Event #1  "Team Equipment Shuttle"

Move the following equipment 100 meters as fast as you can and as many people working at a time as you wish using only the equipment provided, no other restrictions.

1 100# Sandbag

3  70# Sandbags

1  70# KB

1  35# KB

5  45# Plates

5  25# Plates

3  Small tires

Once all equipment is over the line the team must perform 100 Push-Ups (cumulatively)


Event #2  "4 Stations of 50"

Staggered start based on order/time of finished in Event #1

Split into pairs (1 male and 1 female).  Pair #1 completes the course then tags Pair #2.  Each pair must complete the course twice.  Resting pair must run with the working pair (team stays together the entire relay; reps cannot be performed until the entire team is present at the station).

Time stops after Pair #2 completes their second round of  box jumps and all team members cross the finish line.  The stations are set up with a 100 meters between each station.

All reps are cumulative.

Station 1:  50 Burpees

Station 2:  50 KB Swings (53/35) (53/26)

Station 3:  50 OHS (75/45)(65/35)

Station 4:  50 Box Jumps (24)(20)

Tony B
Happy Birthday Tony B!


Callie goes off to college!

Study hard!

11 Responses to “ACF TEAM WOD LEAGUE “First Round””

  1. Ace

    Congrats to the Ninjas. Ya’ll beat us fair and square… and now I can sleep in next Saturday… ;o)

  2. Silverback

    Good luck Callie! Happy B-Day Tony!
    Had fun subbing for Going Commando today. Have no idea our time, but we won our bracket and worked hard. Very tough WOD(s).

  3. BullHorn

    Announcment!!!! CrossFit Beaumont has opened up regestration for their Oct. 23 event. It has the same divisions as Katy.

  4. Julia

    I’m still pooped from today’s WOD! It was a helluva sprint! I’m glad to be a member of the Ninjas! Good job Burpees and way to make us hustle!
    G, I forgot to remind Summer to remind you about the necklace. I hope she got it. I can’t remember anything said to me before a WOD after the WOD.
    Good Luck Callie! You’re smiling face will be missed at 6.

  5. April

    Congratulations to the Going Commando team. FDB’s are done with the team tournament. It was a tough run but we’ve finished!!!! I look forward to watching the rest of this tournament play out. Today was tough!
    Thank you Vanessa for joining our team today.