“Sand in My Shoes”

(WOD courtesy of Coach Beth)

5 Rounds For Time:

  • 200m Sandbag Run (70#)(50#)
  • 15 Pull-Ups
  • 5 Thrusters (115#)(85#)
  • 15 Box Jumps (24")
  • 40 Double-Unders

Post results to comments.

Laura T boxj 1
Laura T boxj2Laura T boxj3

Happy Birthday Lauren T.!   Lauren just got her 1st kipping pull-up yesterday.  Congrats Lauren!

54 Responses to ““Sand in My Shoes””

  1. Silverback

    Happy Birthday Lauren! Hope you have a great one!

  2. Bullhorn

    Beth you are a sick Person, Thanks for the great WOD!!

  3. heatherd

    Beth, keep these up and you will have a WOD named after you!! Hope the clouds blow in because this is going to be a biatch at 5PM!!!Bring it!

  4. Shelly Stubbs

    HBD Lauren! And thanks to all for my bday wishes yesterday! My kids have finally started school & I’ll be joining the 8:30 or 9:30 class beginning tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting the morning groups.

  5. Summer

    Happy Birthday Lauren!!!
    34:21(bb,65#,pj). Thanks Arnold,G, and Ramrod for cheering me on this was a tough one!!

  6. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    Wow. I think I’m looking at 40:s or 50:s for this one. I’ll bring my own IV Bag.

  7. Freakin' PR

    29:58 (Rx)
    This one was insane!! Thanks Beth for the torturous WOD…
    Awesome job 930am peeps! Sledge and Billy…you both killed it! Way to hang in there Steph and everyone else!!!

  8. Billdozer

    25:41(RX) WOW! Couldn’t catch Sledge on that last round, I felt like my skin was melting off. Good job 9:30.
    Arnold, I don’t know how your 40# sandbag was my fault, and the answer to your question is to do a 24″ box and jump up and down fast.
    Happy Birthday Lauren!

  9. valentin (aka V.T)

    Happy Birthday Lauren
    Hate that I can’t make it to the box today. Looks like a great WOD to do.

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Lauren!
    38:04 (73 DU/127 pj)
    Very easy WOD. My time would have been fastest of the day, if I had the double unders figured out. Noon class had a beautiful cool breeze.
    Silverback, you make it hard to use age as an excuse. Do you take special supplements?

  11. Billdozer

    Arnold, do not spread lies. The name of the man you are looking for is Juan, poor assembly of the sanbags cannot be blamed on me.
    Robert, Silverback follows a very strict supplement regimen, it consists of Whey Protein, Viagra, Propecia, Extenze, and A touch of Gray. He also sleeps upside down, like batman.

  12. Silverback

    30:01 (Rx)
    Tough, tough WOD. Way to crush it Daniel. This one is as mental as it is physical. Coming back from the sandbag run/walk and realizing that you still have 80% of that round and 2 more rounds to go is demoralizing.
    Thanks Billy for giving me a reason to finish this WOD as quickly as I could. That ice cold Dr. Pepper was orgasmic. BTW, who spilled the beans to you about my supplement routine? Grace? You forgot to include my Ex-Lax…

  13. mario c

    mario c 34:25 modified/scaled – (Un weighted shuffles; 5 kips per round; #55 thrusters; 18″ step ups; 80 singles per round)

  14. Barbella

    39:45 Under 40!!!
    can we take out the DU’s next time?!?!?!
    Bobo – I am SOOO sorry for kicking you out of the fan, I didn’t realize you have been sick.

  15. JohnnyB

    42:02 (50# SB, 65#Thrusters, LJ on the last round)
    I felt 80% better than yesterday..
    Just thankful I finished today’s WOD.!
    Coach G, Thank you again.. I scaled down & no clue till when.. Hope soon!!
    Good job 4 pm people!!

  16. Gina

    35:37 (40#, gr band, 65#, 20″ step up, lat jumps)
    tweeked knee, so jumps were torture
    Thanks JB for being the pull-up police! I need that

  17. Silverback

    15:45 Rx – 3 Rounds.
    Tried an experiment. Wanted to see if my body could handle this workout twice in 4 hours. It couldn’t.

  18. Sarah

    12:33 Prego wod
    5 rounds
    200m row
    walking lunges
    That Beth wod looked tough! Great job to everyone! Congrats on your kip Lauren! It’s a great feeling to achieve those! Happy Birthday

  19. Speedy J

    25:37 (Rx)…UNCOMFORTABLE..heart was in my throat the from round 1…great WOD, loved the combo of movements!! Great finish G!

  20. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    34:02 (40#,BB,55#,20″,LJ) agree with Johnnie B.-I’m just glad I finished! Tough WOD – thanks Coach Beth! sandbag step over was Brutal!
    Juan thanks for not letting me slack of the LJ -it helps big time! Happy Bday again Lauren! you know that “yawning” is contagious lol!
    Thanks G for the last push!

  21. H the B

    31:28?(1st rd 50# bag, rd 2-5 70#, 95#)
    Thanks for the push on the last rd Billy. Great work 4 Pm

  22. chrissy c

    29:38 (40# SB, thin White Band, 50# thrusters, 20″, 80 singles)

  23. ruel

    HBD Lauren!..hope u enjoyed those burpees:)
    I know Houston is hot but man…today was just brutal!!
    Thanks G for the push..I really have to work on my thrusters and DU…hats off to everybody to tackle this WOD…thanks Beth for making this one possible:)
    JohnnyB…good to hear your better..
    Carl…hope ur back feels better soon..sorry u missed this one..

