“Hit and Run”


3 Rounds of

800m Run

30 Push-Ups


2 Rounds of

15 Deadlifts (225#)

15 Box Jumps (24")


1 Round

500m Row

75 Double-Unders


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Adelina!


Jared Meier
Happy Birthday Jared Meier!

41 Responses to ““Hit and Run””

  1. Macho Ranger

    Happy B-day Guys!
    21.42 (185) dont be afraid to scale DL today guys. Plenty of work to be done!

  2. Bullhorn

    22:40 RX great workout, getting excited about this weekend.
    Silverback and Fam i added 5 extra pounds today to the DL for yall to make up for yesterday 🙂

  3. Lauren

    Kind of wishing it wasn’t my rest day… But fairly certain my body would give out around 70 pushups after the last four days.
    Happy bday guys!!

  4. Juan (BB4)

    Happy Birthday Adelina and Jared!
    23:20 (RX) @&$&@ Db’u

  5. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    28:11 (LJ) Post Traumatic Double Under Syndrome got to me when it was time for the DUs, so I switched to LJumps.
    100 DUs for time.(10:04)
    Happy Birthday Adelina and Jared!

  6. ingrid

    happy,happy birthday.
    i’d like to do this wod,but i have to learn to listen to my body.i’m taking rest…hasta manana

  7. dianna

    135#/20″boxstep/pj steps/kpu
    I WILL jump these someday.
    awesome work 830-930 peeps.
    HBD Adelina and Jared!

  8. Ramrod

    24:13 rx
    I would have gone faster, but I kinda couldn’t breathe.
    Great job to all the morning/afternoon classes!

  9. Summer

    36:? (115#DL,PJ) thanks Jim for making sure I was ok on the third run. Had to stop and puke a little before I could move on. Thank u Daniel for not letting me give up today, and pushing me thru the last two rounds. Thanks Carl for the push on the last round.

  10. Silverback

    25:15 (185# DL)
    Thanks to Carl & Bobo for the push. After the WODS the last few days, I feel like a french fry. Desperately need a rest day tomorrow. Jim, pls stop devising such great/evil WODs for a day or two, so I can get some rest. I can’t stay away from these WODS even though I need rest. It’s kinda like not being able to look away from the scene of a car crash…

  11. eli alonso

    I am giving away 2 tickets to the U of H football game against Texas State this sat Sept 4 at 7p. sec 205 row z seats 25,26. these are my season tickets and cant make it. Let me know if you want them 832 964 5115

  12. Billdozer

    23:31(RX) The Run/Pushup combo was brutal, didn’t have much left after that. Cal, good job today. Juan I rested so I would come in right behind you, I didn’t want you to get discouraged for the rest of the week.
    Happy Birthday Adelina and Jared!

  13. Noel (SKIP)

    36:07 (KPU, 185#, Lat. Jumps)
    -I could not control my breathing during the run. Its been a bad week. Phooey!

  14. Crazy Carl

    27:00 (substituted 20# med ball cleans for deadlifts) Still taking it easy on my back since my injury. I will be ready for this weekend though. Tried keeping up with silverback, but once again the veteran prevailed. very tough WOD.

  15. Toddzilla

    My kind of wod, but i HAD to take a rest day. Hope to see yall tomorrow.

  16. Ruel

    Happy Birthday guys!..hope u had a good one!!
    I was still sore from yesterday’s WOD but I’m glad I did this one……DUs was the killer for me on this one…i can barely lift my legs after the row…thanks G for encouraging me to do some DUs…i really need to learn it…Fam and Marlon thanks for the cheers esp during my DU….It was a great work out…Maricel I hope u feel better…

  17. Khara

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one thinking that I was close to death during this WOD today. Loved every second of it, can’t wait to see if I can move tomorrow and see what tomorrow’s WOD brings!
    35:21 (KPU/ #85 lb DL/ SU & BJ/ LJ)

  18. G

    26:40 (165#) – the yellin’ helped during box jumps, Bullhorn. You are becoming a regular of Wednesday Open Gym now! Thanks for the push JB. Good to workout with Heather today.

  19. Jen C

    31:14 (115#, 20″)
    This was a good one! Cal, thanks for getting me through the row. Great job 6 p.m.er’s!

  20. G

    Good to see Cody, Marlon, Handsome Rob, Crazy Carl, Monty, Regina, Brandy and Josh M back in action.
    Awesome job to those who tackled the WOD. Running 2,400 metes doesn’t sound all that fun but it generally works the lactic out from the previous WODs. Double-Unders is definitely a challenging skill…stay with it guys!

  21. Steve

    Happy Birthday Adelina and Jared. Good meeting you, Bullhorn.
    This was one tough WOD. 25:59
    Went light on the DL’s – back sore from too much sitting at work.
    DL 135#, 24″ steps, lateral jumps (got to learn that DU thing!)

  22. A.O.

    29:05 (185#), 10DU and 190 singles
    Bum knee felt good on all but the row. Nice sunset 800s.

  23. mikey

    Can’t remember the time but it was little over 31:00- I think… (135#)
    Thanks JB for the push. As bad as this one was, I’d do this one again before yesterday’s!

  24. sharon

    Absolutely terrible – 40:46 – knee push ups and 115# on the DL – it was a little discouraging as I entered the box from my last run and there were some people on DU’s
    On the upside I decided to stick with the DU’s instead of resorting to para jumps.

  25. Rigo "Suave"

    25:58 (135#,lateral jumps)
    Loved this workout
    Great job everyone in the 6:00pm class