ACF Team WOD League – “THE SEMIS”


Men pair-up and Women pair-up:

There are two lanes (Men's Weight/Women's Weight).  Each pair must negotiate "The Gauntlet" twice.  Time is called when the last team member finishes the course for the second time and returns to the start line.

7 Burpees

7 Deadlifts (275#)(155#) – (245#)(135#)

7 Burpees

7 Push Press/Jerk (135#)(85#) – (115#)(65#)

7 Burpees

7 Back Squat (185#)(115#) – (165#)(85#) Teammates can help re-rack dropped weights.

Run back to start.


Time Reduction:

TIME REDUCTION = 5 seconds per barbell rep\2 seconds per Pull-up performed in one set after time is called.

Starting Exactly 1 minute after time is called

Each team member must move to one of the three lifts and the 4th to the pull-up bar. (All team mebers must be on a different exercise)  On 3-2-1-GO all team members begin performing reps until they drop the bar or come off the pull-up bar. Reps will be counted and time reduced accordingly.



With a continuous running clock:

Wearing a weight vest (20# Standard)(15# Scaled), run a 1 mile team relay in any order.  Each team member runs 400 meters.  The weight vest must be transferred prior to the next teammate's leg of the relay.  All teammates run with the same weight.


Run another 1 mile team relay without the vest in the exact same order.  Clock stops after both relays are completed.

CF mess you up shirt HtheB

9 Responses to “ACF Team WOD League – “THE SEMIS””

  1. Jim

    Great Work Everyone! Really saw some great moments today…Heavy Weight and wrong turns! Well done everyone especially Ninjas and Ducks to the finals you go!

  2. Julia

    Best part of this morning for me was having Jim tell me after the WOD that my form was good and I earned the weight! I can’t believe I almost psyched myself out before the clock started! New PR’s for me on all 3 stations.
    Tuff tuff WOD for me and I loved every minute!
    Great job POW and way to keep fighting Dar! Thanks Todd for subbing from Carl! Hope you can be back in action next weekend Carl! And great job Ninjas!
    Can’t wait till next weekend!

  3. todd

    Today was fun. A lot of emotion and eventful moments today. Specifically, Darlene showed the heart of a champion today and I think Team POW! as a whole showed a lot of class.
    Although I have an underlying affection towards the Stud Ducks, I now have a newfound loyalty for the Silent Ninjas. I’m tormented. 🙂
    Good work by all. Great 400 meter run, Bill-cat! That was fast!

  4. Billdozer

    Congrats to the Ninjas, you guys deserve it.
    Dar, don’t be disappointed, you gave it all you had and that’s all that matters. Like I said, I flailed against a wall for 10 minutes in front of a couple hundred people at Sectionals.
    Todd, the run was the highlight of the league for me. You definitely pushed me.

  5. Speedy J

    Great day today!! Thanks Jim for letting me play…Darlene, so glad you were with us instead of your run…you did the best that you had today and then some – great job!! Looking forward to fun times next weekend…

  6. G

    First of all, a shout out to all of the teams who made it coming to this weekend’s Semi-Finals! Great job on the potluck teams alongside as well!
    Glad to see Kyle S and Brandie having fun with the first Team WOD.
    It was clear that everyone gave it their all. Huge props to our two scaled chicks (Dar and Ivannah) who stepped up and did standard weights for their team. Everyone showed up with a lion’s heart, especially Dar (our lion heart studette) who gave it her best and to her stately teammates, who hung in there with her.
    Commandos, it was an honor judging your team and know that it wasn’t an easy task by all means.
    The 2 mile run definitely ended the event with a good crescendo.
    Congrats to the Ninjas and Studs!

  7. T-Rex (JUDY)

    Had fun potlucking with Face, Tim, and Sharon. Only # I remember was 40 DLs I pulled during ARMAP. Team League has been awesome, great job to those consistently reppin every weekend. Glad to see my fellow Pirate Pat stop in! Dar, you are the winner today for sure. After a year and a half of crossfitting, Grace has finally decided a nickname for me – “T-REX”! Haha! OK, I think it might just stick! =) Much Props to the Coaches!!!

  8. Freakin' PR

    Awesome WOD today! Thanks again to all the coaches today….JB, Jim and G!
    Team Commando, I love you guys! and of course POW….you guys are awesome too!!!
    Darlene….amazing determination from you!!!
    Todd…tormented? I see how it is? That’s cool!!
    Looking forward to next Sunday!!

  9. Dar

    Jim, JB and G – thanks for putting everything together and your coaching throughout the competition.
    This WOD was a true test of strength. Sadly, it just wasn’t my day. Not gonna lie, it was tough to go down like that. I truly appreciate everyone’s support. You guys, my ACF family, are all sooo amazing. THANK YOU!
    Great job to ALL the teams. Best of luck to Ninjas and Stud Ducks next weekend!
    SPECIAL THANK YOU to Billdozer(billy, your Sectionals story does help =)), Speedy-J and Ramrod for allowing me on their team.
    BTW, was an honor to witness the naming of Arnold’s Alley!
    See y’all next Sunday!