  24. Heather

    32:38 (40#SB, 1/2″ band,45#,20″,LJ)
    This was a tough one. Thanks to my hubby for running with me on the last round 🙂

  25. G

    Box jumps are designed and incorporated in workouts to develop speed and explosiveness. So, the key is to find the box height where you can optimize both. Flexibility is also a big factor in giving you the ability to bounce off the box. Some CF mainsite badass chicks use 20″ when they are going for faster times even if the Rx is 24″. Billy is right on the money though…the ultimate goal is to do 24″ jump on and bounce off the the box in a WOD to achieve optimal speed and explosiveness.
    However, our WODs are timed…so I would go for 20″ jump on and off to train your muscles right off the bat for at least the first few rounds. Then jump on and step down on the later rounds to keep moving.
    Your consecutive box jumps on 20″ looked good today. The explosiveness wears your down for now. Perhaps try using more of your arms/hands during the jumps, too. Keep it up and you will get used to it.
    Hope that helps!

  26. dub

    thanks for the du tips hb, it started making sense towards the end but I was exhausted.

  27. TC

    HBD Lauren!!!
    A BIG thanks to Hernan for not letting me settle for good enough and making me go back out and finish the RX.
    35.08 Rx only because on my last set of DU I did 80 singles and finish at 28 and change, but Hernan knew I had more than I thought so he sent me back out to do the Double Unders!!! Thats is why I love ACF!!!
    Thank you G for working with me afterwards!!!

  28. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    41:03 Green Band Pull Ups, 40#Bag, Paralette Jumps on reps 20-40 of rounds 3 and 4, Reps 1-40 on round 5, 85# Thrusters
    Many thanks to Gatekeeper and JB for dragging me over the finish line.

  29. Lauren

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! I’m so happy to have spent a second b-day with my crossfit family. I can’t put into words how grateful I feel to know so many wonderful, supportive, badass people through the box and I’m proud to work next to all of you. I truly believe we have the best box and coaching staff in Houston.
    Thanks Beth for the epically painful WOD. I thought my legs were going to fall off…
    37:57 (25#, 1/2 band, 20″box, lat hops)

  30. Julia

    Happy Bday Lauren!
    30:51 (40#sb, thin white band, 50# thruster, 20″, LJ)
    I’m pretty sure my sandbag weighed about 35# when I was done because I kept getting sand in my eyes! Thanks for the busted bag JB!
    Thanks for encouraging and pushing me H the B! I seriously want that cupcake after the WOD Saturday.

  31. Teach

    30:00(rx) but I contend that my time was 29:25, because I did all 40 of my DUs. But Judge Juan told me I only did 30, so I got back up and did the last 10 🙂 thanks Juan for pushing me!
    Thanks everyone for doing the WOD, I’m glad you liked it (or didn’t like it)! I like to make WODs that exploit my weaknesses, so I can get better. So this was a little selfish 🙂 I encourage everyone to charge into those WODs that make you uncomfortable because it may not be what you are strongest at, it’s the only way you will get better!

  32. Ace

    Nuff said.
    34 and change (Rx)… but as Jim would say, with that time I don’t feel like I earned my Rx tonight… Oh well. Day off tomorrow. See ya’ll Thurs.

  33. Dar

    Let me preface this by stating I had to go light on the sandbag b/c I’m running in the morning. So for those who went heavier, I ADMIRE YOU!
    29:56 (25#sb,65#,20″)
    I actually liked all of the skills involved in this WOD. Thanks Coach JB for pushing me in the end. Nice pep talk afterward, too. I’ll work on my red zone capacity.
    7pm class did AWESOME tonight!

  34. JohnnyB

    Thanks Reul & Jen! I totally detest being off for at least 2-3 days consecutively, how much more I’ve been gone for almost a week?
    Can’t complain.. every day my back is getting better

  35. G

    Awesome job on your baseline WOD tonight Josh and Brandy McMillan!
    Good to see Jackie, Eli, Chris B and Patti back in action.
    TI, hope your tooth chip isn’t too bad. Now your acting career is over 🙂
    Logan, way to go consecutive on the last set of lateral jumps. I thought for a moment you were showing off when you did a 360 degrees turn. Then, you really meant to moon the 8:30 crowd who was cheering you on.
    TC, high rep consecutive DUs will come just keep doing them in a WOD.
    Matt, great job on stringing 37 DUs together!
    Props to the Firebreathers (4pm class) who were being good troopers when they subbed their 200m sandbag for 10 rep sandbag step up and over while the monsoon hit hard again for a few minutes. Weird weather system!
    We will fortify and revamp the sandbags soon, especially the 50lbs.

  36. G

    26:54 (RX) – Thanks for the push JB, Silverback and H the B! Great pacing with the Speedy J, Silverback, Toddsky and Fight Club. Good push 5pmrs!
    Beth, nice combo of movements in this WOD!

  37. G

    Arnold, glad to be able to answer your question. Like deadlifts…consecutive reps on the first few rounds but on the last few reps they all become single lifts….pick up and drop…whatever gets you to move faster as you start to fatigue.
    Eli has an advanced style of box jumps if you want to observe him one day…the bounce is on the box fully extending on the way down and immediately bounces back up from the ground on his consecutive box jumps.

  38. Bobo

    26:00. 4 rounds. 40#sb, 95#thrusters.
    been out sick for a week. thought it would be best to scale this one and live to fight again tomorrow.
    no worries barbella. you were still mid wod, you had the right to kick me out of they way. hehe.

  39. sharon

    didnt do the workout did 5000m row – 24:51 – just wanted it to finish