“Pick Your Poison”

(WOD Courtesy of Coach Beth)



1000m Row

25 KTEs OR

25 GHD/Straight Leg Sit-Ups


500m Run

15 Thrusters (95#)(65#)    OR

25 Wall Ball (20#)(14#)


30 Box Jumps (24")

25 Pull-Ups              OR

15 Power Cleans (135#)(95#)



Upon completion of PHASE I you will have a minimum of 2 minutes but no more than 3 minutes.  (Start at the top of minute for ease of time calculation).  For example, if I finish 13:12 I would start PHASE II at 16:00, then,

Complete the 3 exercise movements you "opted out" during PHASE I in order from top to bottom for time.  Add the two times for your total WOD time.


Post results to comments.

Dub Brandon W
Happy Birthday Dub, aka Brandon W.!  Dub competed in the Bring The Heat Challenge recently and won 1st place under the Scaled Division.  Way to go Dub!

Gary W
Happy Birthday Gary W!  Gary has been crossfitting for a year.  Keep working hard Gary.

64 Responses to ““Pick Your Poison””

  1. Bullhorn

    Great workout, Beth you are the shit,
    18:59 135# thrusters

  2. Teach

    Happy Birthday guys!!
    Toe – the tanks you let me borrow for the competition are at the box. Thanks for letting me borrow them!!!

  3. dianna

    This was more fun than it looks.
    28:32 GHD, RR, 65#
    I was bummed until I remembered that I spent at least 30-60 seconds looking for and waiting for my bar:)
    HBD guys!

  4. sunshine

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to brandon and gary, happy birthday to you. (i just inhaled two helium balloons and sang that. wish you could’ve been here.) best wishes.

  5. heatherd

    I’ve spent about 30 mintues trying to strategize on how to organize this WOD to my advantage…there’s no way to do it, so I’ll just suck it up…3-2-1-GO!!

  6. Summer

    Happy Birthday Brandon and Gary, hope u guys have a great day!!!
    22:54(BB, 65#power cleans). KTE took me a long time today:( Great job 9:30 class!!!

  7. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    26:?? 65#thrusters/14#wb/115#pc
    Delts too tight but eventually felt better towards the end of kte’s.
    Welcome home Face!
    Have a blessed bday fellas!
    Thanks G!

  8. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    26:?? 65#thrusters/14#wb/115#pc
    Delts too tight but eventually felt better towards the end of kte’s.
    Welcome home Face!
    Have a blessed bday fellas!
    Thanks G!

  9. Billdozer

    16:51(RX) Heather, you are right, either way you slice this one, you have to do all the exercises. Good to see Bob back at the box.

  10. MARLON

    20:31 75# Thrusters/ 20#WB/ 95#PC
    Happy Birthday guys!

  11. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    21:25 RX
    Very fun wod
    Happy Birthday Dub and Gary. Great 9:30 class.

  12. Bullhorn

    Juan and I need help On Nov. 9 @ the box moving weights for events etc. please post on here if you can help our crew.

  13. Kendra

    Heather – my YWF order was correct. Thanks for taking care of it!

  14. Vegas

    18:21 RX
    HD best strategy is to NOT STOP, keep going you get a minimum of 2min rest in between phases.
    Awesome WOD teach.

  15. Billdozer

    Cal, I think you and Juan will be a couple days behind schedule, moving the weights for the event on the 9th.

  16. dianna

    @Handsome Rob: That is my strategy for pullups as well–my only hope!

  17. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)


  18. Silverback

    Billy, did you hear that sound? That was me “squeaking” below your time.
    16:27 (Rx)
    Couldn’t keep up with Ramrod – nothing new there.

  19. Silverback

    My team of volunteers for the big event is as follows:
    – Dub – Easy Rider
    – Ace – Bobby
    – SOS – TC
    – TI
    Gentlemen, many thanks for stepping up & I’ll be contacting you shortly to get together to discuss the plan & your ideas.

  20. Bullhorn

    whatever billy well whatever the day is we need help. by the way billy i really wanted you to do the 135# thruster. are you saving yourself for tomorrow or what.

  21. heatherd

    As if Beth’s WOD alone wasn’t tough enough, Jim had throw an extra 20 lbs on my bar for the finale:) Those 85 lb cleans in the end were tougher than I thought they were going to be…26:? (ghd, 65#, 10#, 20in, bb, 85#)

  22. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    21:44 (Thrust 65#/WB 14#/20″ box/95# PCs)
    FWIW, my strategy? Did my weaker of the two in Phase 1, in my case KTE, Thrusters, Pull-Ups.
    Reason? Finish strong & fast in Phase 2. Problem, hamburger hands taped heavily; harder to field the wall ball. “Life’s a *bleep*, then you die!”
    Happy birthday to the gents!

  23. Chad Mitchell

    Another great WOD. This has been my best week since starting ACF 3 months ago. Thanks to all that have pushed me.
    Happy B Day fellas!

