“Broken-Hearted Angie”

(WOD Courtesy of Coach Beth)

5 Rounds For Time:

  • 20 Pull-Ups
  • 20 Push-Ups
  • 20 Sit-Ups
  • 20 Squats
  • 200m Run

Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Abbye!  Above, she is captured doing Double-Unders, a skill she quickly picked up.  Also, she got her first kipping pull-up last night.  Congrats Abbye!

59 Responses to ““Broken-Hearted Angie””

  1. Silverback

    Happy Birthday Abbye! I hope this is the year that University of Tennessee gets their accreditation as a 4-year school.

  2. Julia

    Happy Birthay Rocky Top! Can’t wait to do this WOD with you tonight and then grub ugly!!!

  3. Noel (SKIP)

    Happy Birthday Abbye!
    27:18 – Cut off at 4 rounds. Tough for me and felt like puking on the way home.

  4. Abbye Mac

    Thanks ya’ll for the Happy Birthday wishes! I love ACF!
    Silverback…I know your upset that your longhorns are overrated and there schedule is soft…but there is no need to take out on the great University of Tennessee 🙂
    -Rocky Top you’ll always be home sweet home to me!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dar

    Happy Birthday Abbye Mac!! Hope you have a great birthday and kick butt on the WOD this evening! Practice those kips! =)

  6. Billdozer

    Did 3 rounds today, wasn’t really feeling it.
    15 minutes or so.
    Happy Birthday Abbye!

  7. T.I. (Kenny)

    Happy Birthday Abbye! I hope you have a great day!

  8. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    24:32 RX
    Happy Birthday Abbye!

  9. Billdozer

    I actually did 15:49 Arnold. Heather, technically I didn’t quit, I was gonna take a rest day today to prepare for Team POW!’s victory on saturday, but decided to give the wod a go. Then I decided on only 3 rounds.

  10. heatherd

    BTW, I will be at the Team WOD on Saturday morning taking some video…I think I’ve been catching some folks off guard, so I just wanted to warn you…oh, and feel free to wear your “pretty” outfits:)
    Don’t forget to have your coolers at the box today by 3 PM for YWF drop-off, I’ll be there to distribute the orders–you are responsible for picking up your orders!!!

  11. Kyle S

    Is Saturday workout open to everyone or just the teams?

  12. Coach Jim

    Reminder to teams. Even if you have been eliminated from the tourney…show up and give the WODS a shot! maybe some bragging rights if you beat a team still in the bracket!

  13. Flying Fred Curry

    I heard the Reservoir Dogs were going to show up on Saturday and take no prisoners…

  14. G

    But former Dawg, Freakin PR, was a free agent and signed a contract with the STUDs. So, who’s the fourth Dawg?

  15. Valentin

    Happy Birthday Abbye.
    Silverback I got your back when comes to talking about the Longhorns you’re not alone.
    Would love to do this WOD but have to practice for a Semi-final Soccer match so no box for me today.

  16. heatherd

    For those of you that couldn’t get your coolers up here, I’ve got your goods in mine, but I am leaving the box at 5 (Heather, Ian, and Lee) not to name any names:) Lee, your milk is iced down in Kendra’s cooler, but I’ve got your food! Call me to make arrangements to get your stuff 281-382-3232; otherwise, I’m eating like a king for a while!!!

  17. Toddzilla

    Gooooooooooo, Stud Ducks.
    Show those other teams that you ain’t just flockin’ around!!!
    Happy birthday, Abbye.

  18. JohnnyB

    27:18 (RX)
    Happy camper!
    My back is almost 90% better..
    Thanks CoachG!!!!
    Barbella- good to see running with us!

  19. JUDY

    HBD Abbye! 22:36, 60 JPUs, 40 1/2inch band PUs, 100 BS. Still recovering from my bruised up back so had to scale today. Great job 4:00 Firebreathers =)! I will try to sneak in Saturday bc I couldn’t rep the Pirates last week. poooo

  20. Pepper

    27:15 which was equivalent to ‘forever.’
    Good to see all of you vamps tonight.
    Thank you Beth and Grace for the push. I really needed it.
    Happy Birthday Abbye!

