

    Goodluck Robert,don’t look at the girls at all.Let them look at you instead.
    Silverback that is too soon I think LOL.I still live in the 80’s that way.
    The ROM of my L arm is still bad,neck still needs more alignment.For the meantime I could run.

  3. Billdozer

    17:04(RX) That was a good battle in the square of doom with Ramrod, Bravo and SOS. Bravo was unstoppable today, and luckily I caught JP on the final run.
    Robert, I would give you advice on your first year of college, but your mom would kill me.

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    19:25 (115#)
    Great 9:30 group, both heats were going strong. Hard but fun today.
    Good luck in college Robert .. have fun.

  5. Freakin' PR

    Ok…so now I’m part of the Stud Ducks team along with Juan and T.I.
    We need another girl….scaled or standard…to join us for the tournament. Anyone out there interested??? Don’t make me beg…haha
    Please let me know asap!! Here’s my email…akoepplinger@hotmail.com
    or just post it here!!! thanks!!!
    rest day for me!!

  6. Billdozer

    It is that time of year again, if you are interested in joining the ACF Fantasy League please respond on the message board. The League fee will be $25 dollars and must be paid at the live draft. I will set everything up on ESPN. We can do the draft on a saturday or possibly at the beach bash after team POW! wins. So far we have the following teams that I know for sure, and there are a total of 12 spots.

  7. wolverine(Pat)

    Cannot be in too many FF leagues. I’m in.

  8. Macho Ranger

    Actually Aida, you need another standard girl. Your team is not scaled.

  9. Silverback

    Dozer – Count me in FF. SOS said something about joining, but I’ll let him reply.

  10. Silverback

    Coach Jim – As Alternates can only be used once in the tournament, am I able to be on more than one team’s roster as an Alternate?

  11. Macho Ranger

    Silverback. You can actually sub for two teams simultaneously if you like. After all, you can occupy two places at once.

  12. Bullhorn

    If anybodys team needs a RX alternate, i am going to be at the beach.

  13. Gab

    14:35 Rx
    Adding the 400m run was to Elisabeth a good idea. I realy love this kind of cardio, strengh and endurance WOD.

  14. Billdozer

    Cal, since you are going to the beach, I have some extra self tanning wipes we can share.
    Everybody in for fantasy football, leave your email at the box so I can send you the invite for the league

  15. Bullhorn

    Billy you are so kind, You can go for the snookie shade of orangre and i will go more for the Pauly D orange. we will look HELLA good.

  16. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    16:38 (65#,BARD) Awesome work Firebreathers! Thanks Hernan for keeping me going! You were flying!

  17. JohnnyB

    Thanks Coach G for checking!
    I felt much better, & be back soon if I can.
    LMAO- Silverback… wait till SOS get to College. Hahahaha
    Robert- Study hard but I agree with you Silverback! Oooops Peace Arnold! LOL

  18. Ace

    This is a battle I don’t need to be scaled for… bring it.

  19. Pepper

    18:03 (45#, BARD)
    Bryan, Chrissy, Dar….WTF? Where were you tonight?
    FDBs….I was the ONLY VAMP at 7:00! No one else was there!
    Thank you Stacy for working out with me and basically keeping the tumbleweeds from rolling through the gym. JB thanks for the patient coaching. I’ll bet you thought I would never get finished. 🙂

  20. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Goodluck Robert! Make your mom and dad proud:)

  21. H the B

    14:37 (95#,BARD)
    Nice wod. Thanks for the help Jen, TI and Bullhorn.

  22. Jen W.

    first two rounds, (35#, parallel dips). Had a good warm up but workout hit me hard. Thanks for the help everyone.

  23. chrissy c

    Pepper – the NERVE of those other Vamps not showing up tonight!!! So you were all by yourself?!?!?!? Too funny!! I took my rest day today, but will be back Thursday & Friday. As for Bryan and Dar – they are just FDBs!! Oh, and Babs won’t be there Thursday – some silly story about having to meet parents or something for her job! Whatever!! See ya tomorrow.

  24. TC

    I have felt like crap the last few nights, but you just have to keep going!!!!
    15.31 (115) box asist ring dips.

  25. Ruel

    22:29 75#(RD30+15BARD)
    My shoulders hurts like Hell after this WOD!!
    but I should say that my arms and shoulders flexibilty are getting better when I clean, so that’s a milestone…thanks Alice for counting and G for keep pushing me and ofcourse to the rest of 0930 crew..appreciate it
    JonnyB…hope u feel better…
    Robert…welcome to college life…

  26. Barbella

    21:09 (65# BARD*)
    Another tough tough one for me!! Bring it on!


    12:48(95#)Maybe should have gone heavier, but T.I. did 95 so I did 95.Fun to beat my little bro while I can.Thanks for the stretch Silverback , it was special.

  28. G

    Pepper, you are a true warrior. A WOD face off with Spec (aka, Taco)is both inspiring and intimidating!
    Great baseline WOD tonight Kaylynn!
    Welcome on your first WOD, Luke, Danielle and Simon!
    Good to see Fjord, Arthur, T-Mac1 (aka Tim, Bravo and Spec back in action.
    JohnnyB, good to hear that you feel better.
    Ruel, your gas tank is improving 🙂
    Gina, elevated papa dips sounds kinky, LOL!
    Fam, keep at it. That new position takes the legs out so it’s closely simulates the ring dips. It’s a lot harder to lock out and working on ROM that way will only get you better.

  29. Chad mitchell

    Great WOD today. Grace, thanks for pushing me.

  30. Pepper

    Robert, I wanted to chime in with ‘good advice’ before you go off to college.
    Every once in a while text your mom for no particular reason, but to tell her hi, tell her you are okay, and that you love her. Moms LOVE to get those texts from their children. (If she doesn’t text, teach her before you go..)

  31. G

    17:26 (RX) A couple redos on last 2 reps of Ring Dips, Coach JB said I didn’t move my hips. I got tired and had to straighten up – hehe!
    The Barbarian was blazing fast. Dustin, TI, ZenJen and Bullhorn did some good yellin’ with the 5pmrs!
    Hang in there Jen W!

  32. G

    Good to see you post Chad M!
    Ingrid, just got your msg! Glad to hear the DOMS is going away. I’ll call you in the morning.