  24. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    26:?? 65#thrusters/14#wb/115#pc
    Delts too tight but eventually felt better towards the end of kte’s.
    Welcome home Face!
    Have a blessed bday fellas!
    Thanks G!

  25. Barbella

    21:46 (kind of KTE’s,lots of box usage/55#thruster/20″box/fat band/10#/65#clean)

  26. mario c

    mario c 18:30 scaled the WOD this way:
    1000 row
    15 KTE
    500 shuffle
    9 thrusters #45
    18 step ups #16
    15 static pull ups
    15 straight leg sit ups
    15 wall balls #10
    9 power cleans #65

  27. JohnnyB

    20:17 (95# thrusters; 14#WB; 95#PC)
    Happy Birthday both!
    Ruel- Good Job!
    Nice combo Teach, I was looking at it earlier on my way in… Dang! I was nauseated… LOL

  28. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    21:45 (55#thrusters,20″,10#WB,65#PC) NO BANDS!!! woohooo!!! Everybody were moving! Awesome friday hustle FIREBREATHERS!
    Brutally Fun workout! thanks Coach Beth!
    Judy – you are one strong crossfit Flip chick!
    Where are you H the B???

  29. Keith Fogle

    29:01 RX
    Awesome workout!
    HBD to Dub and Gary!

  30. JUDY (aka fbomb droppin innumerate t-rex)

    Judy’s WTF WOD = 24:31
    1000m Row, 25 KTEs
    500m Run, 10 Pull-Ups (1/2inch), 25 Thrusters (65#)
    25 Box Jumps (24″), 25 Pull-Ups (1/2inch)
    25 GHD, 25 WB(14#), 25PC(95#)
    HBD guys! great work firebreathers! thx for trying to help me count zenjen and johnny b!

  31. dub

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Hopefully I will see you guys in the morning!

  32. Freakin' PR

    I would have loved to do this WOD!
    today I did…hang power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
    then…tabata push ups…score was the total of all push ups C2G….87
    Ready for tomorrow!!!!! Go STUDS!!! woohoo!!!!

  33. Ramrod

    15:44 rx
    Great job to everyone today!
    Cant wait for POW’s return to the battlefield tomorrow!

  34. chrissy c

    22:46 (KTAP, 50# Thrusters, 20″BJ, Thin White Band, GHD, 14#WB, 65#PC)

  35. Sarah

    21:?? Prego modifications…lots!
    750m row
    25 Kegels
    25 wall ball #6 🙂
    30 step ups (18″)
    25 ring rows
    Row 500m
    25 Kegels
    15 db thrusters (15#)
    15 db power cleans (15#)
    And to top it off SOS hit the box into my head during kegels 🙁 I forgive you SOS! But, I do have a bump from it…

  36. Sarah

    Oh! I will be running the kids area for the Hammer and Chisel. I already have Julia, Heather, Sharon, and Fam (part-time, shes helping Toe too)…I could use a few more volunteers from 10-2 when the kids area is up and running. We will be having a bouncy thing, a face painter, and possibly a Crossfit Caveman area. I would love your help! A HUGE thanks to those who have already stepped up 🙂

  37. Billdozer

    Couple of things.
    1. Cal, I felt 135# and 95# were both too easy, I forgot to post mine was 155#, I also threw in 30 overhead squats during my 2 min. of rest.
    2. Silverback, if you had been there you would have noticed that I intentionally slowed down to a time that I knew you could get close to.
    3. POW! takes no prisoners and shows no mercy tomorrow.

  38. Teach

    I must say thanks to Coach Jim for helping me nail down this WOD! I’m glad everyone enjoyed my jump into programming this week…stay tuned, there are more to come!!!!

  39. Gina

    2?:23 Can’t remember time (65 t, 95pc, 14wb, ghd, 20″steps, gr band, knees up) Did RX weight due to lack of 10# weights but now I’m glad I did. Still working on those pull-ups & kte’s.
    Great job Sunshine working on that kip, you’re almost there!
    Good luck to all the teams competing tomorrow!!

  40. Gina

    I can help out wherever you need me on Nov 6th. Just let me know!

  41. A.O.

    75# Thrusters, 95# power cleans, black band pull-ups (4), green band (21)

  42. G

    19:4? (Rx) – Redo on last 4 reps of box jumps to ensure that the consecutive jumps were bouncing off the box at a higher level than the box. Thanks for keeping me honest and for the push on the PCs Jim!
    Great energy with the 5pm crew!

  43. G

    Welcome Ty, who is visiting from NY.
    Good to see Maricel, Nathan C, Bravo and Face back in action.
    Glad to see Crazy Carl take it easy for the rest of the week since he will be competiting at NHB CrossFit’s Fire Fighter Challenge along with Bravo next Saturday.
    TI, good to see you post your traveling WOD.

  44. Gary

    thanks for the bday wishes everyone! I have to take about a month off to concentrate on school stuff I’ll see everyone in a few weeks!

  45. Beast (aka JA)

    Did this Sunday…23:27 24 in. box, 65# thrusters, 95# power cleans, 14# wall balls.