  21. Ximena

    (RR and not sure what to call those push ups i did)
    Thanks Hernan for being on the 1’s and 2’s today.
    And thanks Jonny B for passing me up in the last second 🙂

  22. chrissy c

    32:18 (thin white band)
    Sit up 14, round 4, I threw up a little in my mouth – but I kept going. Why, because I do crossfit workouts. I am fu*#ing elite! Just swallowed and kept going!
    Babs – you animal! Pepper – you’re right there with her!

  23. Wolverine

    20:03 rx The challenge from G made me kick it in gear. Good run with the T.C. running club after!

  24. Barbella

    Fat Band/C2G….all felt really S-L-O-W
    Round 2 could hardly run?!?! Usually not my weakness. Great WOD!

  25. Nisha

    33:00 (green band)
    yep, I suck at pullups and therefore took FOREVER to get through this WOD…in fact, I was so slow that I almost felt fast because I would just be finishing my run of each round when the fasties would be starting their run of the round ahead of me which made it look like i was actually ahead of
    them to meer passerbyers…LOL, instead I was just seconds way from getting lapped 🙂
    Happy Birthday Abbye…you have been rocking the WODs this week…

  26. TC

    Good work tonight Happy Hour!!!
    Wolverine I gave it all I had tonight, but you had a little more good work. Till next time!!! By the way nice to have you, Matt and Teach join the running group tonight! Julia I think week need to add another lap next week!!!
    20.56 Rx

  27. Jen C

    Happy Birthday Abbye! Hope you have a great one!
    28:44 (2rds thin white band, 3rds green band & kpu’s)
    That was a tough one…

  28. sharon

    5000m row again and added a one mile run
    first time to do a one mile in under 10 minutes
    Thanks Heather V for braving the heat and sun with me to do the mile 🙂

  29. Matt

    27:17 (rx)
    Nice working our with the jam packed 6:00 crew. Grace, your sit ups were so fast I never actually saw them.
    Happy birfday Abbye.

  30. Julia

    29:10 (thin white band)
    TC, I agree we should do 1000m starting Monday.
    Another packed and fun night with DJ Teach!
    Sorry Rocky Top but tonight went to the Horns! Hookem’!

  31. G

    22:33 (Rx)
    Wolverine, I knew you were going to be hard to catch. Just trying to get a bunch of us in our corner riled up 🙂
    Matt, you’re funny!

  32. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Josh M and Brandy!
    Good to see Racing Ray, Chalkman, Skip, Rich, Ox, G Hopper, Sunshine, Ximena, Pepper, Natalie A, Casey and Meg O in action.
    Nisha, those pull-ups will come, hang in there.
    Ramrod, this WOD had your name all over it!
    Teach, your consecutive butterfly kips are looking good. JohnnyB took a vid from his I-phone.

  33. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    31:16 (green band) need to work on my gas tank!
    Thanks to all my sweet ACF friends for being so good to me on my birthday! Its hard being so far from my family…I don’t know what I would do without you guys!! I am so thankful!
    Teach…I’m cool with my nick name…I’m just not sure your ready for all the GAUDY orange!! Go VOLS

  34. T.I. (Kenny)

    In the Valley at Ranger CrossFit today.
    DL: 255(5)-295(4)-315(2)-315(2)
    Then 3-person team WOD: 50 Clean and Jerk (135), 50 Tire Flips and 50 Burpees (jump to pull up bar).
    Worked on MU’s for awhile. Strung 4 together.
    Then did a WOD with owner, Miguel. Tabata squats and then as many MU’s as possible in 4 minutes. 25-24-20-17-17-17-17-17. 12 MU’s.

  35. Teach

    Another great night at the box!
    21:09 (rx) that was with G telling me that 5 of my butterfly pullups didn’t count. I, of course, went back and completed the 5 that I failed on the first time 🙂 my butterfly pull ups are getting better, although they apparently make my ligaments sore….that’s what G told me 🙂
    Happy birthday Abbye, aka Rocky Top!!! You and J-Mo had an epic battle with your ‘UT’ shirts on!!! Both of you did a fantastic job sticking with the pullups!!!
    It was great to meet Natalie, Josh, and Brandy!!!
    Bryan- working on your ‘FDB’ WOD…. It will be all of those things and more 🙂
    Chrissy- your pull ups and push ups are much improved!!!

  36. Josh M

    Thanks Grace! This was Brandy and I’s first WOD with Crossfit and we were scaled to only 10 of each. It is Sunday morning and my arms, legs and chest are still sore! We’re looking forward to more!